Asteroid hit Armageddon bull’s eye to wipe out the dinosaurs, scientists believe

New research suggests the relatively minor nine-mile wide asteroid — equivalent to a grain of sand hitting a bowling ball — smashed into a huge lode of sulphur-rich rock, subsequently plunging the planet into a global winter and pulverising numerous species. Scientists drilled a mile down into the 20-mile deep impact crater, located in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Yucatan peninsula, in a bid to further understand how the catastrophic end to the dinosaurs' 150 million year reign on earth came to such an abrupt end 68 million years ago." –Source

First and foremost it was prophesied that today's scientists would be liars so as to help Rome's final push towards global dominance and the mark. They will not only lie about certain scientific facts to hide the biblical truth that we were all created and not evolved from monkeys. They will do everything in their power to remove the thought of creation from all school books and so called "scientific" documents and even the more popular documentaries on television. Thanks to not only the knowledge of God's Word increasing in the hearts of the obedient bride in these last days as the prophet Daniel predicted, we also have more reputable scientific evidence that confirms the planet is not flat, the granite shell was created in an instant, a great flood occurred wiping out all life including the dinosaurs that walked with man, and there is actually an ark with the exact same dimensions sitting on top Mount Ararat that has been photographed and recently videotaped showing the animals stalls inside the ark. (See links below)

But, because Satan's time is running out and real science has been able to expose his many lies that most believe about evolution, he is pushing the exact same Darwinian fallacies forward over and over again these days in everything from supposed "new" research like this article spews forth to UFO sightings. He does this knowing most people are uneducated (by choice) and so any well declared lie that has all the necessary scientific wording throughout will be picked up by the masses to echo forth so as to appear educated. Rome (who is behind the evolution and UFO agenda) knows that most people prefer to look educated rather than as boat rockers and so they get their bought and paid for scientists to repeat their lies (for political and religious reasons) all over the place from the local media to the water cooler knowing the majority will agree with them so as to appear wise. And since most echo the lie they will join in and laugh at those people (like us) that actually read Bibles and have done our homework regarding all the bad science. The sheeple believe it is better to stand with the "wise" majority than the small minority everyone else is laughing at. And they can do this without ever opening a Bible or reading a scientific paper. 

Why does this work so well? Look at Catholicism as the perfect example in this. As prophesied most will claim to be Christian without ever having to open a Bible and that is attractive to 1.2 billion people because they of the mindset that thinks it's a chore to open a Bible and read it. Rome has plenty of experience in making lies like that folderol appear believable. And so this works well for them. But if you want real truth, no assumptions, no traditions, no paganism, and downright scientific lunacy, then do your homework. In fact, if you want a jump start on that exciting journey into the truth about creation or even the concrete evidence the Vatican is behind it up to their ears, check out the research I did below in the following links.

Articles of Interest offsite:

I could go on and on but I am sure this will be all that's needed to both see the truth as well as spark an interest in digging deeper into the truth. And by the way, it was just posted online 2 days ago that most people look at today's scientific studies as no longer being trustworthy. And so the timing may be very good to go forth for some of us with the truth regarding creationism. In any event, I pray this compilation of documented scientific facts and easily proven lies of the Popes expose their long prophesied agenda to hide the facts will help some discover the real truth that has been so well hidden in these last days. Please pray that they walk away from the lies that most are prophesied to embrace all the way till the plagues of Revelation fall upon them.

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5 thoughts on “Asteroid hit Armageddon bull’s eye to wipe out the dinosaurs, scientists believe”

  1. 1 Timothy 6:20
    "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science FALSELY so called:"

    Romans 1:22

    "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,"

    One of my favorite subjects when "debating" evolutionists is genetics. I like to address common lies which are spewed forth, especially in school rooms. Here are a couple examples:

    1) Most everyone is familiar with the lie that humans are something like 90%+ genetically similar to chimps. Now, what they do NOT include in that statement is this: the 90% they are talking about is the 2% of DNA which is involved with coding for proteins! So, in reality, it is less than 2% of our total genetic code which we share in commone with chimps. And that can be explained by the fact that we live on the same planet & need the same mechanisms for survival.

    2) Evolution (no matter which is being talked about) violates Mendel's Law of Genetics. This scientific LAW (not a theory mind you) declares that life can ONLY come from LIFE! This actual law, on its own, destroys the presupposition that inorganic material became organic, perfectly coded lifeforms.

    Here's a third one … just because  8]

    3) The evolutionary theory violates the 2nd LAW of thermodynamics which says that things tend to move from order to disorder. And what are we CONSTANTLY told evolution is? IMPROVEMENTS over time! In other words, a blatant lie which goes against long established scientific laws.

    I have more on all this btw. God bless.

      1. You are very welcome, brother! Here's a (short) list of various things which the theory of evolution violates:

        Beneficial mutations (we accumulate about 600 negative mutations per generation & maybe get 3 beneficial mutations)

        Genetic complexity (3 billion lines of code in PERFECT order do not spontaneously develop over time)

        Information theory (though evolution may be able to "explain" where DNA can come from, only God Himself is able to write the code)

        Law of Information Systems

        Specified Complexity (DNA is too precise)

        Irreducible Complexity

        Statistical Mathmatics (e.g. Population Statistics)


        The theory of evolution (especially Darwinian evolution) violates every branch of science in existence! World leading Atheists have conceded that the most powerful argument Creationists have is the fine tuning of the universe. Well, that fine tuning is no less miraculous when it comes to the Lord's creatures. As the Almighty said, "… the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are CLEARLY seen, being understood by the things that are made (us) … so that they (we) are without excuse:" Romans 1:20

        The invisible things are revealed to us as we witness the stunning reality of life through a microscope. The complexity & perfection of His wisdom is witnessed the more we look at DNA. The more I study the sciences, the more awestruck I am at His greatness. Little scientific knowledge produces an Atheist. Lots of scientific knowledge produces a Christian. Praise & glory belong to our risen Savior & Creator, Jesus Christ. His glory is revealed in every facet of life … from the cosmic to the microscopic, His name is written in all of His creation. Glory to God in the highest!

      2. Quick correction! I mixed of Mendel's Laws of Genetics with the Law of Biogenesis. Mendel's Laws of Genetics dictate variation within genetic boundaries. Which just means that dogs will ONLY produce dogs … foxes make foxes … humans make humans. Though I don't agree with the wording, this is referred to as "micro evolution" … small dogs, large dogs, weird dogs … they are all still dogs. Hence, variations within genetic boundaries. I apologize for the mix up.

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