Christians jailed for 10 years and face public flogging for drinking communion wine

"A GROUP of Christians have been jailed and exiled for drinking communion wine which Iranian authorities claimed was a threat to national security. Officials in Tehran charged four men with “acting against national security” and drinking alcohol after they took part in communion. Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh and Saheb Fadaie have been sentenced to ten years in prison each. In a further blow Nadarkhani and Omidi were given additional sentences of two years in exile in southern Iran. …Holy Communion wine, also known as sacramental wine, is used by billions of Christians worldwide in celebration of the Eucharist." –Source

This is what happens when you join the Vatican's one world church and start to emulate Pagan dogma. It's shocking at times to see how Catholicism is designed to cause problems for Christians no matter what nation they're in. Had they had communion the biblical way, the Iranians would not have had issue. And yes, this is all based on Vatican dogma because as is obvious they used the Vatican term "Eucharist" here to describe the Lord's supper. That confirms they are indeed followers of the Pope like everyone else in the one world church. And yes this includes the Seventh Day Adventists. In fact, I have documented proof the SDA's are in fact members of the Pope's World Council of Churches (one world church)  listed here, and this is besides the fact that for literally decades the SDA leaders claimed they were not members.

As far as communion wine goes, it is "new wine" as Scripture calls it. In today's world we call it unfermented grape juice. To have fermented wine as communion wine nullifies the act completely because the bread, which must be unleavened, and the wine, which must be unfermented, are there at the communion table to represent the undefiled body and blood of our sinless Saviour and King Jesus Christ. To use fermented wine is to have communion with a sinful king, aka Satan.

Basic reality is, the reason the bread is unleavened and the wine is unfermented is because the leaven represents sin in the flesh during life and the fermentation of the grape juice represents rotting of the flesh as in death. Jesus had no sin in His life at all and so the bread had to be unleavened as both Exodus 12:8, Luke 12:1 and even John 6:35 proclaimed. And as we all know as Bible believing Christians, Jesus did not stay in the grave long enough to rot as the prophecy of Psalm 16:10 declared and the reality that Acts 13:35 later confirmed. But the Vatican is all about doing the exact opposite of what the truth is in God's Word; but at the same time craftily mixing some truth into their dogma to keep the unlearned Christians (the ones that don't STUDY Bibles) well planted in the pews of all churches in her long prophesied one world church.

So, pray for these men that #1 they find the truth as it is written and not as it is altered by Vatican prelates, #2, they are released from prison and #3, they go forth to proclaim the truth as only the Lord Jesus Christ can reveal unto the obedient hearts. (For those of you that may have questions on the wine Jesus used at the Last Supper, see easy fact #6 by clicking here when you get time.)

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