Should SDA Pastors Step Down?

Jesus said in Luke 20:25, "..Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's." Just about every preacher on this earth uses that passage and a few others to confirm we must keep the church separate from the politics and corruption of government and those that teach prophecy know that the USA is actually the second beast of Revelation and especially evil, therefore clearly not a safe government for pastors to ever join in legal binding contracts with. The purity of the church should never mingle with the worldliness of men who have a bloodlust for power over their fellowmen.

As we know, the USA was founded on biblical principles. Our forefathers knew of the evil fruits of Roman Catholicism and how its Church and State coupling allowed the Popes absolute power which fostered absolute corruption to the point hundreds of millions of Christians were tortured and killed by the Vatican as well as the State that followed the orders of their Lord god the Pope, who then forced their Pagan religion upon all using terrorist tactics on those poor souls that feared the stake and the rack of the Vatican's Inquisition. And so, many obedient Christians with the means to do so fled with their families to form a new nation under God as was prophesied right here in America. But as was also prophesied Satan would use the Vatican to eventually infiltrate the nation's leaders as well as the churches so as to get the nation to eventually move the church pastors into the arms of the state in direct opposition of the command of Jesus Christ; who of course was Rome's main target and enemy as per the prophetic Word. And as was also prophesied regarding the preachers of filthy lucre, all Satan had to do was convince the church leaders they could make more money at tax time if they joined their churches with the government that prophecy declared will be the first nation on earth to enforce the mark of the Roman Catholic beast.

Now that the end times draw to a close, we see Satan has moved all the churches, including the SDA church, to disobey Jesus Christ our Lord who promised Heaven sent blessings if the churches stayed obedient and kept the church and state separate. As expected the wolves in leadership and on the pulpits chose to obey the government of the second beast who promised them cold hard cash if they forfeited their allegiance to Christ and signed onto the long prophesied 501c3 contract that was purposely designed to join their churches and ministries with the State, thereby fulfilling the prophecy that declared they would create an image to church and state structure of the beast in Rome.

As per President George W. Bush's own pen on March 7, 2006, which just happened to be used on the exact same day the first Sunday Laws were passed under Constantine 1685 years ago; Bush penned the first executive order in favor of granting the pastors power to lobby religious laws. That very day every Seventh day Adventist pastor was officially recognized as an agent of the State under the 501c3 contract. And just last month on December 22, President Trump made all 501c3 pastors permanent agents of the State by signing it into law. Worse yet, some of these "pastors" have very lucrative ministries and so they decided to sign onto a second 501c3 contract under their own ministries thereby doubling the transgression against the Lord by being under the General Conference 501c3 on one paycheck, and under their own 501c3 on another paycheck. (Check on your favorite SDA ministry here)

All that being said; I have a question to ask of the dear SDA people who still love the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you think your pastors need to step down? Do you finally see what the obedient people of God that left your church see? There is no getting around what Jesus meant when He said "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's." And there's no getting around the fact that every SDA pastor decided to only render onto Caesar because Caesar offered them cash. And so every SDA child of God needs to make a decision. Do you follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth? Or do you follow the pastors who follow the cash withersoever it goeth? Which do you see is the better choice? Following Christ or joining hands with those that deny Christ?

2 Corinthians 6:14 clearly says that the Lord's precious and obedient bride must "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" The SDA leaders and pastors do not believe or even obey Jesus Christ as His bride does. For if they did they never would have signed that contract with the prophesied second beast of Revelation in the first place. Anyone can preach previously defined Scripture and echo the messages of the pioneers of old to look good on pulpits to keep those that don't read Bibles in the pews. And so I implore those that do trust the Word of God to obey the Lord you love and don't let the wolves double-cross you into staying in sin. Preaching mesmerizing sermons and displaying the riches of this sin sick world does not make for a trustworthy man of God. The basic reality here is; these pastors desire the money gained via the 501c3 contract more than the promised blessings of the Lord you love. Unto them James 4:4 clearly says, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." So ask yourself this question brothers and sisters. Who do you trust more? The Lord that wrote the Bible, or those false preachers that ignore the Bible He wrote?

