High Noon for the Religious Left

"Christian conservatives are now inextricably tied to an incoming president with a long, public history of exploiting the weak, and no documented history of charity, faith or Christian communion or witness. They have endorsed a First Lady whose modeling career included a pornographic photo shoot described by the Trump-friendly New York Post as "———." Even among the plaster saints of the religious right, Trump is a heavy burden to bear." –Source

Sad but true, but then this is what's to be expected when the American Christian thinks it's ok to vote for the lesser of two evils. Seriously, when you look at what the majority of the Christians in America did by voting in Trump, and yes some may think it was a better option than Hillary, and on some issues it was; one has to wonder what were they thinking? Abstaining from the vote would have been the much better choice as I see it. At least there they wouldn't be due a chastisement from on High for going against the Lord's written will on such things. For starters, see Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4. The cold reality here is, someone evil was going to gain office no matter if the Christians voted or not. So why vote at all? At least by abstaining, the Christian would never have soiled the image of the Lord as they all did.

How did they do that?

All the world knows the citizens in America claim to be Bible believing Christians, right? And they also know Trump was voted into office by a landslide thanks to Christian voters. That means, the entire world has now witnessed how American Christians voted in a narcissistic womanizer who is bringing into the White House with him a very successful and globally known very immoral model as his first lady. Satan is most assuredly laughing horn to horn on that one! Christians are no doubt the laughing stock the world over.

Now that reality has finally set in, what do you think will happen next? Well, seeing how Rome watched all this happen, they no doubt smile along with their dying god Beelzebub knowing how well their infiltration has worked across the board in the churches as well as politics so as to slam dunk the morals of the Christian majority right into the basement of decadence. Worse yet, they now have concrete evidence the American Christian populace is an easy mark that will vote for anyone who claims to be a Christian as long as he says a few bible verses and has some TV prosperity preachers praying over him. That being said, the prelates in Rome can now sit back and just play the tepid Christians like the sheeple they just declared themselves to be.

Had Hillary or Trump won without a single Christian vote, Rome would have been shaking in their cassocks wondering how they will ever be able to corral the Christians seeing how they are still obeying the Lord to keep out of politics and let the wicked of the world play their games in government as they always have. But now that the Christians jumped into the political playground in a massive and historic show of hands, the left can now use this new found hot button to manipulate them into just about any direction they want. And that is exactly what prophecy says they will do. The Vatican's New World Order will no longer be just on paper; it will be part of our day to day lives in reality a lot sooner than most care to ponder. In fact, what we are about to witness was not only prophesied, it was boasted by the prelates of Rome as their NWO agenda for decades.

  • The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?"Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official Jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930
  • "Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic Church." –Bishop O'Conner of Pittsburgh.
  • "If Catholics ever gain sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say; so we believe" –The Shephard of the Valley, journal of the late bishop of St. Louis.
  • "Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?"The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes.
  • "The Catholic Church in this nation must live on to accomplish her work, even though our Republican form of government disappears." –The Catholic World, April, 1935, p.12. "They [Catholics] must penetrate wherever possible in the administration of civil affairs… all Catholics should do all in their power to cause the constitution of states, and legislation to be modeled on the principles of the true Church." –Encyclical of Leo XIII.

So.. even if the Trump administration heralds in religious laws yet stops short of the prophesied Sunday laws, the well-educated left can now do for Rome what they always wanted to do with the Christians. The fact Trump has already stated on camera that he plans to grant the Christians more power (even though it's based on Vatican dogma) and the fact the media is already declaring religious banter nationwide about the UN being antiChristian confirms, Christian prophecy is that accurate! They will pass Sunday Laws as prophesied so as to grant Rome the power they have always wanted. But before doing so they know they must gain their trust (and votes) by playing the moral card a tad bit more vocally. And so one can expect in the coming years a slow but sure move towards a religious format on the left so as to make their campaign promises appear much more appealing to the "Christian" voter. In any event, as prophesied, Roman Catholicism just got a massive inroad and or invasion into American politics thanks to all the Christians that voted for the "lesser of two evils" while at the same time soiling the image of Jesus Christ on a global basis.

May God have mercy on the American people! MARANATHA!

