Pope Orders Belgian Catholic Charity To Stop Euthanizing People

"Pope Francis has ordered a Catholic charity in Belgium to cease euthanizations of mentally ill patients in their psychiatric centers by the end of August, or face excommunication. …To use euthanasia as a kind of ultimate therapy would be utterly unworthy of us,” Stockman said of his order. “It would be as if we were helping a patient who is on the verge of the abyss to take the leap of death, by giving him a little push. As far as I know, this is the very first time a Christian organization has classed euthanasia as ordinary medical practice." –Source

First and foremost, we have ample amounts of Scripture as well as historic and even modern day evidence that the Popes of Rome are not Christians and the religion called Roman Catholicism is not a Christian religion. In fact, according to every Bible on the planet they are defined as a cult. So for the article to claim "this is the very first time a Christian organization has classed euthanasia as ordinary medical practice" is no different than Westboro Baptists who use hate to spread their version of Christianity. Satan knows what he's doing here when he uses the most wicked church leaders to declare themselves Christian so as to assure Christianity gets a very bad name. In so doing this moves many into seeking their spiritual fulfillments in his many other demonic religions. And no, I am not saying the Roman Catholic people are evil. The Lord winks at their ignorance just as much as He does ours. The majority of Catholics have no clue their Vatican prelates are devil worshipers who have been prophesied to be those that try to destroy Christianity by claiming to be Christians while declaring Pagan dogma to be that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The fact this Jesuit Pope gave them till "the end of August" confirms he doesn't care that much about those "the Brothers of Charity" in Belgium are murdering in their hospitals. If you read the original article linked out in this one you will find they have been killing the mentally ill since May in all 15 of their hospitals. One can only imagine how many have been murdered! Truth is, if the Pope really cared about these poor souls being slated off the hellfire for helping them break Commandment #6 as their last sin he would have demanded they must stop killing them IMMEDIATELY. But he gave them till the 18th to do so. Why on earth did he do that?!

By the way, notice this. Whenever the reality of Roman Catholicism's true origin is outed by displaying very evil fruits that can harm the agenda of Rome, they brush it under the rug and do all they can to hide it by spinning the truth into a lie. Need I mention the countless child molestation scandals? But when their awful fruits can be used to make Christianity look bad while at the same time cause no harm to the Vatican in a legal manner, they go public with it.

What I mean is, this article is just another way Satan can depict Christians as evil by getting his man of sin in Rome to openly out his so called "Christian charity" in Belgium as just another Christian organization doing things that are very unChristlike. This is no different than the Westboro Baptists with their signs "thanking God for dead soldiers" outside the funerals of the dead soldier's family. As long as you claim to be Christian while embracing Satan's characteristics, then the enemy of souls can use you and remains very happy being the smoldering bird falling into damnation as he is.

Please continue to pray for the Catholic people as well as all the other so called Christian religions that have bowed to Rome as their leader in Christendom. And yes this includes the Seventh Day Adventist. And please, if you're SDA don't take any of what I say as an insult, slander or as bearing false witness. I implore you to look at the data I compiled at www.SDAapostasy.org wherein we have documented proof that the SDA church is in bed with Rome, the one world church, and are doing things before all the world that are very unChristlike. There is no sin in me doing my duty as a Christian. (See Ephesians 5:11) I truly do love you enough to tell you the truth. And just so you know, for the SDA people that refuse to look into this but at the same time declare those that are trying to warn them as being evil, you are in sin for bearing false witness because we not only have historic and documented evidence to back it all up, we have God's Word on this. 


I was unable to do the Wednesday blog entry because I was downstate attending the 2017 SDR Campmeeting that was an amazing blessing! The Lord's hand moved in amazing ways AND we got some very shocking bad news about the Noah's ark Museum in Kentucky. In short, it is not a Christian organization by any means. All sorts of Vatican dogma throughout, Egyptian music is piped in absolutely everywhere, references to 666 throughout and Bill Gates himself actually funded it which confirmed it is not what you think. They even have a display promoting the Vatican's climate change agenda in it! If I can find time to compile my notes and some info the brethren shared with me that visited the "Ark Encounter" I plan to make a video and a webpage about it to warn Christians families to steer clear.   

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8 thoughts on “Pope Orders Belgian Catholic Charity To Stop Euthanizing People”

  1. I am really sceptical regarding the claims made by the brethren regarding the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  This was built by the Amish for Answers in Genesis which is an evangical Christian organization that believes in the Bible from the first verse, i.e. believes in Biblical creation, i.e. not evolution over millions/billions of years.  Do the brethren who made these claims perhaps believe in old earth etc.?

    I agree that you should make a video and show us the raw footage.  This is a virtual tour on youtube and I don't hear any offensive music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvUVWAa_sYI


    1. Thank you very much for sharing Borne. There is a lot more I did not share in my comments regarding what the brethren found at the ark encounter. When I get time I will try to compile it. And I did hear the music in the video you shared which was Egyptian in nature. The exact same music the brethren recorded on their cell phones only their music was MUCH louder and it was in the shuttle, the parking lot and in the ark. Perhaps things have changed since the video you posted was made?

      As for the Amish, if they believed the Bible cover to cover then why do they, like everyone else embrace Vatican dogma? Are they not Sunday keepers as well?

      As for the old earth, no we know all too well about the scientific facts regarding the young (6000 year old) earth. See my evidence or creation page when you get time.

      Thanks for stopping by  🙂

      1. The music was composed by John Campbell: https://answersingenesis.org/store/product/music-ark-encounter/?sku=20-9-082

        Perhaps he limited the instruments to what might have been available to Noah and his family to be able to play music on the Ark.  They seem to be trying to re-create what it might have been like on the Ark, including the music they might have played, such as flutes etc., i.e. not pianos and pipe organs.  

