France sets 15 as legal age of sexual consent after outcry over cases involving 11-year-olds

Do you recall how students of prophecy have been warning people for years that since the Vatican's child molestation scandal became well known they had to do something to cover it up? Reason being is, the tens of thousands of lawsuits are now totaling $4 billion dollars so far and so they have to figure out a way to normalize the main fruit of the Vatican. That being of course pedophilia.

We have stated for literally decades now that they must first normalize homosexuality since even Christian prophecy predicted the priests would be homosexuals. (See Daniel 11:37) Normalizing homosexuality is a must for Rome as it would allow them to #1, make the Christian God look bad while claiming to stand as Christian leaders as prophecy predicts they would do all along. (click here for proof) And #2, normalizing it would allow for the dollar amounts in the lawsuits to lower once society places less of a taboo upon it. And when they normalize pedophilia those lawsuits would eventually become a thing of the past which would then open the floodgates of Vatican decadence into society as the norm worse than it was in the past.

As we stated years ago; after they legalize homosexuality they would also have to normalize polygamy so as to test the waters to see if they have sufficiently lowered the morals of those they hope to deceive. And we all know how Hollywood has offered their promotional powers in airing reality shows wherein polygamists are allowed to be filmed and even promoted as the norm without so much as a slap on the wrist. And since both those long expected events have come to fruition so as to make pedophilia appear not so bad to the majority who have finally become silent in all this; check this out.

"After public consultations and the recommendation of a panel of experts, “the government has decided to set the age at 15,” Schiappa told AFP. The issue was brought to the fore after critics and lawmakers said French laws had allowed two men to escape rape charges when they were accused of sex with underage girls." –Source

If you read on you will see many European states are in agreement here and some even want the age of consent lowered to 13. Thanks to the Vatican inspired Koran wherein pedophilia has been sanctified, having it spread throughout Europe will be an easy task for them to do. And so, as expected, to make all this appear as no big deal to the majority, homosexual marriage become legal making the Bible appear hateful and unbelievable in the eyes of the lost when it declares homosexuality to be an abomination onto God. And now that Polygamy has been promoted for years to lower the moral standards of millions, the French government has just announced that pedophilia will be legalized in France in coming weeks. And some say Christian prophecy is a joke? Me thinks the only ones laughing now are those refusing to see the truth in all this as it was revealed to the letter in the very Bible they strangely claim is an outdated book. How on earth can it be outdated when it talks about things happening RIGHT NOW?!

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  1. Just wanted to inform you and your viewers/subscribers that with google/youtube cracking down on conservative and Christians right to free speech and their videos, that there are alternatives out there to post your content. and

    I've binned my android phone and closed all google related accounts and am using alternative search engines such as duckduckgo.

    1. Thanks.. and as for YT and Google censoring me.. that’s been going on for years. In fact, I made page all about it here…

      Thanks for the info on brother; will check it out asap. And as for duckduckgo.. that has been my default search engine for years. is another good one.

  2. I prefer Bitchute and look forward to subscribing to your content and channel there if that's what you decide

  3. Another one who will get away scot-free and won't see a day in prison for his crimes.

    Cardinal George Pell Appears in Court Over ‘Historical’ Sexual Abuse


    Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s third-highest-ranking official, arrived at a Melbourne court on Monday for the start of several weeks of hearings to determine whether he will face trial on charges of “historical sexual offenses.”

    Police officers lined the sidewalk, as a large contingent of the local and international journalists and members of the public watched the cardinal enter the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

    The slow-moving case — charges were filed in June — will be a test of both Australia’s justice system and the Vatican’s efforts to hold clerics accountable after decades of abuse scandals. Witness testimony began on Monday and is expected to continue for two weeks, during which time the court will be closed to the news media and the public.

    Here is a guide to what we know, what we don’t know — and how the case will be shaped by Australia’s court system.

    1. Why they even put this in the news escapes me as you’re right. Jail time won’t happen. It’s as if they’re flaunting their lifestyles and laughing as they see people cringe when they get away with crimes the common man would be jailed for decades for. No matter.. if they won’t repent, they will be dealt with as prophesied.

  4. Back to the Dark Ages it seems, that was the pagan age of consent. Kids can't restrain their animalistic instincts when they are not in Christ, so they went from 20 to 18 to 15.

    1. Amen brother! And to think, it’s soon to be age 13.. and then 10.. 9… and.. argh.. I hate to think of it.

    1. Not at all a fan of Wilson; however, one reason I quit going to church (along with trinity, SS lessons, and NIV) is the way women dress. Tight clothes, high phallic heels, bleached/colored/no-gray hair, change of hairstyles, manicured nails/polish, jewelry, overdone makeup,  sleeveless, and my favorite – flipping the hair. "Attractive" and "provocative" come from attract and provoke; but if a man ogles them or touches them, of course they blame the man. Modest is not dowdy or frumpy. And why do men wear phallic ties? I wonder if Jesus would wear one. Why do Christian men shave their heads and/or faces (like one popular online independent SDA minister in Florida who rails against makeup and women's clothing, yet his own wife has a different hairdo every week – but he thinks they're not like the world). No, I don't think I'm so great and better than all these; we've all gone the way-of-the-world in one particular or another.

      We have Hutterites in my area. All the women have the same hairstyle, long dresses, and flat/comfy shoes; they sew the clothes for everyone (m/f) in their own colony. The men have beards and do not wear neckties (even to attend church). We see them when they shop in the city and know who they are and that they are different. On the other hand, God's own "peculiar people" are indeed not "peculiar"; for the most part we SDAs dress and act like the people we believe we are better than.

      But that's okay. We'll ALL be getting our wake-up call pretty soon and will have to decide one way or the other as to what is most important to each of us – God and His Son Jesus Christ or "the world".

      1. Hi Rose, You probably live near Chester, MT!!! I bet we have some mutual friends. I used to live in Anaconda & Garrison Junction, MT. …  I am not a fan of Ted Wilson or his dad either. Before the year is over, even Ted Wilson will have to admit we are in  the last days….Yes, neck ties are pagan obelisks.

        1. Hi Marshal. You almost nailed my location. I'm actually northwest of you in Alberta (I'm an ex-American from eastern US). I always got a priestly vibe from Ted Wilson. Glad SOMEBODY agrees about the necktie thing! Fake as ever, Ted Wilson doesn't want to jeopardize his ecumenical presence and prestige on the world stage; but he might come to regret that.

  5. "Many a soul who was convinced of the truth has been led to decide against it by the pride and love of the world displayed by our sisters." -EGW  "Obedience to fashion is deteriorating the intellect and eating out the spirituality of our people and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God."-Ellen G. White

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