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Kindergarten boy ‘instantly turns into girl’ at school

"The push to make children comfortable with transgenderism has reached disturbing new depths, with a California school promoting it to kindergartners by having a 5-year-old boy undergo a “transition ceremony” in front of classmates. The boy left his classroom at Rocklin Academy Schools in Rocklin dressed as a boy then returned dressed as a girl. KTXL-TV, a Fox affiliate in Sacramento, reported two books written specifically for young children were read in the class “to illustrate what it means to be transgender.” The two books were “I am Jazz” and “The Red Crayon,” according to Both are meant to explain transgenderism in a sympathetic way to children ages 4 to 8. …The report said the “ceremony” traumatized some of the students, including girls who went home crying to their parents, asking if they were going to turn into a boy. Many parents were upset about the event, especially since they were not informed beforehand that it was going to take place." –Source

Absolutely insane! Now do you see why I created a page on my site years ago title "Homeschool Spurs?" The amount of antichristian and downright demonic idiocy that was being pumped into the minds of the children was so frequent from school to school that I had to warn the parents. And the way it has been done to keep the general public off guard was shocking. And what I mean by off guard is; to make sure there wasn't a mass exodus of parents yanking the children out of the schools, the government employees (aka teachers) were told to push the sinfulness in many different regions of the nation that were far enough apart from each other that parents in other areas across America thought it was no big deal since it wasn't near their child's school.

And then, as the second beast of Revelation (aka as the USA Government) saw it was able to get to the children soul by soul in a sporadic manner they strategically continued their evil agenda against the children in bigger numbers as the shock started to wear off due to repetitiveness. But thanks to complacency bred by laziness and a lack of concern by the parents in the "safe schools", instead of targeting schools across the nation that were hundreds and thousands of miles apart, now they targeted schools across the state. And as expected, that then led to schools separated by mere zip codes. 

And notice the way they now choose to attack the children with their prophesied flesh crazed agenda.  Today the Government won't even alert the parents beforehand as the article just stipulated. Have you noticed? That is happening all over the nation over and over again and no one seems to notice why. They do it that way knowing there isn't anything the parents can do to erase it from their children's minds now that the teachers exposed them to it in the most convincing manner they can devise. And, since these are government schools doing this, none of them will be closed for these illegal activities. And the teacher that was asked to do if for the government will only receive a few days off work with pay so as to make it appear like they got reprimanded for it when in fact they just got a bonus most call a paid vacation instead.

In the 1980's when they started to push homosexuality to the children in the Chicago area, at least back then they would send the children home with a note the day before for the parents to read saying they planned to do this and the child had the right to stay home if the parents wanted to opt out. But even there it was a win win for the school because giving the parents one days' notice meant it would be next to impossible for the parents to let the children stay home as many families have both parents working and finding a nanny or babysitter on such short notice was not easy. Praise God it wasn't that way for my wife and I when they sent our children home with a note like that. Not only did they stay home the next from school, both my wife and I went to their schools the very same day we got the note and removed all 8 of our children from school forever. And that is one more reason they don't give the parents the option to opt out anymore. They just push this evil sewage on the kids to the point of scaring the daylights out of them knowing mom and dad can't do a thing to stop them!

And for those that think I'm exaggerating about how bad it truly is in American schools. See my Homeschool Spurs when you get time. And keep in mind as you scroll through literally thousands of articles and videos of the most disgusting and violent facts regarding the public and private school system, know that I don't go looking for these articles. I am way too busy to stop my work of warning the people about the prophesied events occurring almost daily around the world regarding the nearness of the Lord's coming. In other words, these articles just happen across my desk as I go through the mainstream media websites looking for articles. They are THAT frequent!

Now do you see why Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler said “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State.” And notice this quote that outlines why they're doing this today. "75% of all children raised in Christian homes who attend public schools will reject the Christian faith by their first year of College." -Video "Let My Children Go" -Caryl Matritiano Author, Vice President Jeremiah films and International cult expert.

