Craig Kalkofen II of SSRemnant, SSR MINISTRIES, SDC media, SDC ministries, SDR media, SSR media, DC media and SDR ministries is Not a Bible believing Christian Church

Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. -1 Timothy 5:20


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Craig was removed from the office of Pastor as well as a member of the SDR church on July 7, 2020. Click here to see 11 evidences (so far) compiled by over 5 witnesses (Bible only requires 2 or 3) that entail everything from the outright theft of God's tithe to an adulterous affair with a 12 year old girl. (again - we have witnesses) If you have ever donated to or are still donating to Craig Kalkofen of SSR ministries or his fraudulant SDR ministries, click here to see what he and his wife are and will continue to do with your tithe. It will not go to do the work as he claimed for many years before the Lord uncovered his theft in 2020. Also click here to see that deception is in fact the norm for Craig Kalkofen as he was actually caught doing something online that obedient Christians would never think to do. We actually have pictures!

All these fruits are that of a very sinful heart. And now that he was caught red-handed and removed from the SDR church on July 07, 2020 you will see above in the pic that he decided on August 27, 2020 to once again steal from the people of God by using deception and fraud. He did this long after he knew for a fact he was no longer legally able to use the SDR name. He is openly seeking to break Trademark Law and commit Fraud at the same time.

Yes, he is committing the criminal act of international wire fraud as this page will confirm if you read on. Not only is he literally trying to trademark the name "SDRministries" even though he is no longer SDR or asscoiated with the SDR church in any way shape or form, he is still using the SDR name in an illegal manner by seeking funds acting as if he is an SDR pastor even though he admitted in writing to being removed from the pulpit on July 07, 2020.

Not only was he sent a "cease and desist" letter 3 separate times, (July 9, 2020, July 11, 2020  after Sabbath, and July 14, 2020) as well as 2 additional times recently, he continues to use the SDR name on a website he made when he was an SDR pastor. He is doing this because some that donate to him do not know about his awful sins. Trademarking the SDRministries name will help him to protect himself "legally" so as to be able lie to the people by using the SDR name in his URL as well as in banking affaise as you will see below. He is doing this to keep the donations flowing. Seriosuly, even though he was asked to stop using the SDR name on and offline, his website is still online. See it here - Keeping it online keeps the donations flowing, but scroll to the bottom and notice his "copyright" statement. I made a screen shot for you to see below.

He changed his email address to "" proving he knows he has been removed as an "Achan in the camp" on July 07, 2020. He literally changed the name of his church but as you can see he is trademarking our church name to steal the tithe from some of God's people that think their tithe is going to the real SDR church. Yu will see proof of this below. This is worse than stealing from the people of God because he is stealing from the Lord Himself! And what is Craig's lot seeing how he refuses to repent?

Now notice how his lies have caught up with him. When you click the "donate" button on his fraudulant website you will see this.

Notice the Banking info. It is "" Also notice the bottom that says "Sincerly, SDRMinistries Family." This constitutes soliciting funds using a ficticious name in United States law. This is the smoking gun proving he only wants to trademark the SDRministries name so as to assure those that do not know about his many sins will still think he is affilaited with the obedient SDR church family. But by his fruits we know that he is not.

Now notice this. As you can see by the above pic, his banking email address does in fact make it appear as if he is affiliated with the SDR church, as does his "SDRMinistries Family" sign off on the bottom of that page. Once again we see how lying is not an issue for Craig Kalkofen at all. No, I am not talking about the lies on this page wherein he seeks to claim affiliation with the SDR church family so as to keep stealing tithes from unsuspecting SDR brethren; no I am talking about a lie he placed on his "witness" page here...

He literally said "We are the Seventh-Day Sabbath Remnant Church which has no affiliation to the SDR Church.." Yet when you look at all the facts I screen shot from his attempts at trademarking the SDR name on this page alone, you know for a fact Craig Kalkofen does in fact tell some people he still is affiliated with the SDR church so as to gain finanical benefit and not only is that a crime in the USA, the fact he is doing this from the Phlippines using a family member in Texas to funnel his ill gotten booty through, he is now subect to international criminal prosecution. But as Christians, we now see that lying is no isse for Craig Kalkofen no matter how many times he has been caught doing so over and over again.

No, we don't care about the money at all. We in the SDR church never ask for money. Yet witnesses are coming forth now declaring he was asking them all along for money and he now asks for money in every video description wherein he also uses the SDR name. (email me if you too are a victim) The proof we really don't care about the money is that we will not sue him for the money, even though he may lie and say otherwise. We only out him publicly (as per 1 Timothy 5:19-21) hoping the souls he is endangering escape his apostate church before the plagues begin, because allowing themselves to be taught by a wolf that worships money as Craig Kalkofen has now confirmed by his fruits, he will endanger their lives as well as the lives of their precious children.

And no, the deception doesn't end with him trademarking the SDR name, stealing tithes using the SDR name or even the many false prophecies he has been caught preaching to keep his victims in the pews, he is also doing all of this on FaceBook now. He and his accomplice (Ryan) in the Philippines actually made an SDR Facebook page back when Craig was still an SDR pastor. Yet, as you can see below, Craig is forcing a young man named Ryan to keep the page online. (And Ryan is now in as much trouble as Craig is) Craig needs this page up because thousands that are unaware of his sins have subscribed to him.

And yes, both Craig and Ryan have been sent "cease and desist" orders as well. They are actually committing a federal crime and an international crime of fraud. And Craig knows this is a crime as he was part of the SDR family back in 2012 when this happened before. Only now, the crime is out of my hands. In 2012, it was only a matter of suing, which I would never do. But now there is evidence of overseas fraud and outright knowledge of breaking federal trademark law from a foreign land using a fraudulant "home" address in Austin Texas, of which was not happening in 2012. Craig not only declared to many that doing as they did in 2012 is sinful, he now does the exact same thing only worse. And what did the Lord Jesus declare as his judgment?

To use the SDR name in the URL of his Facebook page and to use the SDRministries name to solicit funds via wire fraud and even seek to trademark the name, proves lying is not a problem for Craig Kalkofen or his wife. (His wife makes his websites and she is the one receiving donations through PayPal) This shows they are no longer on the path of Christ at all. Using the lies of Satan for financial gain as well as to hide their many awful sins so as to deceive some SDR people into thinking Craig is still an SDR pastor is proof hands down he is doing exactly as those 2000 years ago did when Jesus stated this to them in John 8:44  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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