VIDEO: Senator McCaskil promotes Socialized Medicine in USA

"A recent Urban Institute study suggests that a single-payer health care system could cost $32 trillion over the next ten years. McCaskill admitted that she would remain open to a single-payer health care system if Democrats were able to keep costs down through comparison shopping. …In late July McCaskill voted “present” on a vote that would establish a “Medicare for All” health care bill similar to the one proposed by Bernie Sanders. Recently the Washington Post admitted that single-payer health care would be “astonishingly” expensive. The Urban Institute estimated that the proposed socialized medicine scheme would cost $32 trillion over ten years." –Source

First and foremost, how many students of prophecy saw this coming? I can imagine a sea of hands raised high up on that one. As I have been proving for years on my Vatican Socialist Agenda page, a cashless as well as socialistic format in America is a must if they are ever to be able to enforce the mark. And her Bernie Sanders (a card carrying Socialist) inspired single-pay healthcare system is nothing new. Well, ok, it is new for America, but it's nothing new in the world. Take Canada for example where they have a socialist healthcare system. Ask anyone in that country what the average time is to see a doctor and you will be shocked. But that's not the issue here. McCaskill, like Sanders, are tooting the old worn out horn that Socialism doesn't necessarily have to be the stepping stone to Communism. But as every Communist nation has seen come to fruition in their past, we are now seeing with our own eyes since September 11th; whenever you give up a few freedoms here and there to the Government, they usually go for more and never stop there. After all, once in power any politician will admit gaining more power is always a staggering temptation. 

Case in point, big government thrives on cultivating power over the people. And they always lie through their teeth to get there. Take a look at the picture on the bottom of this post. That's the bottom section of the front of my Social Security card from back when I was 12 years old. Notice how it says "NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION" on that card? That was back in the 1960's. But today, that exact same Social Security number is REQUIRED in order to get a bank account, a credit card, a loan, a diploma, an apartment to live in or even a job just to name a few! Once the people go along with the powers that be and their power crazed agendas, (as we saw with the 501c3 as well) after a few decades of making sure everyone's in the same boat, they always drop the anchor and you're not going anywhere without their permission!

So when McCaskil or Sanders say a single payer Socialist form of healthcare won't lead to more control over the American people, I wouldn't believe them anymore than I did Obama when he said Obamacare would allow you to keep your old doctors and the prices would not go up. No wonder they call it Obamacare, calling it by its real name, "the Affordable Care Act" sounds ludicrous.

Now for my two cents:

When it comes to lowering healthcare costs, all you have to do is get patients to sign off on suing the doctor’s they trust. When they do that the only way the doctor can be sued will be if he was drunk or some other extenuating circumstance occurred that was way out of character causing a death or crippling event for their patient. Basic reality is, many people trust the family doctor and would never have a problem signing off knowing that if something went wrong it would not be the doctor's fault as they trust he or she did their best to prevent it. This would then allow the doctor’s malpractice insurance premiums to plummet, which would then cause all healthcare prices to drop as well. Basic reality is, all hospitals charge massive prices for their services to offset gargantuan insurance premiums. But I don’t think they could calculate a risk factor per patient to make it cost effective day one. And so they would have to stipulate the insurance premium discount is only available after a majority (51%) of the doctor’s patients signed off on it. The only problem I can see that could surface is that a new doctor would take time to get to the 51% in any major hospital and so he or she may not be able to take on new patients on their own until after a high enough percentile was secured to make it feasible for them to take on the new patient who may not sign off. Again.. just my two cents.


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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Senator McCaskil promotes Socialized Medicine in USA”

  1. The healthcae issue is one which concerns me greatly. I don't want to go way off topic here, but I am compelled to share testimony on how awesome our Father has been to me & my family. It wasn't too long ago that we (myself, my wife, & my daughter) were routinely sick. In fact, the only times I have ever contracted Influenza was after receiving a flu shot. Back then it was a no brainer to get this shot & that one because the VA gives them for free! It seemed illogical to NOT get one. My wife started to have liver problems & my daughter was fatigued at all times.

    Then God called us, drew us close to Him & compelled our hearts to seek Him. In short, NONE of us since that day have contracted any illness & we have been shielded from all major injuries! It has been years since any of us have known any sickness whatsoever! As He, in His lovingkindness, has drawn us closer to His Word & caused us to surrender the lives which His Son died to rescue us from, we have only been getting healthier. By His power, we have given up everything artificial & everything which He has declared to be unclean. In His loving guidance & by the strength of His hand, we now follow the diet of Eden. He has given us more energy, concentration, comprehension, will, determination, motivation, & zeal than we ever thought possible! 

    I pray (oh how I pray!) that all people would know of His grace & mercy! How He is the one who gives health & wellbeing! The blessed return of our Saviour is coming sooner than we know & I pray that we all will have our faith anchored securely upon that Rock so that when the day comes when we are offered the choice to either bow to the Pope's mark & receive this life saving medicine, or refuse & die, we would all have the example of our Lord placed deep within our hearts where He was obedient unto death.

    1. Amen and well said brother. The health message runs right alongside the present truth for our day. Satan and his pawns in the corrupted AMA know all too well how their sorceries keep the people in a confused state so as not to be able to understand truth. Compile that with the processed foods, alcohol and street drugs that cripple the brain in many different ways makes them blind to the signs of the times as well. In short.. if you don't read your Bible daily and pray daily, don't expect to be ready when Satan attacks LONG BEFORE he enforces his mark. After all, the people need to be deceived before they will accept the mark, and today, that's 99.9% of the planet just as it was in Noah's day.

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