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Apr. 06 ~ Apr. 11

Pope in U.S.A. and Sunday Laws?
By Nicholas
Apr. 11, 2008
Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to visit the United States between April 18, through the 20th this year. He will be stopping at the United Nations building to solicit a few kisses, as well as private meetings with Bush in D.C. Because of this meeting the rumor mills have once again been churning among those that study prophecy and current events. I was toying with the idea on commenting on this a week or so ago when the email questions started to pile up regarding this visit. I was again tempted a few days ago. Still, I continued to push it to the bottom of the pile. But lately it's been getting a bit much, so I guess I have to put my two cents in as well.

Before starting, please understand I am in no way pointing the finger at any one preacher or pastor. Many of them are jumping on this bandwagon making it next to impossible to keep track anyway. Please don't be offended by what I share here. I feel it's very important to share that we must not be dragged into such things, and I hope to illustrate why here.

First off, let me say this. How can anyone know for sure what is being said behind closed doors unless we are present? Even if we have an "inside man," aren't his reports still hear-say at best? I must admit, this new crop of rumors regarding the possible discussion on "Sunday Laws" during the pope's visit reminds me of the last crop of rumors back in 2002 when short robed Jesuit Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition had it's highly publicized meeting with 15000 supporters in the political as well as religious arena. The meeting was configured to "bend the rules" regarding political talks on Christian pulpits. Many assumed Robertson was doing that to try and get the laws softened a bit that promised penalties for any 501C3 pastors speaking out in election years. Some also thought it was nothing more then a snub on Congress regarding same. But as we now see, the Jesuit plan was truly to strengthen the laws even more. Everyone finally realized that on March 7, 2006 when Bush announced all 501C3 churches were now considered government agencies. The exact opposite is what occurred in 2002 as "some" of us figured all along. These new 501C3 laws forever gagged the pulpits of the preachers lured by the financial blessings granted them by the "tax benefits" they receive when joining their church with their State of residence.

When Robertson announced these meetings, some preachers and pastors jumped the gun and started to shout, "they're going to pass Sunday Laws!" This of course was denied by Robertson's group, and the lack of new legislation weeks, months, and even years later made many "new" Sabbath keeping Christians start to wonder about their leaders failed prophecies. This of course was the plan designed to slow the influx of new Sabbath keepers we see growing annually thanks to the present truth swelling into a loud cry. Strangely enough, it now seems we again have preachers saying "they are going to pass Sunday Laws" at the Pope's visit this month.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying they aren't going to, or haven't in the past discussed Sunday Laws at these meetings. Because this is the nature of the beast controlled by Satan. So yes, I believe this is something to keep an eye on. Still, this present rumor may only be a rumor or even a hoax. Either way, I am not going to ignore it completely and hope it all goes away, while those I love depend on me to keep a focused eye. At the same time, I don't feel it is proper to comment on it publicly in a positive manner as if it were a sure thing, because this is what most of the rumor mongers are hoping we do.

By the way, just because the Pope is coming to the USA, it doesn't mean he will automatically be discussing Sunday laws. He could has discussed this each time the presidents went to the Vatican just as easy could he not. Yet, no one started shouting Sunday Laws the last time Bush, or any other president went to Rome.

I've seen this happen before more then once. The Vatican, or puppet thereof, starts a false rumor. They get the preachers that feel targeted by the rumor all worked up. In so doing, they make bold statements declaring a prophetic event inevitable and on the very near horizon. Some preachers have even gone so far as to say Sunday Laws are going to be enforced within days of the meetings! Then as the rumor monger plans, nothing happens, and the preacher looks like a false prophet. Again.. It's very possible the laws are being discussed. But those discussing such laws are also very aware of how many ducks they need to have in a row before announcing such a thing. Since they have this "secret" knowledge, what's to stop them from playing the masses for the obvious fringe benefits in doing so. Those benefits of course being getting Sabbath keepers lulled into complacency by repeatedly crying wolf.

