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Letter from The Former Late President of the United States Mr. Harry Truman to Pope Pio XII.
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Pacelli: As A member of the Baptist Church and Executive Chief of this Great Nation, and the more powerful nation in the whole world. Everyone call me Mr. Truman. I can not call you, "Holiness" this title belongs only to the Creator of the Universe. We also in the United States consider all men are equal in the eyes of the Creator and we call them by their own names.

For the same reason I must address you as Mr. Pacelli.

The people that elected me as their Executive Chief, are a peace loving people and a democratic nation. For this reason my duty is to find collaboration from those that are in reality looking for peace and are working to obtain peace and not from those pushing for war. I believe that yourself and neither your church are included with those that are truly working for peace. First, the founding Fathers of this great nation knew that throughout history, the nature of your church is love for politics and war. They consented as a principle of our government, not to allow your church to be involved in our internal affairs. They learned this too well from the History in Europe. We are convinced that our democracy will not last if we get in the mixture of all of your doctrines and intrigue, as the governments of Europe did. We know that you yourself and the Kaiser were part of the intrigue created against the Allies during the First War World. You also spent 12 years in Germany during the ascension on Hitler to power. You also negotiated with the execrable Fritz Von Papen a double Pope to help Hitler to power, as your signature is found Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli along with Hitler signature in the concordant between the Vatican and the Third Reich in 1933. Nobody is going to believe that you were ignorant of the plot Hitler and his Nazis got under way against us. The number one catholic biographer said referring about yourself "The more well informed man in the Reich".

After that Von Papen and yourself signed the concordant which blessed Hitler with 'holy-water' and gave him the needed push to power. Your colleague Von Papen after he escape from the gallows by an inch, boasted as follow:

"The Third Reich is the first power that not only recognized, but put into practice the high principles of the papacy".

Your cardinals and bishops in Rome blessed the weapons used against the defenseless Ethiopians. Cardinal Schuter of Milan proclaimed the annexation of Ethiopia as a holy-crusade to bring to Ethiopia in triumph the cross of Christ. And after all of these, Can you still call your church the church of God? Also, Do you pretend that I still see you as superior to me and superior to the people of the United States?, You are using sweet words to talk about justice and at the same time playing the drums of war calling for another war more terrible and destructive that the two past wars against Russia, which helped us to defeat Hitler and Mussolini. You are inciting the United States to rush into building diabolic and detestable regimes, You want us to waste our money, and to send our young people to a horrible death over the remains of Hitler and Mussolini to finish the work they started with your help after we defeated them. Yes, the United States longs for peace. From all the nations we still have some prosperity, and decency, as we are the bastion for democratic freedom. If we, as protestant England get weak and loose our substance, your "catholic culture" will have another opportunity to govern the world again. You can easily after get an alliance with Russia against us, if we were to loose, or fall weak after a war of that nature.

Your predecessor pope Pio XI declared publicly, 'For the interest of the church, I will go as far as getting a concordant with the devil' For these reason Mr. Pacelli is my duty as the head of this protestant nation, to reject this adventure disguised as a peace treaty. "Those eating in the same dish as the Devil, must use a very long spoon". I will continue working for peace as a member of the Baptist Faith, holding and working with honorable protestant principles, as they have made our nation so great.

Yours Sincerely
Harry Truman.

From the Magazine: Revista Nacional de Informacion y Cultura Occidental #118 Mayo-Junio 1959 pp 30-32 Santiago the Chile.(Translated back to English)




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