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VIDEO: This California State Assembly bill would BAN the Bible!

Jesus stated in Luke 17:26-27, "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.  They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all."

And of course Jesus goes on from there to share it will be as it was in Lot's day as well when the fire and brimstone fell from the sky to destroy all that embrace homosexuality. And yes, the reason Jesus repeats Himself in Luke 17:27 regarding them marrying wives and then being given in marriage has to do with normal marriage wherein a man marries a woman to be his wife, and then homosexual marriage wherein same sex marriage was allowed in Noah's day.

As I stated in previous videos global homosexual marriage was the final sinful act of the people that brought on the flood of Noah. Hence they use the rainbow to this day to mock the Lord that sent that flood. And so as you're about to see in the following video, California is planning to ban the Bible because the truth it contains about homosexuality is offending those that embrace such sinfulness.

Check out the video!

Whether they pass the bill and make it law no longer matters. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled and every sin known to man will be normalized and the Bible that condemns it will legally become hate speech in America and around the world just as we in the remnant church have been warning people about for decades. Pray for these lost souls that they find Jesus and come out of the sinfulness that perverts their minds into thinking homosexuality is normal.

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VIDEO: Pope gets children to lie for him on Camera!

"…Emanuele was crying for his father, who had recently died. The boy told the pontiff that his dad was an atheist, but a good man who had all four of his children baptized. “Is Dad in heaven?’” the boy asked the pope. …The pope said that God decides who goes to heaven, and that God has “the heart of a father.” He asked the young girls and boys in the audience if they thought God would abandon a father like Emanuele’s, who was a good man. “No,” the children shouted back. “There, Emanuele, that is the answer,” –Source

As difficult as this may be for some to hear that have lost loved ones that were Atheist, the Pope not only lied to this little boy about his Atheist dad, he got all the children in the audience to shove the lie deeper into that precious little boy's heart by claiming he was in Heaven. How is that showing love to that little boy? His dad was an Atheist and he made his choice and now he's dead. No getting around that sad reality. But that little boy should have been shown the real love of Jesus Christ as Saviour so as to prevent him from emulating his dad's life, and now that the Pope told him his dad is in Heaven anyway, when he grows up he will no doubt hang his hat on that globally televised conversation and possibly go to the same grave his dad did. What the Pope did is not how true Christianity works. But as prophesied he did exactly as wolves in sheep's clothing will do to gain souls for the dying god of this world!

The Pope should have comforted the child and shared God's Word with him and all those children to let them know they don't have to die without assurance of salvation as this crying boy's dad did by declaring unto them the only way to get to Heaven is to embrace Jesus as Lord. The Pope could have used his Atheist father as a perfect example of what not to do in life so as to find real peace and real love in Christ. As heart wrenching as that may be to hear, it would have blessed that child with a real chance in life to gain salvation.

When a man who was in need of God's mercy cried out to Paul and Silas 2000 years ago he said this in Acts 16:30-31, "…Sirs, what must I do to be saved?  And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house." But the Pope never said that to that weeping little boy! Instead he told this frightened child that all he needed to do was be a good Atheist like his dad and he will be in Heaven. In other words, what Jesus did on the cross to save all those from eternal damnation that accept Him as Saviour doesn't matter at all with the Popes of Rome. But the real Christian truth is "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." -Acts 4:12.

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Facebook Donated Hundreds of Thousands to Senators Grilling Zuckerberg

"Facebook and entities associated with it have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Senators who will grill CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday afternoon. …Facebook donated the most to lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee ($381,000), which will question Zuckerberg on Wednesday. In fact, just 9 out of 55 Members on this year’s House Energy and Commerce Committee have not received any contributions from Facebook." –Source

Many might not see this article about the friendship between Facebook and the US Government as a big deal. But ever since Facebook came online I have been warning people about it because of something I discovered decades ago about the governments strong desire to get the American people to offer up their private information freely. Being a student of prophecy I knew exactly what I was looking at back then and when Facebook finally came online it was like I was snapped back decades in time reading that article. Sadly, I cannot find that article so as to show everyone how this was all planed long ago. But it really isn't needed anymore because prophecy already shows how the second beast in Revelation which is the U.S.A. will need to have such information so as to better enforce the mark of the first beast which we all know is the Roman Catholic Vatican. And now that the truth is known by most about Facebook due to recent illegal activity regarding their private information, I no longer need to find that old article. But now we see people are once again being conned into thinking all will get better when in fact nothing will change. Since the truth is out about Facebook and the theft of all that private information, the US Government has no choice but to make it look like they are going to fix this when in fact it's all political theater designed to deceive the people into staying on Facebook. And I can prove it.

Besides the fact this article proves Facebook has been paying off the Senators that are supposedly grilling Zuckerberg, check out this video I made yesterday in the late afternoon showing Zuckerberg giving the nod to 21 senators at that so called unbiased joint session of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday afternoon. If the fix wasn't already in, and Zuckerberg wasn't previously briefed on everything that will be discussed, why is Zuckerbeg giving the nod all across the room to each member he obviously made agreements with before sitting in that chair? As prophesied, this is nothing more than a corrupt government performing political theater so as to keep the people in the dark as to their soon to be realized methods of control.

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