The undeniable truth is, the Vatican prelates know perfectly well that this prophecy about the Sunday Laws / mark of the beast is true. They also know they can't hide their desire to fulfill it. So, what do you suppose is their best and only option to get their agenda realized? They need to make the watchmen on the walls appear faulty so as to cause the Remnant to fall into complacency. This will make their job at passing the laws that much easier. Yes, the Sunday Laws are coming, but they have to somehow make as many as possible unready for that prophecied event. Remember, Satan wants full compliance! So they stir up the people by having their Jesuit priests posing as trusted preachers declare certain events imminent. This in turn gets others to follow suit. The preachers that fell for this and repeatedly cry wolf now come off as false, or less trusted preachers just as they planned. This causes the rest of their message, no matter how true it may be, to come off as suspect for all the babes in Christ. Many start to wonder if the prophecy about Sunday Laws is really true seeing how the preachers keep failing in their predictions. This in turn causes an exodus out of the Remnant churches and an inflow back to Babylon as planned.

I have to bluntly ask, is their no God in Israel that we have to clamor to rumors and allow them to push and pull us like puppets on a string? We have the Scriptures brethren! We even have the Spirit of Prophecy! What they do behind those closed doors is outside of our reach no matter how hard we desire otherwise.

I personally choose to be extra careful. I know how Rome uses false predictions to fan the flames of fear, which in turns makes the prophecies seem false to the uneducated. (ie. Alex Jones, Pat Robertson, etc) They hope to confuse the prophetic facts like they do the Scriptures by causing a ball of confusion to be heard from the pulpits. If we bow to their tactics like the others have, when the other shoe finally does drop, the precious souls in our care will be so confused by all this that they will miss precious opportunities to gain faith and readiness. Then theirs, as well as our lamps, will be very low on Oil when the darkness is at its worst. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word, and not on man and his tongue. This is how so many have fallen for the false prophecies regarding a so called 1000 years of peace, a 7 year tribulation period, or even the little horn's true identity. Instead of studying the Word themselves, they opt rather to study the man preaching. They become pastor echoes instead of Bible echoes.

Yes, it's good to know "current events." That's why I share these articles on the site each week. But if you notice, I preach on that which we know is inevitable so as to educate the young in Christ to the season we live in. I never set dates, nor do I allude to possible fulfilments occurring within days, weeks, or months. And I certainly won't predict things in advance based on a "friend's" so called trusted information. Yes I agree we are very close to the end, and at times it even looks like amazing things could happen in days, weeks or months. But if I was to be pressed into predicting a time span, rest assured I will always back off knowing that such information will not help us. In fact it can harm us. I believe this is why the Lord stopped sharing "dated" prophecies when the end times began 164 years ago.

If you need to be told of a certain date, what does that say of your faith? Are you waiting, or putting off getting close to Jesus until it looks really bad? This is how most people, especially the young think today I am sad to report. Is Jesus only the God of foxholes or stormy times for the likes of these? When He splits that Eastern sky on that great and dreadful day, EVERYONE will have rock hard faith that He exists and His prophecies were 100% accurate. However, for the majority, this will be too late. So... why wait?

We can praise the Lord for His truth. We can praise the Lord for all the information He has already given us in His Word. We can praise Him for the life lessons learned that teach us to hope so that even in trials we can wear the smiles knowing He is there for us. It's not likely the child of God can be caught off guard! And even if he or she is, the Lord Himself can never be caught off guard. He has told each of us through His apostle that He has "…kept back nothing that was profitable unto you” (Acts 20:20) in His Word. We have what we need to be ready for what's next in the prophetic timeline.

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:4, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief."

We can, and should watch the current events, yes. However, we are not behind the scenes, nor are we capable of influencing these men in their demonic plans that are behind the scenes. So why worry? Leave it in God's hands and get as close to Christ as you can today. Nothing else should matter, if we are true students of His Word. Since we can't stop the prophecy anyway, our job is clear. We need to get ourselves ready to meet the Lord thy God. Yes, we should watch the men being used by the enemy of souls. But at the same time we need to draw even closer to Christ like never before.