If there is any way you can get your precious children out of the schools system in America I implore you to do so as soon as possible!

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Pope Francis: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns

"Pope Francis on Monday urged countries to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns. Francis’ politically pointed message was made in view of the Catholic Church’s 2018 world refugee day, celebrated Jan. 14. It comes amid mounting anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe and beyond following waves of migrant arrivals and Islamic extremist attacks." –Source

In other words, like any radically disconnected from reality politician no matter what side of the isle they herald from, the Pope ignores the plight of the innocent people that are openly being persecuted, raped, beaten, tortured and even killed en masse by these so called "immigrants" simply because he wants to make sure his loyal soldiers in Islam find their selected post of duty in every nation on earth so as to help Rome do as prophecy says they will do when it comes to enforcing their admitted mark. And as prophecy predicted and historic record confirmed, like his dying god Satan, (see proof here) he uses fear as a major cog in his wheel of deception because it's so much easier to force someone to do as you command than it is to ask them to bow in worship, even though all politicians have already done so on camera.

Thanks to Rome's power to deceive by force, people are literally dying out there both spiritually and physically and all the Pope is concerned with is his agenda to have his henchmen in every nation on earth. He literally demands all nations allow the rapist and killers into their countries to assure (as prophesied) that his office gains global stature as THE moral authority on earth. But when was the last time a Muslim has been offered citizenship in Vatican city? Never as far as I can see. In fact, have you seen the huge wall the Pope has around his land? That was put there to keep Muslims out during their crusades! (Click here for a perspective as to high tall that wall is!)

On my Pope and Islam page I outline not only the similarities between Islam and Roman Catholicism right down to their theological agreement on Marian worship, I also show how Rome is using the Islamic soldiers to pump up the long prophesied fear of mankind to keep them in an irrational state of mind so as to have the control they need. (See Luke 21:26)

Now just so you know, I see no Bible passage declaring verbatim Muslims will man the guillotines, but that doesn't mean what the Lord reveals to students of prophecy regarding prophesied events is lacking. We know how to find light because obedience to His Word allows for a better view of the path we tread. We all know about Revelation 20:4 and how many that refuse the mark of the beast in Rome will be beheaded for their faith in Jesus Christ, and we know all too well about Islam's favorite method of killing Christians is by beheading them, and we also know how Rome is using the Muslim men to kill Christians and Jews today in the exact same way they used Hitler to kill Christians and Jews not too long ago. Compile that with the documented historic proof that the Vatican wrote the Koran so as to create a race of religiously motivated bloodthirsty killers is absolute when it comes to how Rome has always worked with their pawns in the past.

Consider the historic facts:

After their mortal wound was administered by Napoleon in 1798AD as prophecy so clearly predicted, they knew after that date that they could no longer openly kill people that refused to bow to their power as they did to the tune of hundreds of millions during the Inquisition because without the power of the body politic behind them, they would risk destruction of the church as well. And so after 1929 when the scab started to form over that wound and that documented signed in the Later Palace gave them back their political power while still claiming to be a church, they began killing again. But this time they used others to do their killing for them so as to pull the onus off of them granting them the ability to play the moral card by making the Pope appear as a holy man innocent of any of the evil deeds he was actually doing all along.

Now that the wound is finally healed, (see video proof here) the Pope knows he can make crazy claims like this before all the world knowing no one can stop him because with the healing of the wound comes the fact that every political power on earth has declared loyalty to the Pope. Hence the reason talk of a New World Order has increased. The prophesied ten toes of Daniel are right now slipping into their Vatican approved sandals to stand as one with the Pope. But as also prophesied, they will only be able to do so for a very short time. Not long after they do that will the eastern sky split wide open to finally put an end to the great controversy between Christ and His angels and Satan and his angels. (If you click that last link, give it time to load. It's one huge PDF file)

And for those skeptics out there that think the migrants are merely men, women and children running for their lives from war torn nations seeking refuge in peaceful nations; explain the pic on the right here.  (click to enlarge) If they were really migrants fleeing war torn regions of the world, where I ask are all the women, children and old people in this or any picture showing them gathered in large numbers? If they were really fleeing dangerous areas, why on earth did they leave their precious wives, children and parents in those dangerous areas to die?! It's simply, these men are not migrants! These are young men, or should I say young Vatican soldiers that are ready to do as prophecy stated Rome will do when it comes time to drop the other shoe.

