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Coming soon: Warnings to women not to provoke rape gangs

"The systematic exploitation, rape and abuse of a nation’s daughters would once have been cause for revolution or war. But mere months after it was revealed Muslim gangs in Rotherham, England, were savaging English girls on an “industrial scale,” new reports indicate the practice is as prevalent as ever. …This kind of activity has been documented in Europe for at least 20 years,” he told WND. “Since such individuals have been operating with impunity for so long, they obviously consider the risk of getting caught to be very low. The government is seemingly blasé about it, perhaps because the government realizes that fully acknowledging the extent of grooming gangs would be an unmitigated political disaster with widespread repercussions in several political and social arenas. …If mass immigration continues, there will be escalating levels of physical and sexual assault,” he warned. “At the same time, there will be admonitions from their governments to European women not to incite immigrants by their ‘provocative behavior." –Source

And therein lies the problem. Like in America, certain atrocities and downright natural and political disasters have been allowed by our political leaders because one or more of them that had the power to do the right thing that would stop the problem chose not to so as to prevent jeopardizing their lucrative careers. Satan has always had an easy go at dangling golden carrots in American politics and now we see this to be the case in the Vatican controlled European Union.

As some of you already know about me, when I was a small boy my parents one day bought the family a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Since there was next to nothing on TV yet, the music was yet to be demonic and addictive, and there were certainly no video games or Internet to waste away to hours of the day; opening those books became the highlight of my day. Especially in Winter when riding my bike was impossible seeing how I lived near Chicago with its intense weather. One thing I do recall about those encyclopedias were the beautiful pictures from all over the world. And one thing I recall about those pictures of the different nations, cuisine, cultures and even sports and fashion were how nary a woman could be found wearing the blanketing Burka of the Vatican approved Islamic religion. Now-a-days those blanketed women are everywhere!


Suppression! The Muslim men are so confused and brainwashed by the Vatican Koran that recently, due to rushed political interests and Satan's understanding that he has very little time left to deceive, they kicked it up a notch in placing women under their thumb instead of standing next to them as God intended. And as historic record shows, FEAR is how they were able to get those women in burkas. Basic reality is, if they refused, they were beaten, raped, tortured with acid and quite often killed. And so when we see warnings like this article speaks of, wherein non-Muslim Women have to be careful not to arouse the Muslim sex gangs, we can see the exact same method of old coming forward again wherein once the Muslims reach a certain percentage in the population, their previously falsified claims of being a peaceful religion so as to gain acceptance of the indoctrinated populace go right out the window and then their true colors become painfully obvious. Literally.

Now that the so called "refugee crises" is allowing them to increase their numbers in key nations all over the world, they are now using the fear card to gain control over the greatly deceived masses as they grow. In short.. just as Rome was prophesied to hate women and desire the flesh of little boys, Muslims are now reflecting who their true emulated god is who they declare loyalty openly on camera. A homosexual pedophile that hates women. And no, I am not being sarcastic here. I am being historically and biblically accurate. Truth happens to be very blunt at times. In other words, the "wages of sin is death" not a tummy ache.

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