VIDEO: Pope-Trump meeting agenda: Climate change, terrorism

"After a highly anticipated meeting, Pope Francis appears to have left his mark on President Donald Trump. "Thank you. I won't forget what you said," Trump told Pope Francis, before leaving the Pope's private study after a half-hour private meeting. Neither Trump nor the Pope revealed what their conversation entailed, but readouts from the White House and the Vatican highlighted terrorism, climate change and peace as agenda items covered." –Source

As I have been wondering for months since Trump's daughter Ivanka made climate change her focus in her father's White House; when will Trump finally cave on this long prophesied agenda of the Pope regarding climate change? Well, this meeting is not only the focus of a new video I'm working on, (from last Friday's blog entry) it's also what all students of prophecy have been watching for all along because we know prophecy will be fulfilled no matter how much Trump is against it. And as expected, Trump had his meeting with the Pope, and as was also expected they had their meeting behind closed doors so as to keep the people they promised transparency with are kept in the dark, because as also prophesied their deeds are from the darkened realm of Satan. And if their constituents knew they would boldly revolt.

As I have been saying for months in church discussion, emails, phone calls and some face to face meetings with like-minded brethren; Trump will definitely have to cave on his staunch stand against the Pope's global warming aka, climate change. Again, prophecy must be fulfilled even though Trump, being a member of a Vatican influenced church, is taught by pastors in his church that have no clue this was predicted in Scripture and so he must change his mind on climate change. But, if he refuses he can forget about a second term or worse yet, end up like JFK. The Pope is that adamant about pushing climate change so as to have the power in all nations to enforce the mark of the beast and no man; no matter how popular he is, (like JFK was) will stand in his way.

Still, Trump is a man driven by pride and so it's not likely he will openly or easily admit he is wrong without doing so in a way that help him save face. He will still have to cave on this no matter what. But he may choose to milk this to bolster his pride to stand before all claiming how "humble" he is to admit on camera that he was wrong. In any event, he has to somehow flip on his publicly proclaimed stance on climate change. And when he does, it will be in a way he can still stand his ground while at the same time doing whatever the Pope needs him to do.

For example, do you recall what Trump said in his campaign about removing the 501c3 and how he kept dropping hints about how the Christians in America are the largest lobbying group in the nation? Many pundits in and outside the churches used his talking points to declare he was going to completely remove the 501c3 and as you recall in a video I did back then, I stated as I am sure many students of prophecy also stated, Trump will never remove the 501c3 because it is the prophesied image of the beast and it is a necessary cog in the wheel that gets the mark enforced. And so as expected, and as I outlined in another video I did 2 weeks ago, Trump didn't remove the 501c3 at all. But instead and as I repeatedly stated, he did rewrite how it was structured by Lyndon Johnson back in 1954 so as to allow the government approved pastors to keep their tax free status while lobbying for religious laws on their pulpits. Well, this climate change stance of his is no different. And especially since his own daughter has already publicly taken the position to promote climate change in his own White House, and so there's his out. Me thinks he allowed her to take that stand just in case the Pope "forced" his hand. So now, he can actually pull a Pilot and wash his hands of the whole deal and allow his White House to push it for the Pope anyway. As we all know, Trump is that strange when it comes to how he moves politically. In short, he will allow the White House to remain in the Paris agreement.

That all being said, whether he openly admits defeat to bolster his pride, or plays the part of a man that stands his ground but then drops it in the hands of someone else claiming he doesn't have time to deal with it, doesn't matter. Because the bottom line is; he must go along with the Pope on this. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled. But me thinks all of this is nothing more than a smokescreen allowing for closed door shenanigans to go forth in the coming weeks and months. I mean, the fact his daughter is already promoting the Pope's agenda in the White House confirms; Trump already caved!

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Pope-Trump meeting agenda: Climate change, terrorism”

  1. Everyone keeps thinking Trump is on our side, that he is our saviour against the evil world, fighting for Christianity, instead of God and Jesus. But have you every thought that he pretends to be on purpose to gain trust from all evangelicals just to stab them all it in the back??! I bet he'll be the culprit for the fallout of the Church. He can't even ask for forgiveness to Almighty God. He's pastor is Norman Vincent Peale a 33rd Degree Freemason. Albert Pike highest Freemason elite even said "That which we must say to the crowd is:-We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition.

    To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that  you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees-The Masonic religion should be, by all of its initiates of the higher degrees, maintained  in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. if Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (the God of the Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty perfidy, and hatred of man, Babarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him?

    1. Why would the Lord have to slander Satan at all? His cruel acts speak boldly of his perfidy well enough on their own. Every soul on earth in and outside of the church of Jesus Christ have known that for 6000 years. That all being said, if the devil worshiping Masons chime in on your response I see no need to share the excuses the demons in them spew forth. In other words, keep it to yourself. I could care less. I must be about our Father’s business instead. But it is good to see another soul out there that knows what they’re up to. Not easy to see without the eyes from on High though eh? Obedience does have its perks. 😉

      As for Trump.. yup.. he, like any so called “President” (aka DC CEO) before him, he is a Vatican pawn and he will do whatever benefits him and his agenda. But only as it coincides with the man of sin in Rome who not only runs the American Corporation once known as the United States, they also have a tight lease on the Masons that are a major cog in their vat of sin in Rome. Trump is merely playing a part he was fashioned to perform years ago. Hence the reason for his meetings in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican this week. And yes, I just made a video on that of which I plan to upload later today.

  2. I am just open minded and do a lot of research. My ultimate goal is exopsing the truth about God. Sometimes truth needs to be exposed thru evil.  We see all the evil that's happening around us, which are helpful tools..sadly. How else are we to change unbeliever's mind? Through good it doesn't always work.  Good and truth is hidden, so you expose the evil which is all around us. Sometimes you mix good and bad, and truth/good is exposed. Like the Bible and its prophecies about one world order that's forming right now from Google (China's One Road, One Belt) Google being the evil. It shouldn't matter how it's exposed, as long as it's exposed.  I Love how you exposed  the church made out of serpent head in Vatican. I'm on your side brother. Exposing the the truth which is the Word of God and his Son Jesus Christ. Much Love and Peace to you brother.

  3. "Not easy to see without the eyes from on High though eh? Obedience does have its perks. "  That is uncredibley right… Learned a lot more than that. He says he will send the Spirit of Wisdom, truth  and understanding  on you. 🙂

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