Argentina rocked by story of two priests’ sexual abuse of children for decades

"The children said they wailed as the two Roman Catholic priests repeatedly raped them inside the small school chapel in remote northwestern Argentina. Only their tormenters would have heard their cries since the other children at the school were deaf. …the Vatican knew about him since at least 2009, when the Italy victims went public with tales of shocking abuse against the most vulnerable of children and named names. In 2014, the Italian victims wrote directly to Pope Francis again naming the Rev. Nicola Corradi as a pedophile and flagged that he was living in Francis' native Argentina. Yet apparently, nothing was done." –Source

And why should the Vatican do anything at all? After all, all we can expect is more of the same lip service the previous Popes offered wherein nothing was done to slow or even stop the raping of children. Like when given the chance to actually help the children, the "zero tolerance" legislation for the Vatican was vetoed by John Paul II. But herein lies the sticky wicket for the present Pope. They need to spin this one extra carefully because the very man that stands as Jesuit Pope Francis today was the very same man who stood as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergolio over Argentina when the molestation scandal was first discovered back in 2009. He did nothing then, and judging by his past, and the past Popes; he won't do much more than offer lip service now either.

And by the way, the very Pope that expressed the well written bogus apology in March of 2000 for killing hundreds of millions of Christians, aborting countless babies and raping millions of children was the same Pope who in February of the following year ordained Jorge Mario Bergolio as Cardinal of Argentina. That Pope was the infamous John Paul II. So this runs a tad deeper than most care to admit. Still, if the Vatican says anything one can expect it to be well scribed to say the least. After all, they've had centuries of practice.

So don't expect any response from the Vatican without them first scripting the perfect speech which will be designed to protect yet another Pope caught in a molestation scandal. Makes one wonder if their positive PR campaign of this Pope on day one was to create a world-wide love fest so that when this story finally broke he would have a huge following that will help him gild his lily of deception. In any event, this Pope like any other Pope since day one knows all too well about the homosexual activity (and agenda) of the Popes and prelates. In fact, it was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergolio, aka Pope Francis, who after a closed door meeting with the Argentine Bishop Conference openly sanctified homosexual unions in Argentina back in 2010. This was besides the fact that many of the Bishops rebuked him for it. So again, one can expect a well written Vatican response to what's now happening in Argentina. Especially since this pro-homosexual Jesuit Pope was involved in it from at least February of 2001.

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6 thoughts on “Argentina rocked by story of two priests’ sexual abuse of children for decades”

  1. No one is listening to Jesus.  He said you will know them by their fruits, which means their words mean squat.  How can you believe what they say when the behavior has been rampant in this institution for millennia?  I am coming to the belief that those who want to believe in these lies cannot be helped by us.  I am giving up evangelizing unless someone asks me to share the gospel with them.  I pray for them instead now.  I am mortified by the sheeps' responses to this callous and vile institution.

    Lord, please give me guidance!

    1. I know the feeling sister. I too feel like giving up at times. But I learned long ago that I cannot judge any book by its cover and so I share the truth with anyone I can no matter what now. I’ve seen the big burliest man who judging by the cover would rip my head off for sharing God’s truth come to tears and I have seen the smallest gentle looking old lady come at me like a pit viper for trying to share God’s love with her. So.. again.. I just go where the Lord leads and do as He moves.

      PS.. I will join you in that prayer for guidance .. we all need better discernment now-a-days.

      1. Amen, Brother, but my delivery is not good.  Not as gentle and tender as is required; it's not my gift.  I don't have the right tone for evangelizing but if the spirit moves me, you bet I do it!  I have gotten through to a couple.  Most want to behead me including my brother.

        May the Spirit of God bring us to a deeper wisdom and discernment and eternal obedience.  Blessings. . . .

        1. I know what you mean. I too have bouts with delivery often. Still, the Lord will give us the words we need when we need them. John 14:26 confirms it 🙂

  2. Keep fighting the good fight. The enemy needs us to be discouraged so the Truth will not reach the ears of the lost or edify the faithful. As the Lord has not given up on us, we cannot give up in the work He has set before us. One thing I constantly pray for is that God would bless me with His strength to continue planting His seeds of Truth in as many hearts as He sends my way. As we already know, rejection is part of the deal in our ministries. However, it is our choice whether or not to give in to that rejection. Hate, anger, violence, & disgust for what we preach are also part of it. I praise God that whenever any of these things happen to me, He allows me to smile because in that violent rejection, He is glorified in His Truth! He said it would happen … & it did! Please, do NOT allow the disgust of the enemies people to drive you away from the loving Word which God has placed in our hands to give. Keep preaching. By the grace of God, the words you speak will find good soil … whether you ever speak to that person again or not.

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