And as for those that think Islam is THE Antichrist or think the king of the North is Islam, I am sure your forefathers also thought Hitler was the Antichrist and Islam was that king. Biblical fact remains that both Hitler and Islam can't possibly be the Antichrist. Reason being is, 100% of the prophecies must match THE Antichrist. Not 20%, not 50%, not 90%, or even 99.9%. 100% must match to the letter or it simply is not of God. You cannot cherry pick a few prophecies to make the argument that benefits the lie of the dying god of Rome who's main agenda is to hide the truth about his man of sin in the Vatican. God is not one to be mocked and therefore His prophecy is in no way shape or form able to be manipulated or doctored in any way. In short, if you believe the Bible is penned by a God that cannot lie, then your banner held high must be that God said it, you believe it, and that settles it!   

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ALERT: SDR people under ATTACK


The SDR people that are on the front lines doing the work of the Lord are asking all that frequent the site and conference rooms for prayer at this time as the SDR people are under attack more than ever before.

Please pray the Lord blesses us as His obedient people in the Lord with the faith, wisdom, discernment and physical means to be able to proclaim the loud cry more effectively in the coming days as normal routes of evangelization are being locked down and censored more so now than ever before. Yes, it is prophesied to happen to God's people and so it will. We have no problem trusting our Father who has warned us that most will hate the truth we share and so we must be prepared for whatever comes our way. But this means we must also pray just as much as the people of God did long ago right before prophesied events were about to fulfill in their day.

Just to mention two for the sake of brevity, do you recall how Daniel prayed so as to be ready for what the prophet Jeremiah spoke of 70 years prior that was about to fulfill in his day? (See Daniel 9:2-4) Or what of Simeon who no doubt prayed after being told by the Holy Spirit that he would see the Lord's Christ before he died? And so after he prayed he was blessed with the Holy Spirit moving upon him one day to go to the temple to not only see the baby Jesus, he actually held Him up in his arms and glorified God before all that very day. (See Luke 2:25-30)

We have a mighty work to do brothers and sisters and as we know, no government approved preacher or pastor will be called of God to do this task any more than an apostate Pharisee would be called 2000 years ago to declare before all that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. All those that have joined with the second beast of Revelation (the USA) in their long prophesied 501c3 contracts have created the image of the beast in Rome just as the Lord declared they would. And so they as well as the government they worship, have been moved by the dying god of this world to shun, persecute, censor and even threaten the obedient bride of Christ who has been moved by the Holy Spirit to perform the task the apostate leaders were prophesied to put down so as to clamor after the riches of this world.

Most of you reading this blog entry already know about my AOL attacks poGm page and poGm Censored by Google page. And so you know all this has been going on for years and so as expected, most of us, myself included have gotten used to it by doing things the hard way. As many of you also know that email me, sometimes my emails never reach you. But that's not because I didn't respond. You need to know that I do in fact respond to every email that comes to my server no matter how many arrive as this is the policy of this ministry. (That's why it can take me up to 3 weeks or more to respond) But because of the powers that be in the dark regions of this sin sick world, I quite often have to contact certain legitimate Internet watchdogs to have my URL ( removed from their black lists and the one tagging me logged. This is why some of you never receive my emails. But again, this has been happening for years and I am used to it. (BTW.. check your SPAM folders. Some ISP's only SPAM me out)

But now the attack has escalated!