By the way, this crying wolf every time there is a major meeting in America reminds me of the Spring of 1967. I was a young lad, who when not riding my bike all over the planet, I had my face in the new encyclopedias my parents bought. That's one of the blessings of having no video games back then. At this particular time I was studying everything I could on cloud formations and weather patterns. As I recall is was a rather exciting topic for me. By the time April of 1967 came around, I was rather well versed in what to expect in the way of tornados, or violent storms. In the second and third week of that month, almost every day the tornado sirens in town went off and everyone ran for cover. Each time I heard that sound I ran outside to watch the clouds gather. Each day the sirens rang out. But each day nothing happened. It rained a few times, and even got a bit ominous looking once or twice. But no tornado. Then Friday, April 21 came, and the siren went off once more. Again I ran outside to check the skies. But now I started to notice more cars cruising around, people walking outside without a care in the world, kids riding bikes, some in their homes watching cartoons on TV, kids playing in the yard. It was life as usual, even though the siren was blaring as loud as ever!

As I saw the clouds moving in, I started to tell some of them that these clouds were different then the ones in days past. But no one seemed to care. They just ignored me. Was it my young age? Or was it they were being conditioned to ignore the warnings? I began to realize they all just thought it was another false alarm. It was very strange to watch this transpire! Even though each time what I predicted was to occur, did in fact occur, thanks to what I learned in the encyclopedias, I was completely and utterly ignored. At last some hope came when the "green horizon" typical of a close proximity to a tornado showed up, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees in around 3 minutes, some finally ran for cover. But it wasn't until that F5 tornado moved into the area shredding homes and businesses and tossing cars and trucks around like toys that most attempted to seek shelter. Sadly, for many it was too late. No one believed the signs because all the previous warnings were proven false. Many died that day simply because they were lulled to sleep by the weather alert system crying wolf.

Is this what the Roman preachers are doing today?

In the end, all that matters is whether or not we are in that number. If we are true students of prophecy, we will be prepared no matter how many times they cry wolf. If we ignore the already given prophetic utterances, we will be outside the Wedding feast with empty lamps. If we study the Word and draw nigh to Christ, we will be ok. We will be ready no matter what happens. If they pass Sunday Laws directly after these meetings. We will be ready. If not, we will still be ready, and even more so, as the Lord gives us additional time to prepare.

ARE YOU READY? Are you sure?



Forced Labor pangs
By Nicholas
Apr. 09, 2008
In today's world we see all sorts of signs that
Nazi governing is the fabric by which the one world government is to be fashioned. Back in Hitler's day it was still considered in bad taste to put the dollar and the craze for power before the citizens in most countries. In other words, Hitler was ahead of his time with placing the people on the bottom rung for the sake of national power. Today with all the corporate puppets in D.C. passing whatever law pays the most, we see this mindset is all too apparent and well grounded in the minds of many. Only this time they have the technology and depraved morals to make it a reality.

Many are unaware of the fact Hitler's agenda was not his own. He was the Vatican puppet of the day. He was simply following orders. His obvious "carrot" was the dream of becoming the world's first global dictator. Problem was, the Vatican ducks weren't goose stepping in perfect formation yet. The majority of the nations weren't into blood money and immorality as much as they are today. I am sad to say, that is of course the long forgotten past. It surely is "the days of Noah." (Matthew 24:37)

We now see clearly the prophetic timing is ripening quickly. The Vatican is well poised and coiled ready to strike. Not because they understand Christian prophecy of course. But because they now realize the nations have finally fallen for her monetary, immoral, and political seductions she has been introducing for decades. Almost every single nation on earth is in her camp now. Rome simply didn't have such wide-spread support back in Hitler's day. Never before now could they convince governments to ready themselves to persecute their own citizens for profit. By the way, this is why we see over 600 concentration camps on U.S. soil along with 30,000 guillotines gleaned and ready for operation. Which by the way "I hear" have more then doubled in number recently. (don't quote me on that please) We see the Vatican is about to take over any day now. Like before they will do so "behind the scenes" so as to keep their pristine image glowing. So don't expect a big announcement from the pope. Expect them to be in the spotlight in some religious areas, yes. But when it comes to admitting they have a part in martial law and all it's horrendous tactics, no they won't be stepping up. Instead, like always, you can expect them to play the moral card and publish articles condemning such actions.

The Vatican now has the one world church, and the one world court doing it's bidding as planned. The one world currency is soon to come to fruition thanks to the planned economic collapse as well. When that happens, watch Rome step up to either play the leader, or support a man who does with all the wonderful answers for the turmoil.

