poGm VIDEO: Boy falls in Gorilla cage – Why not tranquilize Harambe?

This newest video (located here) is in response to an earlier video I made about the little boy that fell in the gorilla cage and the fact the zoo shot and killed Harambe the ape to save the boy's life. (see that video here) Some wonder what would have happened if they tranquilized the ape instead? Well check this video out! In short.. it would not have gone well at all! (see this video on John1429.org)

And no, I did not respond to any of the trolls that are flooding the video with hatred for Christians as well as what appears to be nothing more than badly raised little kids who just found out how fun it is to use curse words. Wasting time with the trolls only fuels their lust to get your blood up. This video was only posted to answers the legit questions made by some of the people with common sense questions who truly wondered what's all entailed with tranquilizing an ape. (I wasn't able to find a video of an ape getting tranquilized, but I did find one of a large chimpanzee and again, it would not have done well for that little boy if that ape was shot with a tranquilizing dart!)