Daily Archives: November 2, 2018

Thank you for your prayers!

As some of you may have already realized, I haven't posted any blog entries or videos all week long. I was able from time to time to just update the News links at the end of each blog. But that was only when I was able to get online for a moment or two using an alternative method which I don't like using. Reason being is, as I have seen many times before, (too many to count) I was again under attack here wherein three of my computers were crippled. Security measures did work as they should, but while preventing the problems I lost my preferred means of contact with the outside world since Tuesday. Praise the Lord, due to offline methods that cannot be touched, the server was able to stay up and running without a hitch.

I thank all of you that I was able to contact via one of the brothers in the church for praying for me. I also thank one of my sons who is a network engineer that after sleeping on it contacted me this morning with one last thing to try and it worked. All is well now and will be so until the next attack of course. But the Lord allowed this so as to make me aware of things that need to be changed to make life a tad easier here.

In the meantime.. and since I have your attention, if you know of a good WSYIWYG web editor that allows for split screen editing (live view and code) as well as easy to access text editing on both ends, please contact this ministry as soon as possible. I have been looking for something for 2 years.

I already tried Dreamweaver, Bluegriffon, Pinegrow, Namo 4 through 6, Web Builder, MS-Expression Web 4.0 and a few others that have excellent tools, but at the same time make text editing large blocks into a literal nightmare that slows the work down too much for me. And I prefer to use in house programs as I do not use or even trust cloud based software.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

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