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8 thoughts on “High Noon for the Religious Left”

  1. Trump is an example of how ignorant and helpless the sheep are, believing they have salvation in a fallen man, not recognizing the tentacles of the antichrist nor the prophetic time frame we live in.  There is only a remnant that sees through this wolf in shepherd's clothing.  Those that hear the real shepherd's voice.  Trump and Pence are papal installations and jesuit coadjutors.  And how laughable is Pence, calling himself an evangelical born-again Catholic!  An oxymoron if I ever heard one.  The catholic laity and the pedophile prelates are controlling the world through the power of satan while we finance their war on God.  I am sick and frenetic over this and desire to do more so that I can help some.  But no one will listen to me. Did you see that campaign advertisement where Trump was glorifying catholics and the catholic church and all the "good" they've done for America?  The truth is he was glorifying and exalting the antichrist and the antichrist's deluded followers.  As much as some want to accept catholics as our brothers and sisters, they are not.  Catholicism is not Christianity.  It is anti-Christianity.  I have pity on them as victims of satan but I can't yoke myself with them.

    1. Amen! Just as Jesus prophesied about the Jews 2000 years ago in regards to how they will soon fall for Antichrist as if he is Messiah, the “Christians” of today also embrace someone who comes in his own name. Trump is infamous for confirming this fact by the way he plasters his name TRUMP on everything. And what is that prophetic statements from our Lord? It’s found in John 5:43, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.”

  2. Is that not what Francis said to Congress when he met with them in September 2015?  That he came in his own name.  I seem to recall that many were talking about this.  If so, another prophecy fulfilled.  Interesting that when Jesus comes, he will call us with the "TRUMP" of God (1 Thessalonians 4:16).  Is there a mockery with a play on words there or am I seeing more than there really is to see?  Jesus has been reaching out to me more and more; I hear his voice every day and have been waking up in my sleep.  Nicklaus Arthur says he's coming in 2055 but I say it's sooner but certainly can't pin it down to a year.  I feel a real sense of urgency inside of me because so many are still mistaken on the truth of the testimony.  Scripture is not salvific but it is edifying and brings you to Christ (John 5:38-40).  The Word of God through the Spirit of Christ must be inside of us or we're not saved; the Spirit leads to all truth (John 16:13). 


    I live near Luke Air Force Base and in the past 10 years, I can attest to the massive increase in the number of training formations of fighter jets throughout each day and now through the nights when in the past they might have had two sessions a week.  War is in the air.  They are training for it and building another FEMA camp just north of me in the Wittmann area at or near the Toyota Proving Grounds, at least that is what I learned from Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show who broadcasts from his home in Wittmann.  Although, very often I get the sense that he is controlled opposition.  Trust is becoming ever so rare.  Living on the 33rd parallel makes me quite uncomfortable being only about 120 miles from the Vatican's observatory on Mt. Graham.  They are preparing for war with Jesus Christ.

    1. Interesting yet exciting times we live in for sure. As for Nicklaus Arthur setting a date. Wow.. I had no idea he would do such a thing. I used to broadcast from some of his radio portals years ago on first amendment radio until some in Florida started to cplain that my broadcasts were being censored. So I left. Still.. when you’re one to embrace a false Sabbath and teach others to do the same anything goes for Satan. I’ve seen it time and time again. When will the people ever learn? In any event, those of us with a Bible knows what Jesus meant when He said this in Matthew 24:36, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

  3. Amen, Brother Nic!  Check out Nicklaus' calculation on that at his site.  He said the Father left a secret formula so I guess he forgot to tell Jesus.  Was also floored when I found out he believes the Sabbath is by calculation of the moon.  Those are a couple of reasons why I stopped listening to his broadcasts and such.  I do, however, like Tom Friess.  Have you listened to his broadcasts, especially when he reviews books.  Take care, my brother in Christ Jesus.  Prayers and love from our house to yours.

    1. Yes I know Tom. He joined us on Sabbath quite a few times many years ago. Not sure why he stopped, but he never became a member. But I do see him as a friend. As for Arthur’s lunar Sabbath.. that was bound to happen when you disobey the Lord.

  4. One other thing, Pastor Nic, was it not culturally proper in ancient Israel for only the Father to know when the husband took his bride?  Did not the Father prepare the bed chamber??  That is why Jesus does not know the day or hour he gets his bride.  I've only heard bits and pieces about this matter.  If you know more, please share, or is it in your database somewhere? Thank you.

    1. I never looked into that.. sorry. But it does sound interesting. If it was that way in ancient Israel then it makes sense as to why Jesus doesn’t know the date yet.

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