Supremes overturn Texas pro-life law

"The U.S. Supreme Court, in an opinion written by abortion advocate Justice Stephen Breyer, on Monday ruled that Texas cannot require abortion businesses to meet certain health and safety standards. …Texas abortion industry representatives had challenged a state law adopted in 2013 that simply required abortion businesses to meet the standards for “ambulatory surgical centers,” and that abortionists have “admitting privileges” to nearby hospitals to respond to emergencies. The ruling on Monday said that would prevent some women from having access to abortions, and created too much of a burden for others. The law had left only a handful of about eight abortion businesses running in a region where there had been as many as 40 in recent years. The law had been upheld by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which said, “the state truly intends that women only receive an abortion in facilities that can provide the highest quality of care and safety – the stated legitimate purpose of H.B. 2."

Besides the fact that women will literally endanger their lives in all abortion clinics and what the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is actually doing in Texas is making sure as many facilities are available so that women can not only endanger their lives, they can also kill their babies and the doctors in the clinics will be able to continue their satanic practice so as to better their walks with Satan. And no, I do not say that flippantly or even sarcastically at all.

They are in fact Satanists!

Have you see the video I made in August of 2015? It's titled, "SHOCKING admission of former Satanist about ABORTION!" That video shares the firsthand testimony of an actual ex-Satanist who admits in writing that the only reason he took a job in an abortion clinic was so he could 'legally' perform human sacrifices for Satan so as to bolster his incantations and spells. Next, did you also see the video I made last week titled "SHOCKER!!! Doctor HISSES he loves to kill Babies!!" In that video you will see an actual abortion doctor hissing "I love it.. I love it" when warned about killing babies. He also mocks the Lord Jesus and even takes out a pair of scissors to recklessly jabs at the neck of the man warning him he is headed for hellfire if he doesn't repent of killing those children. That doctor not only showed the signs of an actual Satanist doing the work of Satan, he also showed bold signs of demonic possession.

Bottom line is this:

Have you ever seen this page on my website titled National Pride? If you scroll down or 'click here' you will see a few satellite pictures of Washington DC (like the one to the left in this post) wherein one can see the streets clearly form the Satanist's favorite symbols used in their demonic incantations and spells. And yes, witches also use these symbols to conjure familiar spirits, which are nothing more than demons. Now that most people have Google Earth on their computers, anyone can see an overhead view of the American Capital and its streets forming those evil symbols. Our nation is literally run by Satanists. That all being said.. now do you see why the SCOTUS overturned the Texas pro-life law? Human sacrifice is a must when it comes to gaining more of the fleeting power their dying god grants them. May the true God have mercy on their souls.

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