VIDEO: Pope Francis goes to Sweden

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Why is it the Pope is suddenly going to Sweden? I believe it's obvious and the timing is key here. What do I mean? For those that haven't been following this. Notice the following articles in the list compiled below. The articles are not posted in any particular or chronological order. I posted them as I found them while confirming my discernment on this. I've posted some over the years and some are as old as 2004! When I saw this video and a few recent articles about the Pope's interest in Sweden the Lord reminded me of what's been going on in Sweden over the years. For the most part, this has been going on without international alert for over a decade!

Those of us that like to keep an eye on political and religious movements globally in these last days so as to help our brethren stay up to date as per the times we live in, and especially when the man of sin is involved, we know all too well how the Popes of Rome work. Sweden has been a member nation to the Pope's New World Order since 1982, and being as such they are often tested, (as are all members) to see if they are a loyal political puppet. The Vatican needs to make sure the political leaders of each member nation is on the same page and will do whatever the Pope commands. This includes doing one thing publicly while agreeing behind closed doors to do another more sinister act.

As we all know about the long understood promiscuous culture of Sweden second only to Roman Catholic Brazil; it was only a matter of time before Satan moved them to make an open and obvious show of loyalty to the largest known organized Antichristian entity on earth. The Vatican. Once the Pope saw Sweden's open arm approach towards Islam he was intrigued and a dialog quickly began. But it wasn't until the bold sign of allegiance, which in this case happens to be the acceptance of common cultural fruits of ancient paganism in the ways of sexual assault brought on by the Muslims who trust in their Vatican / Pagan inspired Koran, and the ignoring of such crimes (as the articles above point out repeatedly) or even bowing to the crimes by watering them down in the courts using the excuse that it's just "Islamic culture" and thereby acceptable in the courts, as certain Islamic demands towards women being allowed and legalized confirmed. It was then the Pope realized he had a true friend in Sweden. And that is the only reason I believe he is heading to Sweden. He knows for a fact that he has a major player in Sweden who will prop up the agenda of Rome when it comes to the NWO; of which the prophet Daniel prophesied regarding those Ten Toes. And so the Pope is going to race to Sweden to strike a deal while the iron is hot.

Now that he knows Sweden will allow Muslims to run rampant across the land with very few if any being jailed or punished in the courts. Or worse yet pass laws to help them flourish as well as gain what appears diplomatic immunity for violent crimes like rape; the next step towards installing Sharia law in the courts isn't too far off for Sweden. Especially since some cities are already demanding women wear the garb of the Muslim to prevent rape (which it never does) or the special swimming hours for "women only."

Just as the Vatican inspired playbook of Islam stated long ago, they enter in the nation as "friendly" to all peoples, they then grow in number to become a significant voting bloc. After a certain number is reached in the population, Shariah law is slowly introduced court by court and city by city and then violence kicks in as their numbers grow. However, as we can see globally.. their growth is too slow for Satan because he knows his time is short. And so, the so called refugee crisis was fabricated using Vatican wars and proVatican propaganda in the Press and wallah, here comes the Vatican's new and unimproved god, "Allah."

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  1. Hello Nicholas.

    Sweden's Queen Silvia spent ten childhood years in Catholic Brazil, where her Catholic mother was from; then the family returned to her birth country of Germany, where her Lutheran father was from. She and her older brothers were raised Lutheran. She became a Lutheran queen of pagan, I mean, Lutheran Sweden. Her younger daughter Madeleine married a Catholic, and early in 2015 7-months'-pregnant Madeleine (with her head covered like a good Catholic), her husband, her daughter, and Silvia had a private audience at the Vatican with Francis. Probably only Norway has no Catholics in its Protestant royal family. French Catholic Marie married into the Protestant Danish royal family and ostensibly switched to Lutheran, although her children now attend a Catholic school.

    Catholics are infiltrating everywhere; meanwhile, SDAs are blithely unaware or too busy with their little lives to care. Martin Luther would be appalled, and in the resurrection he will be shocked at how Protestants turned their backs on him. Everything he and the other brave Reformers did is being swept away like rubbish. Francis is busy with his ingathering, while we are in our Laodicean stupor. I guess that's why the message goes out in haste at the very end of time after the mighty working of Satan, represented as three mighty angels speeding across the sky. The pope is setting things up quietly, but God's people will have to spread the warning almost in a panic.

    Francis embraced the female (yes, female) head of Sweden's Lutheran church, Antje Jackelén, even though he hates Protestants. She has officiated at several recent high-level royal baptisms. Antje supports evolution and same-sex marriage and believes that the Virgin Birth is mythological and not physical. And she's really into climate change. No wonder she hugged the pope.

    True Christianity has almost vanished off the face of the earth.

    Sorry for the rant; but this visit by Francis to Sweden (and by extension, Protestant Scandinavia) really riles me, especially how people are falling for a Jesuit pope supposedly caring about the main church of the great Protestant Reformation. It's very sad but also very exciting to see all this happening.

    Thank you.

    1. Sad indeed, but I am sure you find joy in knowing that #1 it was all prophesied and #2, it means we are very close to going home. Yes, the road will be a bit bumpy and bloody just the same for most, but we will make it home nonetheless. 🙂

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