Every time I contemplate this prophecied agenda it always reminds me of a mad scientist flooding the world with a poison that only he secretly had the antidote to all along. You can rest assured every so called problem facing the people today has been created in advance so as to make Rome's pre-conceived antidote look like a Godsend. They manufacture the "fix" before they create the "disease."

Turkish official compares pope to Hitler
Friday Sept. 15, 2006 

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Pakistan’s legislature unanimously condemned Pope Benedict XVI. Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric demanded an apology. And in Turkey, the ruling party likened the pontiff to Hitler and Mussolini and accused him of reviving the mentality of the Crusades.

Last article (on April 07) I shared some Executive Orders with you. I would like to highlight one more thanks to an article I just received yesterday. It's just another red flag on the mountain of red flags already exposing Vatican interests are an exact duplicate of Hitler's interests, proving all along Hitler was a pawn for Rome.

As I said before, what they planned back then will work on a global scale. It's just that their timing was off a bit. Looking back, we can now use this historic cornucopia of wicked moments as a way to focus on their next move today. If you study Hitler's every move, you will see Rome using her present puppet of the day repeating those steps. Here's one more red flag... Notice this executive order from 1996...

  • E.O. #11000 - Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government has to.

Granted, they won't be doing this on "all" American people of course, because most sheeple follow the herd. However, the law has to be penned this way so as to prevent any problems when they start to pick and choose who it is they plan to force into labor camps, or which families they want to split up. If the law speaks of only one group, those being persecuted will have legal cause in the courts. That said, check out this article excerpt that speaks of Rome's past fruits.

Germany's Roman Catholic Church exploited nearly 6,000 forced laborers in the Nazi era, it said in a report Tuesday detailing a dark chapter in its history. The church had in 2000 acknowledged its use of forced labor under Hitler and has paid 1.5 million euros in compensation to foreign workers, but the report "Forced Labor and the Catholic Church 1939-1945" is the most thorough look at the issue so far.

The fact there is so much decadence flowing from Rome makes it easy to see why I missed this in the Executive orders. I have all I can to prevent from causing my head to spin clean off my shoulders due to trying to keep up with Rome's agenda. I have no doubt this mass blitzkrieg is all part of the plan to hide in plain sight. No one man can keep an eye on all their activity. The Executive Orders came to "life" in 1996, and the Pope admitted to doing this with Hitler on March 12, 2000 as the article intimates. Hardly noticeable, but a rock solid connection just the same.

Ever notice? The church thinks that by apologizing and admitting they had a "dark chapter" in their past makes it all appear better somehow. Such blindness! Sadly, they know the large herd of sheeple will in fact fall for that hook line and sinker. But not the elect!

Everyone thinks Hitler was "the" bad guy. Yes he was a problem to say the least. But we now have so much proof that the Vatican was the true villain behind the man that only those in the graves, comas, or denial are unaware. This is how Rome always works. They have one play the moral card, while the other plays the dark card. Kinda like a international good cop bad cop scenario.

By the way, a lot of their notorious statements were never heard in some nations because they were designed purposely for each "captive" audience they needed to convince. For example, it's like when Clinton said he was anti-abortion while running for Governor of Arkansas, and then flip flopping to pro-abortion when running for president. The demographic is their god in this respect. They shout what they need to shout to get the targeted sheeple moving in whatever direction they need. But now that we have access to the largest library on earth, (the Internet) we can find the smoking guns of Rome with childlike ease...

  • There has never been anything more grandiose on the earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party.” - Adolph Hitler - (The Nazi Persecution of the Churches" by J.S. Conway - Pgs. 25, 26 & 162)
  • "The Pope said to me...that Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church.”  - WILHELM II Emperor of Germany

Today the Vatican declares Hitler a monster like all the rest because the demographics show he is not well liked. In fact, in its Dec. 25, 1941, editorial, the New York Times publicly applauded the pope for placing “himself squarely against Hitlerism.” But before Hitler "fell from grace" in the polls, the Pope was praising him as the church's sword of global reform?

The article continues...

