David Gates: A CONFIRMED False Prophet

UPDATED News Articles 04-10-19


As I stated back in this video i did on December 15, 2018 after seeing a video by SDA pastor David Gates, the SDA church has now become openly visible as one that harbors false prophets. Worse yet, all of the leaders including David Gates are government approved agents of the United States government which all students of prophecy know to be the second beast of Revelation that hates and will soon kill Christians in large numbers for Rome. And just so you know, these SDA leaders are also builders of the long prophesied image of the beast in Rome. They are doing this by emulating the Vatican's church and state structure via their 501c3 contract with the US government just as prophecy said they and all the fallen churches would do in these very last days.

Do you recall what David Gates said in his video "Even at the doors?" on October 17, 2018? In his sermon he reapplied the 1260 year prophecy that Jesus prophesied would happen when the Vatican's Inquisition was to go forth killing God's people between the years 538AD to 1798AD. Gates changed a prophecy of Jesus Christ that was declared to reveal a specific event in time that cannot be reapplied and certainly not redefined outside the twice given prophetic definition wherein a day = a year in prophecy. (See Numbers 14:34 & Ezekiel 4:6)

Gates stated, as does Rome that the 1260 years can now equal 1260 days instead. He even went so far as to give a date for his prophetic event. Not outright of course because in so doing most would openly declare him to be a false prophet on day one by all those that read Bibles. He merely gave the starting point of September 24, 2015 when the Pope spoke to the US Congress and instead of counting forward 1260 days to give what we all know is the date he is really preaching as the day of fulfillment, he instead said that Rome would return 3.5 years later to destroy just as they did in 66AD when they visited Jerusalem the first time and then returned in 70AD to destroy it 3.5 years later. He twisted a prophecy about 1260 years to make it appear as a parallel to his Vatican approved prophecy of 1260 days.

But herein lies the problem. Counting forward from September 24, 2015 we come to the exact date of March 07, 2019 that David Gates knew all along was the date his prophecy must come to fruition. I would have posted this blog/video much sooner had it not been for many tech issues I have had the last 3 weeks. (thank you for praying) Suffice it to say, as I stated back in December 2018 when I made that first video to show what Gates was preaching cannot happen as you cannot change the Bible or even prophetic events because Christian prophecy is absolute. As I said back then I repeat now, David Gates is a false prophet because no matter how he tried to hide it, he set a date for a prophetic event. All one needs to do is add 1260 days to his so called starting date of September 24, 2015 and you see he has boldly be exposed. All students of prophecy know that when someone gives a date for a prophetic event after 1844 when all dated prophecies were prophesied to end as per that which was penned in Revelation 10:06, we know by using biblical jurisprudence that this man is indeed a false prophet.

UPDATED 04-10-19

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6 thoughts on “David Gates: A CONFIRMED False Prophet”

  1. I don't believe David Gates is a "false prophet." David is doing what the KJV version said do in Isaiah 58:1, and Joel 2:1. I don't believe he was time setting. If we would all read "Early Writings," by Ellen G White, page 63, we would all have a clearer understanding our our duties in these last day. No need to dwell on one person with name calling, the Church needs to re-examine itself first!


    1. The Bible is clear, he is a false prophet as per Biblical definition and he did in fact set a date. Defending his sinful stance only declares you to be in abject danger Linda. Not only did he CHANGE how the Bible defines a day = a year to copy the Vatican definition, he specifically said the 1260 “days” started on September 24, 2015. Common sense dictates that all one needs to do is add 1260 days to his “prophecy” and you will come to March 07, 2019. As I declared in a video from December of 2018 when I first discovered his false prophecy, his “prophecy” was doomed to failed and as expected on March 07, his date of fulfillment came and went without anything he declared would happen on that date. Plus, quoting from an edited version of Ellen White’s books will not convince anyone in the Remnant as we in the Seventh Day Remnant church understand they changed her writings. Check this out… http://www.remnantofgod.org/soporiginals.htm

      If you will notice, and as Sister White prophesied, only the “remnant OF the SDA church” will share her ORIGINAL writings in the last days. Those in apostasy will share the edited ones because they obey (worship) their pastors over and above the Lord Jesus Christ who said “come out of her” when apostasy appears. This is why most in the SDA church defend David Gates who is a proven false prophet. In fact, this isn’t the first time he prophesied falsely.

      What the SDA leaders will NOT tell you is that the Word said the remnant of HER seed were being attacked by Satan for keeping the law and having the testimony of Jesus Christ. That SEED learned that from her mother else she would not be “her remnant.” The SDA leaders lie when they say they are the remnant. You cannot be the “woman” AND the “remnant at the same time.” IN FACT…

      Jesus said the remnant would leave the SDA church

      EGW said the remnant will leave the SDA church

      EGW said the SDA church will be one with Babylon

      Scripture and EGW say the SDA church will become a sister to Babylon

      VIDEO: Is the SDA church the Remnant?

      The Jews said “stay with the church” when Jesus was calling them out 2000 years ago.
      The Catholics said “stay with the church” when Jesus was using Luther to call them out.
      The Protestants said “stay with the church” when Jesus was using Ellen White and others to call them out.
      And now the SDA’s are saying “stay with the church” while Jesus is using His remnant bride to call them out.

      And remember…

      “If the heart of the work becomes corrupt, the whole church, in its various branches and interests, scattered abroad over the face of the earth, suffers in consequence. Satan’s chief work is at the headquarters of our faith.”-4T 210

      “The class who do not feel grieved over their own spiritual declension, nor mourn over the sins of others, will be left without the seal of God. . . . {Mar 240.3}

      1. Dear brother Nicholas,

        Thank you for sharing your point of view. I no longer attend a conference church. There is so much error in the SDA church; to much smooth tak, no one teaching/preaching the Thee Angels Message. I think it sad that so much focus has been on one man and his presumed "date setting." Why not bring attention to the ones who are in true error? Also, I was not aware that the EGW books had been edited. My library of EGW books are over thirty years old. Original! They are a true blessing to me. We all need to study more. Yes we are to" Cry aloud, spare not, lift up our voices like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions," however, Jesus Christ will be the judge of those speaking in error. There's not one, but many false prophets out there! Who's going to address them?

        1. Dear sister, I do not focus on one man. He just happens to be one of dozens of evil fruits of the SDA church. On my sister site at http://www.SDAapostasy.org I have dozens of dozens of videos, pictures, articles, Bible studies, SOP statements and even doc files from the SDA church and some government sources showing how evil this church is. And if your SOP books are 30 years old then they are NOT “original” by any means. They started editing the books many decades ago before any of us were born. I am actually working on a blog entry proving this as we speak.

          Basic reality is this. Even if David Gates didn’t set a date, which we have rock hard proof now that he did, he is still a 501c3 government approved “agent of the state” who has helped build the image of the beast in Rome just as prophecy said. I pray you open your eyes before its too late. Those plagues are soon to begin.

  2. To be fair based on what I saw of David Gates on the matter I wouldn't think we need to hold him to an exact 1260 days. However David Gates does link to Arthur Brennar and I believe Arthur's interpretation has to be held to an exact 1260 days which as you point out has now expired. I still believe David Gates went too far and probably caused people to miss his main point by appearing to set a date (I.e. Spring). I just think your point relates mire to Arthur Brennar.

    1. Yes we do have to hold him to the 1260 days as he repeatedly used that prophecy as a reference. As for Brenner, that too is on Gates as he should only use Scripture or SOP. He absolutely did in fact set a date. No getting around that.

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