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poGm VIDEO backlog

I find I have once again fell behind in posting my videos to the blog. And as before, the main reason being is, whenever I make a video I am only able to post it to YouTube or because after reading the morning News I see I need to post a blog entry on some prophetic event or antichristian activity in the world. And so what seems to work best is that whenever I find myself experiencing a lull in the News, not that the News is any less insane today than it was yesterday and therefore worth commenting on; as has been my policy for many years, I prefer not to comment on events that are repetitive and or redundant unless there is a new twist to their madness. And so, I will take advantage of this slow time in the News (too bad it never lasts) and post the last few videos I have made. I won't post all the links regarding what's discussed in the videos because they are available on my YouTube page's comment section of each video. And I see no need to post the link as that server is merely a backup for when I am permanently pulled from YouTube.

NOTE: The most recent video posted to YouTube is on TOP of the list.

poGm VIDEO: ANOTHER Prophecy Fulfilled!
The final leg of this three part prophecy was fulfilled back in 1929, (coincidence?) but that final part of the prophecy is becoming more and more obvious to Christians that are just now starting to look into studying prophecy for themselves. Many have been confused by this prophecy and how it was written, but not anymore! Now that it is fulfilled and we have historic record to back it up as a confirmed fulfillment, many have had their eyes opened about the beast in Rome on this one prophecy alone. PLEASE share it with as many as possible! Your efforts will help to fulfill yet another prophecy found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.  (Will you do YOUR part to warn the masses?) Click here to watch on YouTube


poGm VIDEO: Prophecy Fulfilled! 
This is a very short video. I am sure most of you will see what I see. Since it has become so obvious that Prophecy has been fulfilled here, I figured it would be best just to make a short video to prove it for future referencing on my blog at (Click here to watch on YouTube)



poGm VIDEO: ANOTHER scandal in Rome!
It never ends with the Pope and his prelates. If they're not terrorizing, molesting, raping and even killing children, they are now stealing funds from them that are earmarked to heal them! Please keep sending me articles and videos! The man of sin has been revealed just as prophecy predicted! (Click here to watch on YouTube)



poGm VIDEO: Catholic parish hosts gay dance party for Lady Gaga’s LGBT charity. Seriously
Just another video showing the wickedness of the Roman Catholic prelates. Not only is this Roman Catholic priest an admitted friend of Lady Gaga, he promotes her sinful lifestyle by holding a drunken homosexual dance party at his church so as to raise funds to help promote her "born this way" movement among the Roman Catholic people. (Click here to watch on YouTube)



poGm VIDEO: Pope Francis Adds ‘Fourth Path’ to Official Sainthood 
It seems the Pope and his cohorts are planning something rather demonic in the coming days. He has just announced "another" so called path to sainthood. Those of us that know about the state of the dead know that Rome preaches the exact opposite of what the Bible says about what happens when you die as well as how the Lord defines a saint. Rome's definition allows demons to appear as dead loved ones and even Catholic "saints" so as to further confuse the masses. We know demonic manifestations are already occurring globally; however with new ways to so called "sainthood" one can rest assured even more "apparitions" will begin to occur very shortly. 
(Click here to watch on YouTube)


poGm VIDEO: Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
As expected the Vatican has yet another homosexual scandal, only now it involves a Cardinal. And if you were ever a Catholic you know cardinals are the only ones capable of becoming Popes. And this Cardinal actually got caught red handed by police in a homosexual orgy. Yes, it's disgusting and not something any of us want to discuss on a regular basis. But, it's the last days, it was prophesied the Popes and prelates would be homosexuals, and so it's one powerful way to expose the man of sin before those still trapped in the lie of Roman Catholicism.  (Click here to watch on YouTube)



Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:
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Suspect Enters Church and Demands Money; Gets Bullet Instead

"Police in Dothan, Alabama, say a suspect entered a church Sunday night and demanded money–but received a bullet “in the upper torso” instead. The suspect was pronounced dead early Monday morning. …Tolver allegedly entered through the back door of the church and robbed one of the three people of $50. He was demanding money from a second individual when he was shot with a “personal handgun.” Tolver fled the scene, only to collapse outside the building. He was pronounced dead just before 1:20 a.m. Monday morning." –Source

Do you see what I see? Now that most "pastors" preach prosperity messages in where the god of choice happens as much cold hard cash as you can cram into your pocket instead of a generous helping of the Holy Spirit, the people in this Baptist church actually killed a man simply because he was robbing them of their precious money. Now I am sure the nay sayers will shout, would you rather he go ballistic and unload his gun on the church members? My response who have to be, are you a Christian? Do you not pray for a hedge of angels about you? And, what's more important? Sharing your faith with someone in an obviously tumultuous life to the point he goes into a church to rob people?

