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poGm VIDEO: Vatican Controls US Media!

There is something most people and especially Roman Catholics keep missing for some reason even though it's out in the open for all to see. It has to do with the way the Vatican indoctrinates the people in their churches. They have been using this exact same method which is hidden in plain sight for centuries and now they have CONvinced the US media to follow their lead. And how was this possible? Like anything else, remove the opposition! What I mean is, during the Golden Age of TV we saw over 500 TV stations which escalated to just over 1300 by the 1970's. But in the 1980's that plummeted to just 50, and today only 6 companies run everything shown on TV and all 6 are in bed with Rome! Watch the video and tell me if you see what I see in how they do the news. The exact same methods used by Catholic priests in the Mass is now being used in the mass media! Kinda spooky and a tad bit annoying at the same time. (Watch on YouTube or watch on John 1429.org)



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