poGm VIDEO: What is wrong with you Christians?

This video has been a long time in coming. I've wanted to do it over a year ago. I also wanted to do it under a different title wherein I ask the SDA pastors how they keep missing these prophetic events; even though many of them were basic prophecy studies for the pioneers in the church's infancy. But lately it's as if they no longer believe the Truth and so they no longer preach it! But it's no longer just the pastors messing up now. Many who claim Christ Lord are walking away from Him on a daily basis and ignoring some of the most intense fulfillments of prophecy in our day so they can revel in sin. Satan has them all conned into thinking they're still Christians in good standing as long as they claim Christ Lord with lip service. The world is literally racing at break neck speed towards the end and most Christians are totally unaware of any of this because #1, their pastors stopped preaching it and #2, the people in the pews no longer want to hear it! (See Isaiah 30:9,10)

Now yes, I know many strong Christians are out there, and this includes many I presently call my dear brethren who are trying their best to obey the Lord and it is obvious to me we are blessed for our obedience. That all being said, this video is for the majority out there that are riding the fence wondering if they should put their spiritual noses to the grindstone or not. If you think you have all the time in the world to "make His paths straight" you need to watch this video to see what your pastors stopped preaching years ago. It's happening NOW! Just the few prophecies of literally hundreds in the Word that I share and confirm fulfilled in this video illustrate clearly that you need to get your house ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming a lot sooner than you think! (click here to view on YouTube – Click here to watch on John1429.org)

Info shared in the video
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  1. Your website is awesome Nicholas and I pray and hope it is read by many people. Just want to let you know I share your videos with others also via the web. The video "What is Wrong with you Christians" is spot on with its message.

    In Thailand where I currently reside as you will well know Buddhism is the main religion but on arriving here in this country some 3 years ago I was completely blown away by the number of Catholic Schools in the country… and these aren't small schools some are huge. As Buddhism includes a lot of idol worship the two religions fit hand in glove with each other and I see Thai people bowing to Mary where ever that statue is placed at a school here.

      Now here is an important observation. Everyday on Thai TV Channels at 6pm they play the Thai National Anthem and the accompanying video includes many facets of Thai life. Some of the images are quite fast moving and so to the untrained eye you wouldn't see everything that they are firing at the subconcious. But the film shot that blew me away when I finally saw it was like a family portrait album supposed to show Thai people from all walks of life and lo and behold right in the very middle of this large family portrait is a catholic priest wearing a white top that has a green bib over the front. Now what the normal eye would be seeing is the Buddhist monk about two rows above him because the eye goes for the normal. But no it is the priest that is giving a message without people knowing it..

     Finally one of the Catholic schools here is called "MaryVit". At the entrance to the school is a Huge globe of the earth and holding up this globe is …. yes you guessed it….. Mary. I asked the SDA minister who is of the Hmong tribe and can speak excellent english what "Vit" meant and he said it is the Thai word for "science" and to prove it was correct the school prospectus that I looked at stated in English that the schools curriculum included teaching the "science of Mary". And the Thai people have absolutely no idea because their level of English has hardly gone beyond the understanding of the concepts of Who, Where, When, Why, Which and How.


    1. Wow! That is shocking! I knew idol worshipers would find Catholicism attractive but it’s amazing how aggressive the Vatican is going at it here. Well actually, it’s Satan who is using the Vatican. But then I am sure you know that. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope may read this and pray for those precious souls in Thailand.

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