...The 703-page official report documents the fate of 1,075 prisoners of war and 4,829 civilians who were forced to work for the Nazis in nearly 800 Catholic institutions — mainly hospitals, homes and monastery gardens to boost the war effort. ...The report said a large proportion of the workers — mostly from Poland, Ukraine and the then-Soviet Union — were forced to help the Nazi war effort in military hospitals which would not have kept going without their labor. Forced labor was an important tool for the Nazi regime during World War II. ...The revelations from the Catholic Church are the latest in a series of reports commissioned by firms, including Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and Siemens, to expose their past.

I find it refreshing to see big corporations and banks standing up to expose the Vatican's past. I also find it to be prophetically sound when we see law firms like, Easton and Levy spearheading class action lawsuits against the Vatican's proven involvement in Nazi concentration camps. Why do I find this all a blessing?

  • Revelation 17:16, "And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."

It proves some of those residing in the ten "kingdoms" formed by the Club of Rome are only doing so out of fear and coercion. We already have evidence not all are in agreement with the prophecied whore and the "smoke of her burning" (Rev. 18:9) is on the near horizon! Yes, we have a "time of trouble" ahead of us. But we see clearly now that the Lord's prophecy is sure. He HAS defeated this whore, and we WILL be Home soon. On earth, we have linear time. Rome's demise is still to come. In the eternity of Heaven, time is irrelevant. Babylon has already fallen!

Christ is risen! Christ will come again!

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You're FIRED! Turn off the hose!
By Nicholas
Apr. 07, 2008
 Just when you thought you heard it all, the ones that seek to destroy the economy in order to expedite the arrival of the One World Government, drop another bombshell. Yes, as students of prophecy we are completely aware this is supposed to happen. What amazes me is how many signs have to come to fruition before most people start opening their bibles, or at least hitting their knees. Perhaps they feel if they pull the covers over their heads, or dive under the sand it will all just go away. I'm sure they attempted this in Noah's day. However, did that stop the scientifically proven global flood?

In Oregon, the large firefighting crews that are used on a regular basis each year to combat forest fires are starting to hire Spanish speaking immigrants in droves. Yes, it's taking away from American jobs, and in so doing causing more problems for the economy as we know is the plan. But it gets worse. Because the crew workers are Hispanics, the State of Oregon is now requiring all Supervisors to speak Spanish or loose their jobs. And no, the State is not requiring the Spanish speaking crews to learn English to keep their jobs.

If you fire the high paid Supervisor and replace him with an immigrant willing to work for low wages, you naturally stand to make higher profits for the State, which by the way will not suffer financially, as will the American citizen who is being laid off. They have to keep the global control plans for the economy moving forward to help activate laws needed to enforce Rome's prophecied mark.

Click here to view a 35 second News Video on this.

If you surf online looking for American jobs that are being lost to immigrants, as well as large companies transferring abroad with thousands of jobs, you will be rather amazed at what you find. Compile this with raising oil prices, predatory lending that forces foreclosures coast to coast, higher taxes, large corporate scandals, pension fraud, crazed government spending, shipping nation's gold stock abroad, removing all private domestic gold stock, social security fraud, social security payments to illegal aliens, national debt over one trillion, corrupt politicians, counterfeiters, CIA drug running, and a stock market on the verge of a crash what do you get? A man made economic collapse that will generate a domino effect world wide. Ok, yes I am aware that most of you reading know this is what their planning. But for the sake of the babe in Christ, how does this play into the Antichrist agenda?

I don't want to "again" post the Executive Orders that were created by John F. Kennedy, and passed into law by our other Catholic president, William J. Clinton. But for a quick run down this is what they entail. (If you want to see them, click here) These executive orders declare that the United States Government can, and will seize all communications media, electric power, fuels, minerals, food supplies, farmland, farm equipment, personal cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, highways, seaports, water ways, health services, educational services, welfare services, postal services, banks, housing, railroads, and storage facilities. They will also round up as many American citizens as they wish for unpaid work forces under federal supervision and even split up families if they please. These laws are on the books as we speak.

What do you suppose will grant them the legal right do such things? Read Executive Order # 11501 which was placed under the list of orders I just summarized above. (By the way. This is happening in all countries. I am only reporting on the USA agenda)

E.O. #11051 - Provides the Office of Emergency Planning (F.E.M.A.), complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in times of increased tension or economic or financial crisis.