As you all know, 2 Weeks ago I made a video showing how YouTube finally admitted in writing to censoring Christian videos even if they committed no crime or broke any YouTube policy. (I actually posted a video of this happening back in 2015) This is why even though I have thousands of subscribers, the hits to the videos the last few years alone have been much lower than they should be. Then on Wednesday evening of this week I discovered YouTube was now doing strange things with my subscriber numbers, and I caught them doing it LIVE! If you watch the short video I made on that you will see how the numbers kept bouncing back and forth to the tune of about 1100 subscribers apart. By Thursday morning I saw 1186 subscribers deleted from my account. And yes, the numbers have continued to drop since then, but not as fast.

Next I got word the same day that Brother Daniel’s channel was being crippled by YouTube wherein they banned him from uploading videos till the end of the month because he uploaded a legitimate video that confirmed the connection between ISIS and the US Government. They also deleted a video I made that he posted on his channel exposing the Vatican owned homosexual brothel that was busted by police recently. And if you click that last link you will see the video hits have been frozen at 1666 for weeks as if to say who's really behind it all! (Truth is, we've known that since day one)

Then just a few moments after all that went down, brother Daniel alerted me that his YouTube account was contacted by YouTube telling him a recent video he just posted was deleted and his account crippled till the end of August for and an article from some scientists that showed 100% of the fish in the oceans are now poisonous due to the Fukushima meltdown. (See Pastor Craig's video on Daniel's attack)

On top of all this, as I was discussing this chain of events with Pastor Craig yesterday and he reminded me that many of his videos were also deleted from his YouTube account recently! And then to add insult to injury, I got an email from a brother in Poland who told me that my website was loading at a snail’s pace in his country. As we all know, crippling the download speed on any website is a sure fire way to get people off the site. At first I blew it off as a possible ISP issue on his end; but then I dug into my past alerts from brethren around the world who have been telling me the exact same thing as well as alerting me that my website is showing up as a "dangerous site" on most nations outside of the USA. Check out this pic a brother in the faith sent me from the UK recently. They are actually lying to the people claiming poGm, a Christian website no less, is now being flagged for "Weapons, Violence, Gore and Hate! Worse yet, China's national firewall software, which is used in all Dlink Routers in the USA, declare poGm to be a terrorist website when parental controls are put on! And all of this started happening around the same time I discovered the poGm main site went from averaging over 4 million hits per month to 1.5 to just barely over 2 million a month. And yes, that was when Goggle began to censor me.

Compile all that with the reports coming in on a regular basis about censoring of my site and others in the SDR faith by Google and other online search engines, ISP's and free email providers as well as the blackballing of my emails that causes them to be deleted or tagged as SPAM on tens of thousands of ISP's, this shows we are most assuredly under a coordinated attack by the dying god of this world. So again.. I implore all of you to please pray the Lord sends us the means and wisdom to do the work that is very effective online and especially offline wherein they have very little control. And PRAISE THE LORD! Attacks like this only come because we ARE doing the work that glorifies the Lord and helps souls find their way to His loving arms.

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD." -Isaiah 54:17


I just got word that my video titled "YouTube: No FREE SPEECH for Christians!" was manipulated in some way by YouTube. I don't know when or how they did this, but if you're deaf and want to use the subtitles in English, which is the norm for ALL my videos seeing how I am located in the USA, YouTube somehow changed the native language on that one video to DUTCH!

And just so you know, I never once in all the years of posting YouTube videos have ever had to pick "English" as the native language for the videos or even subtitles. English was always the default. But YouTube changed it on that one video that exposes them as the culprits behind censoring Christians. And by the way, when I discovered what they did, I went to the video manager for my channel and speciffically selected ENGLISH for the subtitles. But if you click the video link now and then click subtitles it is still playing in DUTCH! I even went so far as to force the "auto-generate" option in the video play bar (with the gear) to English and still, it plays in Dutch.


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