        We should be careful not to major on minors.  It might be that by limiting the instruments to what they might have played in those days it sounds Egyptian.  I highly doubt that it was deliberately meant to be sinister or anything like that.

        1. With the 666 in the logo, the symbol for Baal in Bob Jone’s section in the handout, the promoting of the man of sin’s bogus climate change agenda towards the mark, the room designed to make children purposely fearful with darkness and monsters that rush towards them, allowing Bill Gates who seeks to lower the world’s population to fund the building of it, the chasing of our church family around by security that spoke of them on their radios simply because we wanted to share truth with people, the fact the door was nothing like the biblical door that was built as a ramp wherein only God could close it was ignored for two small swinging doors, the music piped in the shuttle, parking lot and the ark that was so loud you had to speak up when talking to people, the fact they have cameras all over the place that they mention in their brochure will be used to keep all visitors images (facial recognition software) for security reasons and the fact they placed dinosaurs on their ark declares yes, something VERY sinister is afoot here.

          You have to keep in mind these are the last days and when people who are openly anti-christian like Bill Gates or men who preach bold heresy like Bob Jones are directly involved with the creation of a so called Christian center, for those with eyes that see it is clear that the ark encounter in Kentucky is not a Chrstian organization. It is purposely designed to further deceive lukewarm Christians as well as harass any obedient Christians that visit so as to keep the deception well hidden.

  2. This is a link to an image of the logo and I don't see anything sinister in it: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/71/c6/2a/71c62a3747d6b5c0862f364c921f8c25.jpg

    The last character includes a dove and the bottom portion of all three characters (ARK) look like water waves.

    The music includes sounds of being in a thunderstorm with thunder.  Also saw what was problably supposed to ligtning as well.  Maybe a softer approach such as giving them feedback that the music is very loud might be helpful.  Ken Ham is getting on in years.  Perhaps his hearing isn't as good as it used to be.  Similar to an elderly neighbour who seems to have his TV sound so loud, because he is becoming hard of hearing.

    Where is it documented that BIll Gates funded/donated towards the Ark project?  I know he loves vaccines (even when they make the situation worse) but I highly doubt that he would be interested in giving a penny to something even remotely Chrisian/religios.  When I google all that comes up is Bill Nye who debated Ken Ham and also visited the Ark Encounter and apparently debated some more.

    I'm perplexed regarding what is supposed to be sinister about having dinosaurs on the ark.  Do you not believe that Almighty God created dinosaurs as well as all the other creatures?

    1. Notice the third row in the numeric chart on the left. Notice the WAVE symbol for the number 6.

      As we know, Rome will use any numeric symbols to hide their "666" in plain sight. Hence the reason for the SFS in their monstrances in the Vatican. The "F" = 6 in American Ghematria and the "S" is a modernized version turned verticle of the "wave" symbol of the ancient Pagans. (Click here for the FLASH animation I did many years ago. Scene three is about the monstrance. Wait for the "Catholic Object" that comes up aftre showing the Pagan objects. Notice the SFS on the bottom of the FIRST PIC)

      Deception runs rampant in Rome to the point they will even use common letters in an inverted manner to hide the 666. Notice the pic of Pope Paul's signature on the bottom. Notice the 666 in his inverted signature?

      Satan doesn't care if they use long forgotten ancient symbols or inverted alphabetical symbols of today. All he wants is a sign of loyalty and the 3 waves in the Ark's logo is that sign of loyalty. 

      Below is Pope Paul's signature. Keep in mind they choose their "names" before becomign Pope very carefully. 

      Below is his signature inverted. See the 666?

      As for the claim Ken Ham's hearing is failing and this is why the music is so loud is grabbing at straws my friend. Is he there 24/7 and while there demanding he hears the music? No, he is not there and this is not proof as to why the music is too loud. Do some research in how Rock bands use LOUD music to manipulate their audience. The fact tens of thosuands of people filing in and out of that Ark that I am sure many complain about the high volume would have alerted the Ark's managment by now. Yet they keep the volume up very high to prevent normal conversations.

      As for the dinosaurs, show me one verse that says the Lord had Noah place living dinosaurs on the ark. I know for a fact God created them, but I also know I see none walking the earth today. Hence, there were no dinosaurs on the ark. Look in to Dr Carl Baugh's creation work out of Glendale Texas and you will see his confirmed evidence as to why the dinosaurs were not on the ark.

      As for Bill Gates funding it. There is a massive plaque on the wall for all to see proudly displayed in the Ark stating Bill Gates Funded it. I am sure more than a few of our church members that actually stepped into the Ark photogaphed it. As soon as I get those pics along with the videos they made I will post the facts on this site and maybe even make a video exposing the truth about the so called Christian museum called "The Ark Encounter." 

      I must say I am a bit concerned as to why you ignored all the other valid points I posted so as to pick away at a few you hope would solidify your case to uplift this Ark as a Christian museum. Why are you defending this obviously antichristian museum? Were you there? If not, then why do you assume we as obedient Christians would put our eternal live sin danger by lying about what was witnessed? Or, do you have pics to declare the pics I have offline are bogus? If so, please share. Or is it simply that you have a vested interest in it?  

  3. I am one of the brethren who was at the ark and saw with my own eyes the evidence which Brother Nic is sharing with you. I have seen with my own eyes Bill Gates name on the plaque (among other names). I have heard the hypnotic music which had a very negative effect on me. If one is not sensitive to their surroundings (or as the Bible says to discern), then they are not able to pick up on the sinister music as it was intended. The information at the ark was FULL of fallacies. If one does not read their Bible, or just reads it sporadically, then they would not realize the errors presented. 

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