Proof: Main Stream Media IS FAKE NEWS

I came across a video yesterday that I just had to post immediately. For those of you that still believe the News you get on Independent Websites and Social Media are fake news. Check out how the REAL FAKE NEWS outlets are responding in this video! Not only is this laughable! It makes our job that much easier.

Click here for the video:

Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:
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3 thoughts on “Proof: Main Stream Media IS FAKE NEWS”

  1. Nicely done. It is something I realised quite a while ago, tho most are still blind/gullible to the fact. Everything is scripted! They are pawns in satans great deception, rather poor actors whom will do just about anything to get their five minutes of fame. From the guests to the hosts on all of these networks. It's quite obvious here in Australia. Actually Walter Veith did a lecture titled How The Jesuits Control The Media | Crete to Malta Series back in 2016 and I believe he is 100% correct. Can't post the link, search it on youtube.

    Most of these people in the media are occultists and there's a channel on youtube MrE3000 that you should have a look at. We are living in the era of the satans New Sodom and Gomorrah, as evidenced by all these sick puppies in this world that hate God and mock the sign he showed Noah and that surrounds the great throne – the rainbow. Here in Australia you can't avoid the tranny/sodomite/feminist agenda in the media.

  2. Hugh, Are the Australian SDA's waking up in large numbers to the nearness of the time of the end? Are they becoming more awake to the General Conference being "All about money"?……….

  3. If this all about for money then god knows in what direction we all going really..??? All these breaks humanity and soul of peoples… God bless us to keep on good things.

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