Dobson: Trump would ‘unleash Christian activists to fight for beliefs’

"GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump would “unleash Christian activists to fight for their beliefs” if he is elected this fall, according to Dr. James Dobson, founder of Family Talk radio and an adviser to presidents. In a commentary published on WND, Dobson, who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California and is the author of more than 30 books, wrote about a meeting he attended between Christian leaders and Trump several weeks ago. He previously was quoted after that meeting saying he believed Trump had come “to accept a relationship with Christ,” repented of his sins and been “born again.” Dobson, who previously had supported Sen. Ted Cruz’s candidacy, endorsed Trump during the Republican National Convention." –Source

So.. what's not being said here? James Dobson is more a politician than he is a Christian. At least that is what his fruits have illustrated the last few decades. And yes, he too is a government agent who became as such by signing onto the long prophesied 501c3 contract with the second beast of Revelation. Being that this is bad enough wherein I don't even have to touch on Dobson's Vatican inspired doctrines and strange theology which entails everything from Sunday Sabbath to the Pagan holidays of Rome, the fact remains however that he is touching on something that Satan is very interested in today.

What I mean is, Dobson is a multimillionaire who is very involved in national politics for profit and he has been repeatedly interviewed over the years by the pro-Socialist main-stream media. His followers are in the millions and all of them embrace the same Vatican dogma he does and seeing how Dobson is one who prefers the limelight, his claims that a Trump win would 'unleash Christian activists to fight for beliefs' is very telling as to what we students of prophecy have been speaking on for decades.

We know Sunday laws are coming. And we know a "so called" religious leader will herald the need for those laws once their limelight begins to dim en masse and their pews start to empty which in turn causes their pockets to gather dust instead of the coins they worship. Yes, at present Dobson has no clue how much control Satan has over him on this 6000 year old agenda and so his main concern is to have his candidate in the White House so as to further his own career. If Trump wins, his position as a moral authority will balloon to some extent. Borrowing on Trumps recent televised comments regarding the need for 501c3 government funded agents/pastors and Christians with government approved ministries to step up and tow the line is nothing more than age old boot licking of a possible up and coming leader that has an agenda long expected by students of prophecy to be expedited by the actions of the prophetically blind "religious leaders" in our nation. No, I don't expect Dobson or Trump have any clue as to how they will be used by Rome to assure that agenda is met, but one thing is absolute. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled.

The basic facts are these

Hillary already admitted on camera that if she wins she will continue on with Obama's Socialist Vatican agenda. That will only happen if she somehow evades prosecution or at the very least indictment. And Trump has already started to push the buttons on the pulpits of all the 501c3 government approved preachers to assure they do their part as well when it comes to lobbying for religious laws. So.. in either scenario it's a win win for Rome. If Hillary wins, the Socialist format will be solidified and better structured so as to enforce the mark, and if Trump wins the mindset needed to push the pastors towards using their governmental powers to lobby Sunday laws will also be solidified. Truth is, both their campaigns are presently working together for Rome as we speak. It's all a matter of waiting a few months to see which agenda is in need of the bigger boost for Rome. And that will be understood clearly by who is inaugurated and sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania on January 20, 2017.

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8 thoughts on “Dobson: Trump would ‘unleash Christian activists to fight for beliefs’”

  1. Not surprise at anything this man says any more he is purely helping the Truth we preach become clear to those who did not listen the first time around so Trump is helping those people see our truth

  2. The fact that he is still popular in spite of his desires for the country to violate the First Amendment even more than it already has with the 501c3 law proves that the Sunday law is very possible in our times.

    1. Amen to that! Not many people seem to notice that at all when it’s to THEIR benefit. If there was a push to keep the true Sabbath holy, they would site the first amendment and protest coast to coast. But since it’s going to be for their Pagan Sunday Sabbath, they will of course ignore the obvious illegalities of it all as much as the all the laws broken when they tried our Lord 2000 years ago.

  3. Well Both parties democratic and rebulicans are just as bad Hilary basically breaking national security by exposing here government email on public domains, and Trump is a joke with the things he is saying now basically show he is allowing Hilary to win. By saying the junk he says about woman, muslims, and his wife basically plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speak, Trump's son saying what he said about the harrassment cases. It shows bluntly that the powers at be has already chose Hilary, Trump is there to entertain the people to get the m to vote, I have notice this by how my co-workers all say they never would have even looked at the political race, if Trump was not saying the dumb and funny things he says. And, have you noticed how now, with this ridiclus presidential race, every rapper, nba play, singer, actor, and even that horrible Jerrry Springer are speakking about, why it is important to vote, while on the other hand all voting does it exposes to more demonic oppression and by listening to this false prophets of Satan. Another The bible God got mad in the book of Jeremiah when the people were praising a Queen of Heaven, now why would it be any different that God would not be Mad once we have a woman as commandard and chief over the most powerful country on earth, that influences all the other countries as well.


    American politics is a freak-show, this has been going on for over a year already. Seriously? Your politicians love to campaign. Americans need to make a big hoopla out of everything; it's a diversion, and people fall for it. Your votes don't count, it's the antiquated Electoral College that matters. Anyway…

    God instituted four things in the Garden of Eden: Man as head over the environment; male-female marriage; man in leadership positions, representing Christ; the seventh-day Sabbath.

    The first three have been attacked/reversed and there is little opposition nowadays; so we may assume that when Sunday laws come in that people will easily accept this last takeover as well. Godless leaders of Godless people.

    A woman/criminal will very likely be your next president, because she hasn't been and won't be stopped and God finally gives a Godless country what they want (Isaiah 3:12). Not to set dates, but 2017 could be a jubilee-of-jubilees, it is also the 100th anniversary of "Mary" appearing at Fatima and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The pope is consolidating power in this his "holy year of reconciliation". The financial world is in a huge mess. Everything is coming together fast.



    1. amen and well said.. as for the connection between Fatima and 2017.. good catch! I wouldn’t put it past the Pope do something special for his dying gods when he can.

  5. Dobson s report said Trump was sympathetic to the plight of Christians whose faith is being misrepresented on issues of homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion. I do recall he said it was an outrage that Christians have been deprived of their rights to speak openly on behalf of the values and principles in which they believe, Dobson wrote. He was especially exercised by an amendment added to tax code legislation in 1954 by then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson.

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