Video: Senate Votes Down Blue (Sunday) Laws Repeal

"The bill – HB1163 introduced by Rep. Pamela Anderson (D-Fargo) – failed on a 22-25 vote though it was hardly a party-line affair. As you can see from a roll call printout a friendly SAB reader at the capitol sent me, there were plenty of Republicans and Democrats on each side of this issue. From the opposition, there was a lot of talk about religion. …He went on to call the desire for Sunday sales “selfish consumerism.” …Senator David Clemens (R-West Fargo) said North Dakotans should “use that time to go to worship” or be with their families." –Source

No, this is not Sunday Laws being enforced; but, as I stated during the last presidential campaign and again after Trump came into office, religious banter will be the norm in politics soon so as to pave the way for Sunday laws being discussed in legislative halls. This is however a bit of an escalation to that end seeing how Trump has only been in office for 3 months, but it's only one State talking on this at present. However, if you recall with Roe-v-Wade and the most recent homosexual marriage laws, it always starts with one State talking on this. And pass or fail, if it's prophesied to happen, it will.

Still, it is just a blue law, but with a bit of a twist. It was actually written to be enforced with fines and jail time if you're caught breaking the law. Yes, it's no doubt a small citation and the max in jail is only 24 hours, but it's a start as well as a foundation to build on. The main thing I want to touch on was how the one Senator spoke on the normality of it all by doing as this ministry warned for the last 2+ decades they will do when it comes to the prophesied Sunday laws coming to America and the world.

And what's that you ask?

The Senator goes into a summarized "history lesson" on the law wherein he brings up reasons for its passage way back in the 1800's. He starts talking on point at 3:35 in the video if you're interested. As students of prophecy expected that Senator stated the following before the House and on camera that, "We had a long history with Sunday closing … even before we were a State there were "Sabbath breaking laws" … so we've had as a State this issue around us for a long time."

Do you see what I see?

That's right, this is exactly how Rome always works. Just as they slowly introduced Pagan dogma into their statement of faith wherein they add it to the church books in a stealthy manner and wait for the people to be ready to accept it. But if the people appear to reject it, they then wait for there powers to grow so that the people cannot refuse it. In other words, it will eventually be enforced no matter what. That being the case, we have to expect politics to work in the exact same way when unpopular laws are introduced to any given nation because the mother of politics (Rome) taught them well. They get the laws passed without much if any public awareness, and this Sunday law of the 1880's in North Dakota is no exception. In fact, it was easy to get passed as the 1800's weren't known for instant public opinion on any given issue.

What I mean is, they didn't have the means to take a  national poll or even alert the people of such laws until after they passed. And that could be many months later due to the snail pace society of those days. Still, even if they did have the ability to "rock the vote" as we see today, many unpopular laws can still be added as riders hidden in the popular Bills that are a shoe in for passage. Once passed they can let the law lay there without public awareness for years or even decades before enforcement becomes an issue. Rome actually had some dogmatic laws wait for centuries before enforcing upon their people.

The reason they do this is 2 fold. #1, they can weaken opposition by claiming the law was "around for a long time," and so most uneducated sheeple will say, oh well; since it was already there, no big deal. And #2, if opposition does arise when finally enforced they can just say it was passed long ago and those that penned it are dead and gone and they trust the forefathers and refuse to repeal their decision by playing the patriot card by glorying the forefathers as if they were saints or exceptionally trustworthy. I mean come on already, if the law grants them even the slightest amount of new power over the people, I have to ask what politician would give that up? It will be enforced! (Remember how the 501c3 came to enforcement after sitting "on the books" for 52 years? Same principle!)

THAT is how Roman Catholic president John F Kennedy's "Blue Laws" will eventually be argued towards very strict enforcement when the Pope's dying god demands Sunday laws in the USA. But they need to test the waters first and this is why we see what's happening in North Dakota. They need to fine tune this attack on God's law and His sanctified Sabbath before going national. They already have the churches bowing to Rome on this Pagan Sabbath wherein all of them keep Sunday holy already as a binding doctrine, and so now they need to make it "legally" binding in the States as well. And we have to know when they are ready to do this EVERY Sunday keeping pastor, and this includes the SDA church that has been keeping Sunday holy for years. In short, all of them will step up for the man of sin to "rock the vote" coast to coast on that day.

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