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Catholic church says PRAY IN SILENCE so as not to offend!

"Catholic charity helps facilitate mass migration to Europe. …Catholic charity has shut down prayer in one Italian church so migrants who are in the community are not offended, in fact, taking parishioners to another location so they could recite the rosary. …It’s also not the first time Christian churches have given in entirely to a Muslim agenda that puts all other faiths and their members in second class. Previously the Archbishop of Canterbury told members of churches in England they should not evangelize Muslims. In the latest manifestation of the dominance handed to Muslims, members of the Christian church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia in Italy were told by volunteers from Caritas, a Catholic organization working for migrants, to pray in silence or go somewhere else." –Source

First and foremost all have to realize that if you actually open a bible (which most refuse to do today) you will find that the Roman Catholic church is not a Christian church at all. Like Westboro Baptists, they only claim to be Christians so as to make Christians look bad. The Vatican is actually a hard core Pagan church hell-bent on destroying Christianity for Satan. Just a few of many quotes from their own lips confirm this.

When speaking of Christians that refuse to convert to Roman Catholicism, the Popes Rome stated long ago the following:

  • "Experience teaches that there is no other remedy for the evil, but to put heretics (Protestants) to death; for the (Romish) church proceeded gradually and tried every remedy: at first she merely excommunicated them; afterwards she added a fine; then she banished them; and finally she was constrained to put them to death." –Cardinal Bellarmine famous champion of Romanism cited by Schumucker p. 76

  • "that malicious and abominable sect of malignants," if they "refuse to abjure, to be crushed like venomous snakes."–Wylie, b. 16, ch. 1.

  • "On August 24, 1527, Roman Catholics in France, by prearranged plan, under Jesuit influence, murdered 70,000 Protestants within the space of two months. The Pope rejoiced when he heard the news of the successful outcome."-Western Watchman, Nov.21, 1912 (Catholic)

  • "The Catholic Church has persecuted … when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?… The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behaviour." –Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

  • The church may by divine right confiscate the property of heretics, imprison their person, and condemn them to flames.  In our age, the right to inflict the severest penalties, even death, belongs to the church.  There is no graver offense than heresy, therefore it must be rooted out." – Public Eccliastical, Vol. 2, p.142.

  • Click here for many more quotes like this.

The Word of the true Christian God says… "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.  And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." John 16:2-3

Did you notice the above quote wherein the prelates of the Roman Catholic church stated in writing for all to see that when it comes to persecuting and even killing Christians, they see nothing wrong with what they called "good behavior" no less! Only a devil worshipping soul can speak such words because for Genesis to Revelation anyone with the ability to read and trust the Word of God knows, Satan is the ones that hates like that! And such violent and life ending acts as he has inspired the Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes to do over the centuries confirms who it is the prelates in Rome truly worship.

As for the rosary of the church of Rome. No, that is not a Christian format of prayer as the obviously Vatican inspired photographer intimated by the picture used in this article. In fact, it is expressly forbidden in the Word of God to pray rosaries or any type of repetitive prayer unto God the Father. For it was stated by Jesus Himself in Matthew 6:7, "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." (click here for more on the rosary)

For the Catholic church to demand its people to "pray in silence' is actually proof they are in fact Pagan in nature. What I mean is. Jesus also said in Matthew 6:6, "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." In other words, real Christians already know they should never pray before the people seeking glory of man. In fact, as Jesus also stated in the previous verse (Matthew 6:5) those that do such things already have their reward. Don't believe me? The next time you see a Catholic priest in robes standing before the people praying as did the prophets of Baal in Elijah's day, notice how all the Catholics come up to the priest after the prayer patting him on the back, praising him for his holiness and slipping him a few bucks for his prayers. He has exactly what he sought after. The approval of man and the glory of self. But the real Christian seeks the blessings of the true God in Heaven that nary a praise of men, slap on the back or even trillions of dollars can compare to.

In this one article we see two of literally dozens of biblical proofs showing the Roman Catholic church is purposely against Christ and His teachings. If they were Christians they would never have to ask their flock to pray repetitive prayers like the rosary in the first place. And they would never have to tell them to pray in secret either.

