Even though we know Rome wrote the Koran, let's assume the Muslim people are correct and it wasn't Rome but Mohammed that wrote it. That would mean the Koran was penned by only
ONE man with no authors before him or after him to substantiate anything he said or did therefore making it impossible to confirm with credible witnesses as being a book written by God. However, the Christian Bible was written by at least 40 authors with the exact same consistent message throughout its history which was confirmed factual on each count by the men previous and trailing each author thereby proving God inspired each of them to write it as they all agree with each other even though most of them never met each other or even lived in the same century.

So.. with that basic reality realized... which "Holy Book" should you trust?

Just as Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler hated blacks, the Vatican controlled Islamic people hate blacks because THEIR KORAN SAYS THIS...

“In the great and final day of redemption, only white faces will be saved, and all blackened faces will be condemned. -
3rd Sur 105,160


On this page you will find both documented as well as video evidence that confirms the truth students of prophecy have been declaring for decades. The Roman Catholic Popes wrote the Koran many hundreds of years ago so as to indoctrinate (brainwash) the modern day Islamic people into doing their bidding when it comes to killing Christians in the exact same manner they did with the Civil Authorities during the Inquisitions as well as the Holocaust upon the Jews wherein they used Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler to kill millions of innocent people. Their only crime being they were not Catholic.




poGm VIDEO: Muslims Worship Mary?!
In this video I share a picture that was taken off a sign in Australia that was erected outside a Mosque. The evidence that the Roman Catholic church is not only the author of the Islamic Koran, we now see the Muslims openly worshiping Mary just as the Catholics have been taught to do for centuries. The fruits of both religions are the same now! (
Click here to watch on YouTube - Click here to watch on

Koran written before Mohammed was born

Mary Worship

The Pope and Islam

The Pope wrote the Koran 

The Salute of Rome

VIDEO: More Historic Proof Popes Created Islam!
I was sent an article that at first glance I didn't see much importance to it. Still, the headline did spark my curiosity and so I  opened the article to read it. As articles go, it wasn't noteworthy and I was all but ready to delete it and open the next article up until I saw the picture in the article of a Muslim Sultan from 1565. You have GOT to see this picture!  

Islam expert: Did Quran come before Muhammad?
"An expert on Islam is warning that the whole premise of Islam, the idea that Muhammad got the Quran from Allah, recited it, then it was written down – all of that might be based on a faulty assumption. ...In fact, Robert Spencer, whose Jihad Watch website provides an authoritative source for the impact of Islam, says it’s possible “some other individual or group used texts that were already in existence and shaped them to fit their own political and theological agenda.” ...Spencer cites a recent report in the Daily Mail, which described how several pages were carbon-dated by experts at Oxford, who found not only were some of the pages likely from the oldest Quran in the world, they possibly were created between 568 AD and 645 AD. The dates given for Muhammad’s life often are 570 AD to 632 AD, meaning the fragment could have been in print (hand-written on parchment) two years before Islam’s founder was born."


Is this not exactly what this ministry (and others) have been saying for decades? In fact, on my Pope and Islam page I have had many historic facts listed for years now that confirm the Roman Catholic church invented and now controls the faith of Islam. I also have a PDF file linked out on my "Pope wrote the Koran" page that has information laid out long ago by an ex-Jesuit named Alberto Rivera who was killed by the Vatican for his research on this that there is undeniable evidence proving the Roman Catholic church wrote the Quran! I even have a video on that same page wherein an ex-Muslim explains why he left Islam and that his decision was based on all the "so called" Christian facts he found in the Quran. Only problem was, he wasn't actually describing Bible Christianity at all. As I illustrated in that video he was actually describing Roman Catholicism.

In exJesuit Rivera's findings is not only evidence proving the Quran was written first by Vatican prelates to have the political and religious control needed to eventually bring Roman rule back to the world in the far distant future. One can see now why many young girls were approached by Vatican prelates dressed as Muslim leaders acting as prophets declaring to those (50 or so) young girls they would get pregnant and have a baby with a birthmark and that birthmark would confirm him as the so called prophesied prophet of Islam. Running on the odds that at least one girl would give birth to a boy with a birthmark was high; so. they waited and wallah, the prophet of Allah was born.

Yes, they knew this resurrection of Rome's global rule agenda would take many generations to be realized. But since the Vatican is run by devil worshipers, they were no doubt given the promise of eternal life in hell to rule with Satan as all other satanists have been promised, and since sin is so enticing to them, they did like any Satanist would do and ran with it in the hopes of reveling in sin for all eternity.

In short..

  • #1, we have an ex-Jesuit priest declaring the Vatican wrote the Quran.
  • #2, we have the admission of an ex-Muslim that Catholic theology found in the Quran moved him to join the Catholic church.
  • #3, and now we have evidence the Quran was written at least 2 years before Muhammad was born.

If this was a baseball game, it appears obvious that the Vatican would have just struck out!

