Angry Mexicans Burn man to Death

"The scene took place in Villa Tumulte de las Sabanas, Tabasco. According to information released by the state attorney general’s office, it was in the early morning hours when neighbors claiming to be tired of thefts caught a man allegedly trying to steal a motorcycle. The shouting drew more residents to the mob, beating the suspected thief. It remains unclear who called for it, but the group doused their victim with gasoline and ignited the dying man as they shouted demands for justice." –Source

Keep in mind that the majority of residents in that village are Roman Catholics and as historic record proves, this is what Roman Catholicism breeds. Case in point, do you recall the Vatican's Inquisitions wherein hundreds of millions of Christians were martyred for their faith during the prophesied 1260 year first reign of terror by the Popes of Rome where they used very torturous means to kill their victims including being burned alive as this man just was?

This is why Roman Catholics are taught not to read or trust their Bibles. I know this for a fact because I was not only raised a devout Catholic, I taught Catholic doctrine right before I left the church. The Popes of Rome know the Mexican people have been known all throughout history to have a strong zeal for the Lord. And they also know if those same people ever read their Bibles they will not only discover that murdering people is a sure ticket to the flames of hell; the Bible also outlines in great detail that the Popes of Rome have fulfilled every single prophecy regarding Antichrist! And so this is why this is not the first time Catholics have done this in Mexico. Pray that they open their Bibles and get out of that fallen church before the plagues begin. And yes, this type of violence is to be expected today for Satan is building his forces for the long prophesied day most call… Armageddon.

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3 thoughts on “Angry Mexicans Burn man to Death”

  1. I doubt you were once a Roman Catholic. You know that’s not true that Catholics are not taught to read their Bible. To me sounds like you are a lazy Christian Catholic who doesn’t do his homework about the Bible or read books about Jesus revelations to his saints. Sounds to me you changed religion and used that as an excuse to cover up your own convienence. Most Catholics have Bibles and they do their homework and read the scripture. If they don’t have their bible or rosary than their parents are doing a lousy job In Raising their child. Or the child, like my brother, is disobedient towards their parents because they wish not to hear about Jesus. So being a Catholic has nothing t do with it. But young generations falling away from Christianity. Believe me they will pay the price. I’m half Mexican and Roman Catholic. So, stop lying. If they are doing this is because they are living in sin not because they are Catholics. Did you know there are Christians who claim they are Christians but don’t practice their faith? That’s what I see here. That they are no longer Christian Catholics. Stop pinning the blame on all Catholics you hypocrite. I bet you don’t even know Mexico’s history because you have been so fortunate to live in the U.S. and are nothing but a spoiled little sh!t who has everything unlike these kids in these Hispanic countries starving to get by. Those same little kids don’t have time to accuse other denominations like you do, they have a faith stronger than yours. They believe in Lord Jesus. They have a corrupt government, a corrupt system while your here in the U.S. feeling safe and sound, but pretty soon the United States government will fall into that same estate as Mexico because U.S. has become quickly but surely a corrupt government because you have ignorant people in the U.S. This is nothing new for us Hispanics whether we are Catholics or not. We always knew that there was corrupt organizations and politicians. We are not asleep and stupid like your people in the U.S. There has always been violence there since the Mexican Revolution, since their independence from Spain. Just so you know during the Mexican revolution the government and its military persecuted the Catholics.i bet you did know that. During my grandmother’s time when she was alive, you had to be really careful not to be caught by the governments military because women would be rapped, men were killed, children kidnapped, and Christian Catholics were persecuted during their times ever since theMexican revolution. Even up to today I bet their are Christians Catholics being persecuted but done secretly. Because that is what governments filled with; they are filled with lies and secrets.

    1. I was not only raised in a devout Roman Catholic family to the point one of our grandmothers lived in a rectory the last few years of her life caring for the priests, who by the way lived like kings. I saw everything as a young man when I visited her and how the meals were everything from filet mignon to lobster and clams on the half shell. Not to mention the imported wine and cigars. The last few years of my Catholic experience I went to mass daily, said the rosary every day, was a Eucharistic minister that stood beside the priest passing out the host or the wine during the mass and I even taught Catholic doctrine. I know more about Roman Catholicism and their CDD theology that most Catholics do. (See proof here… )

      As for the Mexican government being corrupt. Yes, I agree 100% and all of them are Roman Catholics as well. PLUS, not a single government official was there the day those Catholic people beat and then burned that man to death and so how can you blame the government for what the people did all on their own?

      As for your use of 4 letter words, you yourself prove Catholicism is vain and useless by how the Holy Spirit has no presence within you so as to bridel you tongue. Proof? Notice what it says in James 1:26, “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.”

      Please repent of this sin for if you refuse you will be held accountable for it was declared by Jesus Himself in Matthew 12:36, “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

      PS.. I forgive you for bearing false witness against me. But you still need to go to the Lord and seek forgiveness as well. And no, please do not go to a Catholic confessional for when you do so you go directly against the Lord’s will in how to get your sins forgiven. See proof here…

      I pray you are blessed.

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