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As you may have noticed over the last 2 weeks, I haven't posted much on the blog. There are actually two reasons for this. #1, during elections in the USA the back and forth spewage of hatred from both sides of the isle is all we see in the News each and every hour of the day and I don't want any part of that. Many stories and actual important events are never reported on so as to make sure their political agenda has as much airtime as possible, and so it is nearly impossible to find out what's going on out there as I do not have a dedicated network of people sending me News articles from their regions throughout the world. (Hint hint)

The other reason is first and foremost to my heart in that our Heavenly Father has been moving me the last few months to make videos based on sermons He has given me that I have shared and will be sharing in the coming days. I have not been able to do that until recently due to the video editing software I use cannot handle video lengths greater than a few minutes without crashing repeatedly. But now all that is changed for the most part in that I bought new software recently.

That all being said, the video I am working on now is of a sermon I did years ago titled "Effective Prayer" that answers the question, "why aren't my prayers being answered" that I pray will bless many as the Word speaks quite a bit on this. The only problem now is, the video editing software I will be using to make these videos is rather intense in that it has many new features. I used to use this software years ago, and so I know the basics of it. But the new version has some features I've never learned. Suffice it to say, this 38 minute video has taken literally days to edit as I am re-learning the software. To give you an idea, as I was learning how to use the software, the first 9 minutes of editing took well over 10 hours to make. But, I have now learned how to do what I need to do for now. Later I will get more into the bells and whistles if need be

No, this does not mean I will stop making the short videos I usually make about current events using the old software as it is easier to use as long as I keep the video short. I still plan to do so just as soon as the political rhetoric dies down a bit and I find more articles about current events as they pertain to Christian prophecy. But I will also be doing the sermon videos at the same time now. And for those of you that are unaware, this includes the weekly sermons that are now being piped LIVE on a YouTube stream each Sabbath day. (See the LIVE playlist here) And for those of you that would like to join us on Sabbath LIVE, click here for more information on where and when we meet online. We now have the YouTube stream, an audio conference room, a free teleconference service and of course the WTPR radio broadcast. 

Thank you for all your prayers and we here in the Seventh Day Remnant Church will continue to pray for you and your loved ones each time we uplift our growing prayer list before the throne of our loving Father in Heaven.

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2 thoughts on “Effective Prayer”

  1. I am writing in regard to the article, "Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Dead Sea FULFILLED." If one reads the extended context of Ezekiel 47, including verses 1-8 and 12, it is clear that Ezekiel 47:8-9 is a small part of a larger prophetic picture of the Jewish Temple during the Millennium, when Jesus reigns as the Messiah in Jerusalem. Fresh water pouring into the Dead Sea so that fish can live there begins as a trickle at the south side of the Temple (Ez. 47:1-2), becoming an increasingly strong stream as it continues toward the Dead Sea. Since there is no Third Temple yet from which such a stream flows (note that verse 47:12 says the trees along its banks are watered from "the sanctuary," that is, the Temple), it is not possible that this prophecy could have been fulfilled yet.

    When claims are made that a Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, it is always a good idea to open up the Scriptures and read any referenced passages in their full context. Just taking a couple of verses out of context gives a possibly false view.

    1. Richard;

      Basic reality is this. One does not need to see Antichrist standing on earth claming to be Messiah to declare certain prophecies fulfilled when governments do things that were prophesied long ago to help him stand before the people as Antichrist. What I mean is. Take the 501c3 for a prime example. Even though it wasn’t signed into law until last May by Trump making all churches and ministries with that contract “official government agencies” as Bush put it on March 07, 2006 when he put forth that Executive Order on the 501c3, the prophecy was stated they would create an image of the beast 2000 years ago. And so my point is, when Lyndon Johnson presented the 501c3 Bill way back in 1954, anyone with eyes that see could claim at that time the prophecy was fulfilled even though it was never signed into law until last May because before 1954 no one had an inkling as to whether or not the 501c3 was possible. They just knew of the prophecy and watched to see who the powers that be would do it. And when Johnson did what he did that act alone confirmed the prophecy was fulfilled as such a contract had never been drafted until that date. Even though it took decades to be locked into permanent law didn’t matter. God said they would do it and in 1954 they did exactly what He said they would do. That Bill was going to become law because Christian prophecy is that accurate.

      Sadly, I just noticed that you’re from the Biblical Archaeology website that admits openly on their donation page that they are a 501c3 organization. And so one cannot expect you to see what obedient believers see regarding the Dead Sea because the only way to understand prophecy is to obey the God that wrote it. He said don’t create a church and state contract, and you and millions of others disobeyed Him. (See more on that here… http://www.remnantofgod.org/image.htm )

      No Richard, what I just stated is not an insult. I am merely stating fact. As a watchman on the wall it is my duty to warn the people. If you cannot see the prophecy regarding how many false prophets will join their churches and ministries with the second beast of Revelation (USA) then you cannot see that the prophetic waymarks of what’s happening at the Dea Sea.Â

      As for your claim a third temple will stand during the Millenium, that is what Rome teaches and not Scripture and I can prove it. See this… http://www.remnantofgod.org/1000yr.htm

      I speak of Bible prophecies that are coming to fruition, not Vatican agendas. I could care less of Rome wants to build a Third Temple so as to blaspheme Jesus Christ claiming what He did on Calvary 2000 was insufficient. There is not a single prophecy stating a third temple will be built anywhere in the Word from Genesis to Revelation. Just claiming there will be one is to preach what Jesus did for us did not work and I WILL NOT echo such lies as that. Still, that doesn’t mean they won’t build it or even get millions to trust they will build it. Case in point, there are no prophecies syaing Jesus will reign ON EARTH for those 1000 years yet millions of Christians think He will. There are no prophecies speaking of a seven year trib or even a secret rapture, yet again, millions think those things are true because as also prophesied they all wonder after the beast in Rome.

      I pray you repent and get out of that 501c3 before it’s too late. For is you refuse, the prophesied strong delusion will come upon you making Biblical truths come off as lies unto you.

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