VIDEO: Sodomy, the new jihadi training method?
"Sodomy is forbidden in Islam but according to al-Dema al-Qasab's video, everything is permissible if the objective is in the best interests of the jihad." --Wow. Just a few months ago this ministry added a new page called "Pope Wrote Koran" comparing Catholicism with Islam, and now this new report surfaces with more obvious and disgusting similarities. Don't just read the article, but watch the video as well as it includes a ton of information not included in the write up. At about 6:30 in the video, Tarek Fatah, the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, clearly says "sodomy is widespread in any Islamic Madrasa." He even says the Pakistani equivalent to the word sodomy literally means "playing with little boys." That being said, do you still think the murdered ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera was lying when he testified that the Vatican created the religion of Islam so as to have a shadow army for the Whore of Babylon? This demonic activity festers far and wide and always finds a place to set up further infectious lies by simply infecting the minds of those off the path of truth so far that some actually believe Islam is THE Antichrist. Some have even gone so far as to attempt a re-teach of prophetic facts already defined by the prophet Daniel about the Vatican being the king of the north to now claim Turkey is that king now so as to pull the onus off the man of sin in Rome. But then, as we see in the Word, unless you remain obedient, prophetic facts will evade you. Even if we didn't have Rivera's testimony the mountain of circumstantial evidence coming to light these days makes it crystal clear Islam is really Roman Catholicism under a long prophesied cloak of deception. In Luke 12:2 when Jesus said "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known," He wasn't just speaking because He loved the sound of His own voice. The church of Islam IS the church of Rome!  

ISIS cites Quran to justify child rape
"Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty? It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse. --Still don't believe the Vatican wrote the Koran? Not only do we have an ex-Jesuit priest admitting they did this, and an exMuslim citing Roman Catholic Dogma is found in the Koran, what about the fact that both Roman Catholic priests and Muslim clerics think it's perfectly acceptable to molest little children? If it quacks like a duck we're supposed to believe it's a buffalo? Really?

Catholicism vs Islam

  1. Roman Catholic church considers birth control to be sin
    Islam teaches birth as sin and even "treason" (
    click here)
  2. Roman Catholic Nazis forced Jews to become Catholics or die (click here)
    Islam forces Christians to become Muslim or die.
  3. Roman Catholic priests are for the most part pedophiles (click here)
    Mohammed was a pedophile as are all Muslims that trust the Koran's pro-pedophilia verses. (
    click here)

  4. Roman Catholicism is based in Paganism (click here)
    Mohammed came from the city Mecca which was Pagan (
    click here)

  5. Roman Catholic Popes teach Catholicism is the only true church
    Islam clerics teach Islam is the only true church

  6. Roman Catholicism commands mandatory fasting during Lent
    Islam demands mandatory fasting during Ramadam

  7. Roman Catholic priests and Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler used ancient Roman salute (click here)
    Islam today uses ancient Roman salute (
    click here)

  8. Roman Catholicism teaches you are saved by works
    Islam teaches you are saved by works

  9. Roman Catholicism teaches you can never be assured salvation
    Islam teaches you can never be assured salvation

  10. Roman Catholicism teaches no atonement for sin or true salvation exists. (purgatory confirms this)
    Islam teaches they will never know if they are truly saved from damnation until judgment day

  11. The Pope is declared the "vicar" of Christ
    Muhammad is declared the final Messenger and successor to Jesus Christ

  12. Roman Catholicism teaches they have a holy headquarters on earth, the Vatican
    Islam teaches they have a holy headquarters on earth, Mecca

  13. RCC uses rosaries and prayer beads (click here)
    Islam uses prayer beads

  14. RCC uplifts Mary as a diety worthy of worship (click here)
    Islam uplifts and mentions Mary 34 times in the Koran (
    click here)

  15. RCC promotes angelic visions to enforce false doctrines
    Islam teaches Muhammad was purified as a child by angels and further claims to have received revcelations form archangels Jibril and Gabriel (Jibril?!)

  16. RCC teaches you can divorce and receive an annulment without following biblical jurisprudence
    Islam allows a man to divorce his wife by simply telling her she is divorced

  17. RCC teaches to leave the church is to be guaranteed Hellfire
    Islam teaches to leave the church is to be guaranteed Hellfire

  18. The RCC has a very graphic hatred of the Jews. (Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler) (click here)
    Islam has been killing Jews all throughout modern times. 

  19. The RCC openly embraces Paganism and even admits to same (click here)
    The term “Allah” originated as a Pagan god. In fact, he wasn’t even considered a major deity (
    click here)

  20. The RCC wrote the Apocrypha and added it to the Christian Bible to uplift Vatican dogma
    Islam accepted the RCC written book the Koran to uplift Vatican dogma in the Old Testament Bible

  21. The RCC teaches their flock to pray to dead humans. Mary is one of hundreds of dead humans they pray to
    Islam teaches to pray to Muhammad and even ask him to “raise up your head and speak” and intercede for the one praying. (
    A. N. Matthews, Translator, Mishcat-ul-Masabih, The Tibrizi Collection, 1810, vol 1, p. 607).

  22. RCC teaches the soul never dies, and even if it is sent to Hell it will live in fire
    Islam teaches the soul never dies, and even if it is sent to Hell it will live in fire

  23. The RCC killed on average 400,000 Christians per year during the Inquisition (click here)
    Islam presently averages 200,000 Christians killed each year (
    click here)

  24. The RCC used their own church as torture chambers to torture and kill hundreds of millions of Christians during the Inquisition (click here)
    Islam not only tortures Christians, they are now setting up Christian churches as torture chambers (
    click here)

  25. The RCC baptizes babies and declares them “Catholics” as infants (click here)
    Islam teaches if you are born of Muslim parents then you are Muslim

  26. The RCC teaches their flock to bow to statues and relics in worship (click here)
    Islam teaches their flock to bow 5 times a day facing the black rock that resides in Mecca

  27. The RCC venerates Mary at Fatima (click here)
    Islam venerates Mary at Fatima (
    click here)

  28. The RCC forces their flock to have many babies and outlaws birthcontrol so as to grow in numbers to rule in government
    Islam seeks to gain high numbers to rule by conflict and forced conversion

(NOTE: Links will be added as research continues But ALL statements listed above are 100% accurate already)

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