As anyone that used to be Catholic knows; if the Bible says don't do something, the Vatican actually teaches the people they must do it anyway. We just saw Jesus Himself say we must pray in secret as well as say we must never pray repetitive "as the heathen" does. But because Rome teaches their people to pray openly before the people, and to do so repetitively with rosary in hand, they must now tell them to stop so as not to offend the Muslim. Me thinks to avoid such political issues here in the last days, the prelates in Rome should have considered all that hundreds of years ago when the Pope wrote the Koran.

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poGm VIDEO: US Muslims want Sharia Law that demands Christians MUST DIE!

As promised, here's the video I made that I outlined in my June 13, 2016 Prophecy in the News blog entry. There is a lot of prophetic and historic information shared in this video which would then entail me building a huge list of links touching on each one. So, to prevent having to do all that, since I already did that on the blog, go to the blog entry posted below and click whatever 'blue' link that discusses whatever prophetic or historic info you need sources on. (Click here for YouTube or Click here for John

Afghanistan Migration Surging into America; 99% Support Sharia Law'

LGBT activists blame Christians for Orlando attack

"Several prominent gay-rights activists took to social media to blame Christians for Sunday’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, on Sunday said the “Christian Right” is implicated in the slaughter by passing “anti-LGBT bills.” –Source

This is how demented and hateful the homosexual mind truly is. Even though Christians had absolutely nothing to do with a Muslim man killing 50 homosexuals and wounding 53 more in a homosexual nightclub, the hatred for Jesus is so deep seated by Satan himself inside the homosexuals he guides, he has been able to twist reality to such an extent that they truly do believe Christians are the reason for the shooting. After all, if he can get them to lust after the same sex, how hard would it be to get them to hate the only people on earth that love them enough to warn them of danger who are also praying for them. Satan hates us that much!

In another article I found that "Strangio wasn't the only ACLU attorney to go off about the attack. Eunice Hyon Min Rho, an attorney who specializes in election and religious liberty law, took the opportunity to attack Republican lawmakers who were sponsors of the First Amendment Defense Act, legislation the ACLU considers anti-LGBT."(-Source)

Amazing isn't it? Eunice Hyon Min Rho is not only a lawyer that specializes in election law, she also specializes in religious liberty law. But as one can see, it's on the drake end of that spectrum wherein her expertise lies. As basic reality dictates, when you specialize in any type of political law you always pick the side you want to lobby for. Being a homosexual, she is most assuredly going to lean towards the dark side and do all she can to make religious liberty something that hurts and not helps Christians. Her latest quip wherein she blames the Christians for what ISIS already claimed responsibility for confirms, she is focused on anything that will make Christianity a difficult banner to stand under in America. (well.. for the weak Christians anyway)

So, as expected, and as I stated yesterday on the blog and in the video, the media is going to protect the homosexuals and place them in the limelight as the most important people ever to breath American air so as to normalize all this decadence to the hilt while at the same time have a perfect foundation on which to generate more talking points on gun control so as to have the American people unarmed and ready for a Vatican inspired Socialist takeover. Still, just as Obama made it so apparent by blaming Americans instead of ISIS for the killings the other day, the government itself is going to build on this in a big way. That all being said, having antichristian government agencies like the ACLU chime in declaring Christians are the reason for the shooting is just par for the course.

By the way, this strange mindset wherein even though we know it was a Muslim that killed these people and basic everyday reality dictates today that Muslims not only hate Christians, they homosexuals as well as everyone else, (See Genesis 16:11,12) one can see Satan's fingerprints all over this one. To blame the Christians for this is beyond ludicrous. But that's how easy Satan manipulates the mind and thoughts of those he has in his trophy case.

For example:

As Christians, we know it says in Philippians 2:5 that we should "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:" Seeing how Satan has from day one sought the kingdom of Christ, he has always emulated its structure with his own demonic flavor attached to it. He does this because he knows the way God does things actually works best. So.. just as Christians who worship and obey the Lord are moved to share love and truth when walking with the mind of Christ, those that worship and obey Satan him will share hate and lies because they are walking with the mind of Satan.

Bottom line is this. It is the end of days! Yes, having government officials declaring Christians are to blame for a Muslim killing homosexuals is rather annoying to say the least. But that's nothing compared to what's coming! This is why you must be in your Bibles daily and on your knees often! To refuse to do that is no different than a soldier running towards the frontline without his armor or that two edged sword.

Should this blog entry be a video too? Let me know in the comment section?

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