VIDEO: Pope’s prayer PROPHESIED!

"The Pope Video is a global initiative developed by the Pope World Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer) to assist in the dissemination of monthly intentions of the Holy Father related to the challenges facing humanity." –Source

 In my July of 2000 Truth Provided Newsletter I go into detail about how the one world church was started by the Roman Catholic church on June 26 of that year. And yes, that's the same date we saw the United Nations initiative given birth in 1948. Strangely enough, this United Religions Initiative was not only signed sealed and delivered on the same day of the year in 2000 as the UN initiative was in 1948, it was done so in the exact same motel room confirming Christianity had nothing to do with it and political power was the main objective. And yes, for those curious among us, this was also the date that homosexual marriage became legal in the United States of America in 2015. As anyone that has studied Pagan and or satanic rituals will tell you, they have a strange Celtic lust for certain dates of the year. Especially where the Sun, moon and stars are prominently featured.

The one world church has begun "officially" on June 26, 2000 yes, but it didn't have the power to merge into a super or global power until all religions on earth agreed the Pope was to be their elected leader. Yes, the majority did in 1999 and so it was inevitable it came into fruition in 2000, and some, like the SDA church even joined with Rome to perform certain duties for the global church to assure a good start up. (the SDA church is WCC Treasurer) Still.. unless the churches all joined as one with Rome and then in agreement with the State that happens to be under the thumb of Rome, the power would not be sufficient to form the long prophesied New World Order (NWO) that the Popes have been pushing since Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler's day.

As I outlined in my September 2000 Truth Provided Newsletter, Rome must have all her ducks in a row to assure when she makes the call that those under her thumb will answer the calling and join as one with her in the NWO which is nothing more than a one world government. But before doing that, they needed a one world court system, which I outline in some detail in my April of 1999 Truth Provided Newsletter.

Now do you see the reason the 52 year old 501c3 contract was finally "given life" on March 7, 2006? The fix was in! All the pastors had clamored after the money offered in the contract and Rome had already set the stage for her final movements. It was time for the pastors to bow in worship to the Pope. And yes, that date should look familiar because as we know Pagans, aka devil worshipers, love to perform certain rituals and even enforce powerful political Bills into law on particular dates. As I go into detail on my 321AD page on the site, March 7 was also the date Constantine enforced the very first Sunday Laws in 321AD. I wonder.. when the Sunday Laws are finally enforced, will they again use the March 7th date to do so? Time will tell. But being creatures of habit, I would lean towards yes.. they will no doubt use a date they used in the past. Will it be March 7? What do you think?

So.. what do we have here?

We have a one world court system start up in 1999. Then we see Billy Graham, Robert Schuller and the Pope himself declaring Jesus not needed for salvation so as to lower the defenses of all the non-Christian religions who want to join to better fill the ecumenical pews. Then to further convince the nonChristian religions that the Pope is serious about joining, they start a Bible hate speech campaign that flourishes to this day. Next the Pope steps up to "apologize" for killing hundreds of millions of Christians so as to further uplift his public relations image. Then a one world church starts up in mid-2000 followed in Autumn by a one world government foundation being set. Not long after that we see the 501c3 that not only creates an image to the Vatican structure by joining al states and churches together as one, it allows the pastors of those churches to be considered official government agents with the ability to lobby law. Next we see the Pope and all the churches (including the SDA church) declaring Allah is God so as to make the Muslims feel as if they too are brethren in Rome one world church, and then to further push the envelope of inclusiveness, not only do they legalize homosexual marriage they sanction it in all the churches, (including the SDA church) so as to have the pews filled to capacity. Now I can go on and on about other prophetic signs and fulfillments regarding all this, but I think you get my point.

So… now that all that is done, can you see why the Pope made this video wherein he prays to many false gods and embraces them on camera with their worshippers as if we are all one in agreement on how to worship the God of the Bible? All his ducks are in a row and the timing is perfect to push his global one world church. This was prophesied, and better yet, you are alive WHEN IT HAPPENED! That all being said.. what are YOU doing to get ready for the return of Jesus Christ? My prayer is that you are doing all you can!

By the way.. for those that don't think his wound has been healed yet. If it wasn't, why is he so loved the world over and able to make videos that at any other time in history would cause the Vatican to crumble and fall? DO you actually think the wound must be evident by a muscle bound Papal superhero? You do realize the Jesuits study prophecies so as to better hide their actions so as to prevent the fulfillments of same seeming so obvious? Don't believe me? Ask as many people as you like about what they think the mark of the beast is. Need I say more?

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