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20 thoughts on “Should SDA Pastors Step Down?”

  1. Soon it will be revealed by God Himself.  Catholic Church is Satanic church. No need to ask Alexa about that. If we have eyes to see we will see how they did kill millions of Christians in exact opposite to what our Lord Jesus Christ said to do. Now AI is their god because they don't follow the Bible instead they follow AI

  2. In the Bible, Jesus makes it very clear that our tithes & offerings are of the utmost privacy  (strictly between God & ourselves), yet the SDA General Conference asks us not only for our name, but address, etc. It is not impossible that church treasurers could be gossips. Have you ever seen the treasurer sitting at a table outside the sanctuary offering "tithe receipts"? I have, & I felt uncomfortable about it. 

      1. When Jesus tells us to do something & then a church tells us that we need to do the opposite, does that make that church a part of the anti-Christ system? Just trying to sum up this point in a very clear legal definition. 

        1. What better definition would suffice. In fact, this is why I left the Catholic church 33+ years ago. When I asked the priest why the Bible said one thing and the church another, he told me to stop reading the Bible and trust his word over God’s Word. That is in fact the spirit of Antichrist and an easy to define spirit of apostasy. The SDA church is a daughter of Rome now and thanks to the 501c3 they are now a prophesied member of all the churches that would create an image to that beast in Rome. And as of 12/22/17 they now have the power to pass religious law.

          NOTICE THIS AS WELL… All government agenices in America MUST close on Sundays. Pn March 07, 2006 Bush declared all 51c3’s “government agencies” and then last month Trump made his declartion LAW. It won’t be long now where the SDA church will have to obey their dying god in Rome. Eventually the arm of the laws of the land will force them to close on Sundays or foreit their 501c3 and then be hit with MASSIVE fines and back taxes. What do you think they will do? THEY WILL CAVE!

  3.  Many current SDA church members would resist going to an independant/self supporting ministry because they have become dependant on the tax benefits they gain from giving their tithe to a 501c3 General Conference SDA Church. I believe God would pity them for allowing themselves to be trapped in this manner & would help them to extricate themselves from this satanic snare.    

    1. Yes, He does have compassion on them and He has shown that through the “remnant of her seed” that has been warnign them to “com eout” but it’s as you said. They, like their pastors love the money and the chance to right off the tithe and so they will stay. Sad thing is, that act alone seals the fate of most because when you choose to tithe to a 501c3 you automatically NULLIFY THE TITHE because that tithe is supposed to be a complete removal from your pocket. It’s God’s money! The moment you GAIN financially, whihc you do with the right-off, then it’s no longer considered a tithe by the Lord. And so, ALL SDA’s that have tithed to their 501c3 government pastors have actually never tithed one thin dime. And here’s proof…

  4.  The 2nd beast of Revelation is no Santa Clause, for everything he "gives", he expects something in return (Like your soul)……This article, with this accompanying thread, is now a nice piece for people  to pass around to educate the people. There's no time like the present friends……

    1. In a frank & honest moment, MANY Adventist pastors would admit, that an agreement with the Lamb-horned Beast that results any potential chilling of freedom of speech from the pulpit in this crucial time would be a horrifyingly bad choice. Where is the flock that was given you? My beautiful flock……. 

      1. Agreed it’s a horrific choice, but it could have been avoided had they remained obedient so as to have the eyes to see the prophetic dangers surrounding it long before free speech became an issue. The fact they joined their churches with the state proved they had already stepped so far off the path that basic bible prophecies like the image of the beast escaped them. That being the case, what are they NOT SEEING right now.

        As for the flock comments. Not sure what you mean there. The flock they were given is vast, but they walked away from it. But if you’re asking where my flock is, I am not the only SDR preacher. We are in fact global now and growing exponentially each and every day. As for logging the numbers so as to seek self glory, not happening. #1, we understand what it means to “number Israel” and we also know how dangerous it is to have them “logged” in today’s world where men kill just to get such lists in hand. The mark is about to be enforced and we in the SDR church not only protect the pulpit, we protect the flock.

