Target BOYCOTT is working!

"Plunging sales and a market cap crash of an estimated $11 billion have convinced Target to try to persuade customers with traditional values that their restrooms still are safe after the company announced earlier this year that people could use the facilities of the gender with which they ‘identify.” On Wednesday, Fortune reported, the company announced plans to spend $20 million to add private single-stall locking bathrooms at all of its stores where that option is not currently offered. …The report directly blamed the drop in shopper traffic at least partly on the retailer’s “transgender-friendly” bathroom policy, which the retailer does not intend to alter. Target shoppers will still be allowed to “use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity." –Source

Yes, as far as I can see it, it's too little too late. The fact they're spending $20,000,000 dollars to not only schmooze the Christians (and those with morals) back into their stores, they also plan to keep the transgender toilets wide open for anyone to wander into. So, how is that making anything better? The people that are boycotting Target aren't refusing to shop there because they want private bathrooms. It's because Target is allowing sin and decadence to reign openly in society for all to see (including our precious children) so as to normalize this idiocy. Wasting $20 million dollars when their lack of sales are already lowering their bank account balance is par for the course of those blinded by sin. But then this is to be expected of a company that uplifts Satan. And yes, that dot inside a circle is a symbol for Baal. (Satan) Even the Mason's use it to hide the phallic symbol from plain sight. It's to depict how Baal looking down upon the phallic point (dot in middle) directly from above. And the circle embracing it is both the sign of the universe as well as a sign of embracing Baal and his 'phallic' properties by those displaying it. It's also one of the earliest symbols for the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols used for their Sun god Ra, Horus or Osirus, in India it's was for Shiva, and finally the Druids use it to represent their supreme god Odin.

But think about the self-destructive financial problems that also arise from their blatant blindness. Not only do they have to spend money on educating the public as to where the "safe" bathrooms are, (which only have ONE stall) they also have to remove valuable shelf space for products that make them money so as to cow-tow to Obama's (and Rome's) homosexual agenda. It's a lose lose situation and they just can't see it!

The article also stated, "However, Boylan said Target decided to add single-stall, lockable bathrooms in all of its stores “because we’re listening." No, they're NOT listening. If they were listing the transgender 'approved' bathrooms would be closed. All they're "listening" to is their fading bottom line. But then, there is another more logical bottom line to all this. Those with morals know nothing has changed by their comments to place "private bathrooms" in the stores. We know Target is still going to do all it can to normalize transgenderism even if it means placing a little girl or boy in direct danger of being kidnapped, raped and even killed. So, they can place all sorts of "private bathrooms" in their stores all they want. It won't change the reality that the isles of the store will still be well-populated by transgender men and women looking for easy victims. And those victims are more often than not children. Yes.. all roads lead to Rome even here!

And by the way, what's going to happen when a mom or a dad has a child with them in the store who is suddenly aching deep within to go potty in a big way? (we've ALL been there) What will mom do when the directions to the "safe" bathroom suggest it's way on the other side of the store because Target had no room the place it next to the unsafe bathrooms? Will mom let her child writhe in pain as they both scamper to the other side of the massive store as the child moans and groans? Will she then be seen as an abusive mother? Or will she take the child to the dangerous transgender toilet because she doesn't want her baby to be in pain? Or worse yet, will she be forced to let her child simply 'explode' in one of the store isles to relieve her gut wrenching pain? Now some may accuse me of stinkin thinkin on that last scenario. But me thinks the latter would get the message across a tad more pungently don't you think? 😉

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So called ‘prophet’ kills woman faking a miracle!

"A young lady has met her death after a failed miracle attempt by her South African pastor. According to wire reports reaching a South African pastor in a bid to perform a miracle, caused the death of the young lady after putting a heavy speaker on her. The girl died due to internal injuries she sustained. The reports indicate that Congregates of the Mount Zion General Assembly went home with heads down on Sunday after a failed demonstration of power by the church pastor when a girl fainted after he put a very big and heavy speaker on top of her, promising her that she would not feel pain. The woman later died from internal injuries caused to her lungs. Pastor Lethebo Rabalango had organised a night of worship at his church in Polokwane where he was teaching about the demonstration of power in which he emphasised that if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith." –Source

Crazy right? Sure it is. This so called prophet claims he can do a miracle for the sole purpose of 'doing a miracle." He has reduced Christianity to a magician's parlor trickery. And because the people of today prefer to be dazzled instead of saved and lied to instead of given truth, his church no doubt gained a few converts over the years due to his showmanship. Now yes, this is nuts, crazy, insane or just plain stupid and it's something most of us would expect to see in a third world nation like Ghana. We would never expect to see any preachers or pastors in 'civilized' countries claiming to do miracles so as to fill the pews.

Or would we?

