Doctors fight state’s assisted-suicide orders

"A new fight has erupted in Vermont that has doctors and other health-care providers there fighting a state mandate that they tell their patients suicide is one treatment option for health problems. A lawsuit has been filed by officials with Alliance Defending Freedom against the Vermont Board of Medical Practice and the Office of Professional Regulation over their new demands. “The state agencies are construing Vermont’s assisted suicide law as requiring them, regardless of their conscience or oath, to counsel patients on doctor-prescribed death as an option,” the legal team explained. …The government shouldn’t be telling health care professionals that they must violate their medical ethics in order to practice medicine,” said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “These doctors and other health care workers deeply believe that suffering patients need understanding and sound medical treatment, not encouragement to kill themselves." –Source

I wonder, do you think those scoffers will finally admit they were wrong when millions of people were talking about the death panels being enforced in Obamacare years ago? Still, will it matter that the doctors are a bit upset out this? Does it matter that over 200,000 doctors walked away from Obamacare because of this insanity and others written into the law? No, for most such things don't matter until they are laying on a gurney with a Obamacare doctor holding a Jack Kevorkian suicide kit in hand with a gruesome smile and demonic gleam in his eye gently whispering to you that death is a wonderful way to avoid all the medical bills for you and your family, while at the same time drooling at the hope of making a few dollars on killing you.

And by the way, this is something that will no doubt be administered by many AMA doctors. Yes, many walked off the job because of Obamacare death panels and such, but many more were chomping at the bit in the hopes of filling their vacancies so as to get that big paycheck. And if it means they can make a few more dollars to kill a few sick babies or your grandparents, they will do it for the good of their families. I praise God there are still some safe doctors still out there. So as I've said before and repeat now, do your research and ALWAYS get a second or third opinion.

Obamacare is far more than just a money hungry, constitutionally illegal, insurance industry crippling, death panel option for the sick and elderly. It's been confirmed as an international policy that many fail to realize when it was first drafted that it will go global and will be one of the many ways the mark of the beast will be enforced. The fact they are right now fining doctors in Germany for refusing to kill their elderly patients confirms the Obamacare rule book has gone global and there will always be a politician and a doctor willing to kill for money. The abortion clinics have proven that hands down.

Prophecy said the last days would be very strange and the love of many would wax cold. But what gets me is how most people knew this was coming and still they refused to stop it. What I'm getting at is how preachers with a moral and prophetic eye did all they could the last 100+ years to warn the people that violent sports will weaken the mind and make the morbid nature of death appear less traumatic and actually become a source of entertainment. All within earshot ignored that so much so that Hollywood was quickly embraced with smiles ear to ear when violent deaths were depicted in their movies. Not long after that we saw babies being killed by their own mothers in 'legal' abortion clinics and soon after that the sports and movies became even more violent so as to quench the bloodthirsty minds of the people. Soon after we saw the music began to speak of death as a romantic option or even a mysterious trek worthy of discovery and so suicide and serial killings increased exponentially and then we saw the powers that be sanction video games that actually made it fun to kill everyone in the games that depicted normal life in high definition graphic detail and now society has become so bloody and so violent that people see absolutely nothing wrong in paying doctors to kill their parents when the bills pile up because the money has become more loved than the parents that refused to abort them as babies just a few short decades earlier.

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