poGm VIDEO: Dallas Shooting was Prophesied! -repost

The only reason I posted this video is for the same reason the apostles attended Pagan feasts (like Easter) and abolished feasts of the Jews. (like the feast days) A lot of people were going to be there and seeing how the apostles didn't have TV, radio or even Internet, they went where the crowds were to share the Gospel message of salvation.

I quickly created this video right after I heard the News on it. I hope posting it will reach as many souls as possible so as to enlighten them to the urgency of our times. Big news like this can generate a lot of viewers and since it is prophesied in Ezekiel that we are to see times like this in the cities, I figured this may be an opportunity to allow many people who ordinarily never open Bibles a chance to see that this was all prophesied thousands of years ago. Since I needed to get the video out so fast I didn't have time to dress it up with fancy pics and such. But the truth as it is found in Scripture should be all that's needed to open some eyes that are truly wondering why it's gotten so bad out there.

So please pray for those that see it. (Click here to see the video on YouTube and click here to see it on John1429.org)