This is why we see our economy failing. They need it to collapse so they can enforce the Executive Orders. Or in laymen's terms, enact martial law. Without it, the mark of Rome will remain forever out of reach. This is the exact same type of stranglehold Hitler had on his nation and the Jews before, what that Roman Catholic pawn termed, "a purifying of the races" began. This resulted in over six million dead.

These Executive Orders were put in place for a reason. When these laws were announced back in 1996 the economy was booming, and as sheeple usually do, they follow along with the herd thinking all is well. But in less then 12 years of passing these unjust laws, we now see the economy going from good to worse right before our eyes. What's worse is those of us that research this know all of it could have been avoided by simply blowing the whistle on the men that caused it all. This is not something that happened by chance. This was purposely planned. But then that would mean we would be able to stop the prophecied end result now wouldn't it? I am pleased to say, that won't happen! Our God is very capable of exposing such an agenda with crystal clarity long before that day arrives. This is "one" of the reasons the enemy of souls is so focused on ridding the earth of real Christians as Revelation prophecies.

  • Revelation 12:17, "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."

Not only do we expose Satan's lies by keeping the Law of God as prophecy said in the last book of the bible true Christians will be doing right before the end. But it also declares we have the "testimony of Jesus Christ." What is that you ask?

  • Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

The true Christians understand prophecy with uncanny ability because we have drawn nigh to Christ by worship, study, and obedience. We know today, what the Vatican is planning tomorrow, and that get's their blood up. Usually we are just tagged "a cult" but the truth is, the REAL cult is the Roman Catholic church. Every sign attributed to a cult has been documented in  this church yet most with power ignore this because of her political prowess. Since most people don't read or trust Bibles, thanks mostly to the Vatican's attack on the Word of God, they are none the wiser. So the Vatican plays the moral card and they all believe it.

  • Revelation 13:3-4, "... all the world wondered after the beast. ...Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" ."

So yes, they will do as they plan because it is prophecied to occur. These laws will help in forcing most of the world to follow Satan over Christ. Most of what the Executive Orders speak of won't be long lived in that they will try to make society appear as if it's moving along as normal. A false sense of security works wonders on large scales like this. Truth is, the bulk of the unjust laws will be focused on God's people anyway. The wicked won't realize much of what we see because of their prophecied blindness, as well as their willingness to accept the mark of the Roman beast. They will literally be "walking dead." Without drawing nigh to Christ by studying His Word each day, they will be very easy prey.

  • Amos 8:11, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:"

Only those that understand prophecy will be wise to all that's happening. The rest will be pawns in the hands of Satan, who will convince them to do all they can against us to ensure their livelihood is kept intact. Nice thing about being a Christian is that we can handle such trials with smiles. We have been trained by the Master. Jesus has already overcome the world and educated us on that fact. Our duty is to recruit as many for Heaven as we can. So even as Rome was unable to stop the forward flow of the Gospel in her first prophecied hellish reign by killing hundreds of millions, they will still be unsuccessful in their final reign thanks to the Latter Rain falling more abundantly.

Many false preachers are proclaiming a seven year tribulation, or 1000 years of peace for their flocks. They will easily be deceived into a false sense of security by clamoring to the preachers that tickle their ears. But the Loud Cry we proclaim that brings their sins to the forefront, which in turn causes us to become a threat to Rome's agenda, will still cut some hearts for Christ. Yes, some of us Christians will have a hard row to hoe, but it's so worth it. And again, the wicked may not even be aware how bad it is, because Jesus plainly said...

  • Matthew 24:37-39, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,  And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

Life won't change much for them. In Noah's day before the floods came they were doing as they did every other day of their lives without a care in the world. But like back then, today when the wicked proclaim, "...Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." -1 Thessalonians 5:3

Until the seventh plague comes, most of the wicked won't be aware of the prophetic changes all around them. Scientists and false preachers have already been making up bogus scientific excuses for climatic changes and strange disasters already. And yes, the majority are falling for their lies as if they are Gospel truth. So no, they won't realize the changes in their day to day lives. However, our lives will change for the better that great and dreadful day...

  • 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.  For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.  So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.  O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?  The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.  But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."




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