And why did he go into a Christian church that supposedly uplifts the Bible instead of a Mosque? Could it be because he was taught Christians follow the loving Jesus who taught them to turn the other cheek or even give him their cloke even after he demanded their coat? Or was this a cry for help knowing that Christians might hand the money willingly and then offer to sit down with him and share Jesus with him as so many have testified on YouTube and even in the News over the years to have done successfully? But instead of sharing Christ with this young man in the hopes of blessing him with the chance to gain salvation and eternal life, they shared the hatred of Satan and killed him on the spot and all of this for a measly $50.00 no less!

No I am not living in denial or do I have rose colored glasses permanently affixed to my head. I am very aware that being robbed can be very scary. But as Christians death is not supposed to be scary nor is it to be part of the equation when making snap decisions. In fact it's the ultimate blessing to die as a Christian is it not? But notice this, the man was killed in a church that supposedly teaches all about the sinful temptations in life and how some that choose that path need Christ just as much if not more than anyone else but because nary a preacher speaks on turning the other cheek in an effective manner anymore, this poor soul that was shuffled off to his eternal reward because some church employee didn't want to part with some cash! And if you read the entire article you will find it stated this man had robbed someone seven years ago using a toy gun. I read the article twice and I did not see where he even had a gun to rob these people.

Color me confused.. it just seems odd to me and especially after hearing about how Christians have not only talked robbers out of doing such acts over the years; and some have talked them into accepting Christ as Saviour and even turning themselves in after committing their crimes! The Internet is literally filled with their testimonies.

In any event, it's a sad state of affairs when Christians think they have to go to church armed to the teeth. Because the basic reality is, he was in a church, and someone in that church was armed with a loaded weapon while in that church. Only in the last days do we see such things as this. And if I was a betting man, I would lay dollars to donuts that next to no one in Christendom will think it odd that a church employee brought a loaded gun to church that day. What is this world coming to? … … … wait for it.. .. .. AN END!

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Wicked within: U.S. plunges toward ‘occultism and demons’

"Television shows featuring exorcisims as entertainment. Lucifer as a crime-fighting hero on television. Occult symbols used in music videos. References to demons seem to be everywhere in American culture. And the rise in occultism comes at a time when experts, including Catholic priests who specialize in the rite, claim exorcism is becoming more common." –Source

First and foremost a Roman Catholic priest cannot exorcise any demons. The fact they invented the so called "exorcism" proves this hands down. What I mean is, when you look into the Word of God what do you see each and every time Jesus Christ cast out a demon? Do you see Jesus going to the person's home dressed in black (the color of Satan, Hell & pain) with a Vatican approved contract for the parents to sign as well as a receipt booklet so as to give the parents a receipt each time they "pay" to have their child "exorcised" of the demon over the coming months and even years depending upon the wealth of the family and greed of the exorcist? No, whenever a person that was possessed by a demon got anywhere near to Jesus that person would be instantly freed of that demon! No money changed hands, no splashing of useless man-made holy water, no candles to fend of "negative" spirits, no burning of sage to help keep the demons away and certainly no prayers being repeated over and over and over again.

When Jesus cast a demon out they left instantly! But a Roman Catholic priest is not a Christian. The fact they use the clothing, candles, incense, prayer beads and holy water of Pagans, witches and even Satanists confirms they are not there to cast out any demons at all. More often than not and according to many frightened witnesses, they invite demons instead. The items they bring with them are there so as to grant Satan permission to be in that house and Satan knows how to make it all appear as if the exorcism worked for a time. Those priests go there to make money as well as to lock down their victims in the largest and oldest known cult on earth. The fact they have been caught worshipping Satan inside Vatican walls proves they are devil worshipping men who as prophesied will do all they can to glorify their dying god so as to lure as many souls into hellfire with them.

Now as for the downward plunge of the American people into the occult. Is it not prophesied in 1 Timothy 4:1 "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;" Since most people now believe that when you die you are either in Heaven or Hell immediately at death, thanks to Rome pushing these Marian apparitions so often in the media, it opened the door for the more dissident forms of spiritualism in everyday life. Everything from wizards and witches in Saturday morning cartoons to Harry Potter movies has made spiritualism not only the norm in some areas, it's actually being recognized as a religion worldwide. And to make matter worse among those that claim Jesus as Lord in a way that causes them to worship the Pope as prophesied many will do, the Vatican just recently publicized their praise filled endorsement of Harry Potter in July of 2009!

Paganism is the ultimate in spiritualistic religions. In fact, this is what 86.2% of Roman Catholicism claims as Catholic doctrine. Paganism is growing at a phenomenal rate because every church that has joined the long prophesied one world church of the Pope, and this includes the SDA people, all of them have promoted Roman Catholicism across the board and so not only does this lure every soul into thinking the men in black are holy and should be emulated in the church; it confirms this prophecy fulfilled. This is why people the world over have adopted the exact same mindset of those in Noah’s day just as Jesus predicted they would. Right before the flood, "GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." (Genesis 6:5) Then Jesus said in Matthew 24:37, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

And so it is!

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