Many stores honoring parents’ requests for ‘gender-neutral’ kids’ clothing

"Pink for girls. Truck motifs for boys. A growing number of parents want to get outside those parameters when it comes to dressing their kids. Kristin Higgins was adamant about not pushing "girly" stereotypes on her daughter, and painted her room in shades of green. Higgins later dressed her up in superhero costumes. But as her daughter got older, it took more work to locate items that broke the mold. For "Star Wars"-themed pajamas, she had to go to the boys' section. "It's hard to find gender-neutral clothing," said Higgins, 35, of Little Rock, whose daughter is now 6. "I want her to just get up and put on the clothing without thinking of putting on a costume, an identity." –Source

If this article came out twenty years ago I am sure it would be somewhat believable wherein they claim "parents requested" the clothing be gender-neutral. No, I am not saying the parents would ever request that at all 20 years ago. The CEO's demand it under Vatican orders placed before them in 1999, and so they will make the claim the parents are demanding all this. Basic reality here is, it's the year 2016 wherein the Obama administrations homosexual push also under direct orders from Rome has been on the offensive at least 4 years now. And especially so after Obama gained his second term wherein certain acts done in a first term could lead to political suicide.

In short, I don't buy this for a minute! First and foremost I don't see a lot of parents suggesting any of this in a way the stores would be forced to comply. Historic fact is, these stores, who's CEO's had the infamous meeting with the Pope back in June of 1999 are only doing the Pope outlined years ago. That means the claim "the parents suggested" this is a bold faced lie. After all.. I'm a parent, and I have many children that are parents and I know many parents in and outside the church and in all those people one would think ONE would be ok with all this so as to shore up to odds that parents 'might' have suggested any of this and nope.. that's not how reality works.

As I've been saying for decades, Rome's homosexual agenda will not be dropped on the American people in one fell swoop any more than a possessed person like Marilyn Manson would start the Rock & Roll movement in the 1950's. They had to use a cutesy momma's boy that claimed to sign Gospel songs to introduce the decadence. And introduce it he did! Mind control on such a grand scale has to be done in stages just as much as the orchestrated watering down of Christianity via the churches and Hollywood was performed in America's infancy. This is why I've been sharing what I believe to be the same old outline towards that end for years.

First they had to normalize homosexuality; then they had to normalize polygamy, next they had to normalize all sorts of perversions from transgenderism to bestiality and then the final prize they have worked for all along can be normalized and that is of course Rome's prophesied perversion, homosexuality and pedophilia. But to demand the children be introduced to immorality at a young age on day one, no that won't work because the people will cry out. But if you already have a massive group of perverted activists out there introducing such things as cross dressing for children in the stores, then you won't find much opposition.

Now don't get me wrong. I know for a fact some Christians will speak out against this idea of cross dressing children that the activists claim is a "request by parents" so as to indoctrinate the children towards this spiritually lethal perversion. I know they speak out because I do. But, our voices are for the most part ignored (and censored) because unlike the preachertainers that teach churchianity who have millions of dollars and all sorts of political friends in DC, we the remnant people don't have (nor want) the worldly connections they do and so again, we aren't heard by most. Worse yet, even if some in our ranks did have the chance to speak out, how quickly do you think that voice would be silenced after a few dozen activists start shouting "discrimination" claims against them? That by the way is the main reason the preachers of filthy lucre never speak out. They know the activist is out there and they know their paycheck will be lowered and even wiped out if they do as they should, and so it gets worse and worse with each passing day. In other words.. welcome to the long prophesied end of days.

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poGm Video: Trump and the Prophesied 501c3

You have got to see this video clip of Donald Trump and what he says regarding the power of the Christians in the United States when it comes to political abilities. The image was already created by the disobedient pastors and now they will soon come together as one regardless of denomination to do as prophecy said they would do all along. (Click here to watch on YouTube or click here to watch on


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Kaine’s Roman Church Proved Trump’s Point on Religious Freedom

"During his acceptance speech on Thursday night, Donald Trump’s only mention of religious liberty was to condemn the portion of the tax code that prevents churches from advocating for political candidates. Except the way he put it was a bit different: An amendment, pushed by Lyndon Johnson many years ago, threatens religious institutions with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views. …Of all the churches to make the case for the stupidity of this draconian restriction, who would have expected the first one after Trump’s speech to be Tim Kaine’s Roman Catholic Church in Virginia! That’s exactly what happened, inadvertently. Journalist Betsy Klein covers the 2016 race for CNN. She co-wrote a story about Kaine’s visit to St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond. She noted that the church tweeted out its congratulations at 9:40 PM on July 22, writing, “Congratulations to our member Tim Kaine on the Vice President selection. We are all very proud!!!" –Source

First and foremost, I don't believe for a second that the Roman Catholic church in Virginia is "stupid" when it comes to the 501c3 tax code and how they can get in trouble for speaking politically from their pulpit. In fact, the Roman church not only knows all about it and snubs it every chance they get, the annual "red mass" wherein they hold a special gathering for judges, law school professors and government officials every year wherein the officiating priests pushes Vatican dogma as a foundation for all present and future political plans.

The church of Rome has been infamous for ignoring American law, and especially the United States Constitution wherein separation of church & state is declared absolute. But as we saw by Pope John Paul II's actions wherein he committed crimes against the church and state in America as well as the many quotes of the Vatican wherein they not only declare themselves to be above every church denomination, they also claim to be above the Bible and above any government constitution for that matter. This is why so many constitutions have changed the last 2 decades around the world so as to make way for Rome's final agenda when the ten toes get together. And it will happen because Christian prophecy is absolute.

As I stated in the video I made titled "Trump and the Prophesied 501c3;" the plans to remove the 501c3 as Trump claimed is a political pipe dream, and especially so now that we see Kaine's Catholic church doing exactly as Trump declares all churches will be allowed to do in his administration. But as we have seen so often before, it's usually the Roman Catholic churches that get away with doing such crimes the other churches get punished for. Kaine's church made political statements and even made their political views known to all in attendance and nary a wrist was slapped. Nor do I expect any slapping in the coming days.

Some may now claim Trump was waxing prophetic after seeing how Kaine's church did as he claimed he will make possible for all churches to do after he gains office; but the fact they can do it now without a problem means Trump was only making the claim like any other politician seeking to cultivate votes. The 501c3 will remain intact because as Rome already knew from day one in their state and church conglomeration, using the power of the state along with the power of the church can make for an easy way to control all the people in and outside the church and THAT is what the beast in Rome is prophesied to attempt in the coming days. But they need the help of the Protestant churches to be globally successful and thanks to the Vatican II's ecumenical charge becoming the foundation of every denomination out there including the ninth hour church, this prophecy wherein the pastors will have the ability to lobby law can be seen as easily being fulfilled very soon. Maranatha!

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