  5. Maybe a Luther/Zwingle moment will occur & SDA pastors will start coming forward to protest (risking their livelihood/trusting in God's care) the entanglement with the Lamb -horned beast & other grievous issues. In the mean time SDA's need to keep "hammering our protests to the Cathedral doors".  The truth always shines forth with undeniable power……     

  6. That's not what prophecy says will happen. Revelation 12:17 has already been fuflilled in fact. In a few nations we call ourselves the Seventh Day Remnant church. The SDA church has fallen, The only course now is to "come out of her my people."

  7. 1.  the vatican was started by simon magus, not st peter.. he was an evil soccerer from sumaria. He followed the disciples around learning what he could and went to rome. it is simon magus bones under the vatican, not our blessed peter, and I don't think he ever went to rome!  

    2.  why don't you uncover the jesuits role in the world? they are the key to everything evil that is going on in the world.

    3. I wonder if these evil poops ever read Gods word about the end times?  God destroyed their attemps to start a new world order in ancient times with the tower of babel.  God let them almost succed back then and then destroyed it.  God will do the same thing now, except this is the last time. this time Jesus will come back just and destroy this last attempt.  God will NEVER allow people to take HIS place of ruler of the earth.  This time God will send everyone of them to hell and the rest of us get to live forever.  what dummies they are.  but then we all get to live for eternity is heavenly bliss.  No jesuits in heaven to screw thing up again.  


    1. I have over 13,000 pages on my site wherein I do expose the Jesuits. And so I don’t blame you for assuming I don’t expose them as it is a huge site. But just so you know, I have a black pope page, the jesuit oath page, and numerous newsletters touching on their insane antics. And I also have a page dedicated soley to the new Jesuit Pope. Not to mention th emany older blogs and blog entries exposing the Jesuits as well as the videos wherein they created a church out of human bones.

      1. Saying this in a nice way, there is too much information on your website for me to look through (I've tried over the years). However, I do believe that every RC (and Orthodox) church has tiny bits of skin or bone from some "saint" or martyr embedded beneath the table of the altar. Greek Rite Catholic priests receive an antimension – a cloth packet blessed and signed by a bishop and containing tiny bits of relics – for the priest to keep and carry with him always so that if there's no altar available he puts his packet on an unconsecrated table and is now allowed to say the liturgy (antimension = "in place of the table", like the RC portable altar). That enables a priest to say the liturgy anywhere.  In the strict sense – no have relic, no say mass. Saying the mass over a relic means they are celebrating with the "saints" and angels in Heaven.

        Over 9,000 people went to gawk at the arm of St. Francis Xavier when it stopped here a few weeks ago, yuck.

        The New Testament never says that Peter set foot in Rome, as he was the apostle to the Jews. The RCC engages in lies and coverup; so putting forth Peter as their founder when they know the truth is one more way they can bamboozle the world with their say-so and traditions over what the Bible has to say.

        1. Amen sister..

          And for those looking on… please be aware that a relic is nothing more than a piece of flesh or bone from a dead human. Look in the Word and you will see no doctrine has ever been sanctified by God wherein the dead a body is what makes an altar holy enough to speak from. In fact, quite the opposite.

          Every altar constructed in the Old Testament was done with unhewn or natural stone and when they built the Sanctuary every stone had to be carved miles away so that even the sound of the chisel could not be heard at the site of the Temple. Reason being it is to declare that mankind has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with that altar. Yet Rome not only insists a relic from a human must be present to sanctify the altar, it must be a relic from a rotted corpse! This act alone proves just how evil that church truly is.

          Have you seen the churches wherein they are decorated with the bones and skulls of murdered victims of Rome that still stand as relics and tourist traps to this day? And so it make perfect sense that the church of Rome would place Peter art its head for they want nothing to do with the Lord Jesus who leads the true church. They prefer the creature above the Creator.

          And yes, that act was prophesied for it is written in Romans 1:22-27, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.  Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet."

          Amazing how accurate Christian prophecy is eh? They deny God (Creator) and worship mankind (creatures) and because of this a curse is upon them to lust after each other and as we all know 98% of the Roman Catholic prelates are not only homosexuals, they lust after the flesh of little boys to boot. Christian prophecy is that accurate.

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