Have you ever seen some of the so called 'miracles' performed by Benny Hinn? His bold faced lies on the stage caused many people to trust his lies about their 'healings' and so they stopped treatment and they died. Benny Hinn hypes up the crowd using NLP and they get so mesmerized by him that they actually believe him when he says they are healed and so they go home.. and die. Or what of false prophet Todd Bentley? A man covered in tattoos and piercings who literally kicks a man with stage 4 colon cancer in the stomach and he even kicks a woman in the face claiming God told him to do that so they would be healed? His Facebook page has him advertising "A Night of Miracles with Todd Bentley!" No mention of Christ at all in his advertisement! This man was even exposed by multiple Christian pastors out loud at one of his gatherings and yes, it was all recorded on camera and still people flock to his meetings?!

The piercings and tattoos as well as the crazed sermons and violent acts on stage confirm the man is demon possessed. But many can't see that because they are so used to living in the lies. It's gotten so bad now that this man's wife, who is the adulterous he married after divorcing his previous wife, confirms demons are all over this man's life. See this video of his wife showing absolute evidence of demon possession. (It becomes graphic at 2:57 in the video) Notice that when the demon takes the woman over he not only uses her head violently to declare the word "NO" in simple body language showing the people that they are openly embracing a lie, Todd Bentley starts to bow to the demon in her on stage and he even goes so far as to start shaking his head as if to say "NO" repeatedly and then you hear people in the crowd glorifying the demon as well so as to move the deception around the room.

When the signs are this apparent and the demonic activity this bold, yet the people still claim the preacher is of God, it's only because the people have decided to stop reading their Bibles and sin has become the norm. When sin becomes so normalized the demonic becomes perfectly acceptable. So, don't think the craziness of the false prophet in South Africa is unique to a third world country. This kind of spiritual insanity is global now and what's worse is the crowds flocking into their churches are growing greater and greater because the preachers are doing exactly as the 'real' prophet Isaiah said they will do in the last days. And they only do this because the pastors and the people are "rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:" -Isaiah 30:9-10.

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California Says It’s Okay to Target the Disabled With Assisted Suicide, But Not Prisoners

"The law itself, currently under litigation, has been allowed to remain in effect for all other Californians until a ruling expected later next month.  But in the meantime it is proposed that no prisoner, no matter how ill, may avail of the ‘right’ that other ill people have been offered; the supposed ‘right to be dead’. This might indeed be a good idea, but it reveals much deeper problems with the law. Problems other countries have also faced. Individuals in California are currently ‘free to be dead’ when given a terminal diagnosis and an MD approximates that within 6 months they could die.  If despondent and ‘hopeless’ in their own judgement, the patient is free to simply ‘get things over with." –Source

So.. again as we have seen many times before I have to share what's NOT being said here. Before going to the obvious when it comes to why they don't want prisoners to kill themselves, what does this so called "doctor assisted suicide" remind you of? Think back a handful of decades. That's right! Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany wherein he sought to create the perfect race and any lesser people, and yes this includes Jews and Christians, were to be killed off. But what many forget about is how the Nazis went from home to home in the cities seeking out the disabled, sick and elderly to kill them in front of their loved ones. Many recent court cases have exposed much more than Rome cares to admit on this. The Vatican funded murderers did all they could to make their land "pure" without the slightest concern for those around them. The Vatican Nazi is the ultimate example of the prophecy of Christ being fulfilled that was found in Matthew 24:12 that says, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." What they did in broad daylight before men, women and children was downright demonic to say the least.

But why is it since the government is all about letting their citizens outside jail cells kill themselves with the help of their doctors, but they refuse the same Kevorkian option in prisons? It's because it will save the government money by removing the citizen from the Medicare system! And so why don't they want to do the same for the prisoners? It's because the prison system is set up to make money per prisoner. Worse yet, in the private prison industry wherein big businesses that are well connected with the Government, the money to be made per head far outshines the money going out to care for the sick. So, it's not a cost effective option for prisoners. And that is also why America has the largest number of prisons than any other nation on earth! In fact, the prison population in the USA is greater than the population of Russia, China and North Korea COMBINED! Think about this strange fact as well. We only have 300 million or so citizens, yet we have more prisoners than China with a population of 1.4 BILLION!

Now do you see why so many laws are passed every year in America by our corrupt government that can get innocent people thrown behind bars for crimes they never knew were classified as crimes? It's because each municipality makes a lot of money for every person that steps into a police car, court room and especially a jail cell! So.. as one would expect, the more people in the cells means more money will be made. So of course, allowing a prisoner to kill themselves is not something they can financially tolerate and until they can figure out a way to make suicide more profitable than the beds in the jails, the prisoner will have to wait to be released from jail so as to ask their AMA doctor to kill them LEGALLY.

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