June 26, 2016

"The Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho has taken the highly unusual step of intervening in a local criminal case involving an alleged sexual assault by juvenile Muslim migrants and threatened the community and media with federal prosecution if they “spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators. …The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities." –Source

As a Christian, I am all about wanting to stick with the facts in this or any case. And I understand completely how dangerous this can become for those Muslim boys if the media, social or not can cause an issue wherein the sheeple will riot and attack them or their families. But what's not being said is even more disturbing.

Anyone that has looked into how the media in the United States is run can tell you that back in the 1980's we saw around 50 different media outlets and or networks pumping all sorts of stories in which some contained truth as well as some very orchestrated confusion into the mainstream. It was next to impossible to tell who was telling the truth and who was lying back then. Today, it's much easier. They're all lying. My job as well as any Christian's job as a watchman on the wall is to point out where they were unable to hide the truth no matter how many lies are used to sugarcoat to story. Especially when it comes to prophesied plans towards Christian persecution.

In the 80's we had 50+ networks, today we have a whopping 6. The 6 companies are, GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. As the page I just linked out explains, 232 media executives control all the information coming across the networks 277 million Americans tune in to each day. And as of 2010 that means these six companies share in a $275.9 billion dollar pie.

Why did I share all that?

In the article about the immigrant boys that attacked the little girl they claim in their well-scripted public address that the media must be careful not to "spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators." But.. but… they're the ones spreading it in the first place. So why make the claim all must stop when they are the ones doing it? Well.. just as the Twin Towers falling was a much needed false flag attack so as to remove freedoms from American's so that the powers that be have an easier row to hoe when the other shoe drops. And so they will most assuredly "spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators" because they know it will grant them the means by which to pass laws that will cripple free speech in America.

So.. instead of waiting for the fed up Americans to actually "spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators" the media that is controlled by the United States Government appears to be suggesting by their own actions that they plan to do just that so as to remove free speech quicker. And  yes, they push out this article so as to have a way to claim they warned us all not to do it and so they can hide behind their "moral" warning while doing the dirty deed itself.

Bottom line is, Rome and her puppet in the second beast cannot allow the people the ability to speak the truth about their plans to enforce a mark or even the means by which they build on that agenda and so they will do all they can to shut us up to keep the smoke screen billowing up. But keep the faith brothers and sisters. It's not called the LOUD CRY because God's people caved in and bowed in worship to the demands of those that hate the Lord we worship. We will do as prophecy said we will do. This is why we are so widely scattered. They may be able to shut one or two of us up here and there; but they will never be able to keep up with the way our God guides us any more than Saul could when he was hunting David.

In short.. PREACH ON! .. Maranatha!!

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poGm VIDEO: Doctors treat ‘Pretend Sex’

As odd as the title is, it's absolutely true! There are doctors out there that will treat you as a women even if you are a biological man and it's actually been written into Obamacare as law in May of this year to make sure the doctors comply! And if you're a Christian, you have no legal options against this insanity?! (so they think)

Amazing.. grown adults in professional occupations are ignoring the same basic reality a 5 year old can see and understand clearly by simply opening their eyes and it's all because Obama demands it?! (Click here to see video on YouTube and click here to see video on John1429.org)

New Rule Requires Doctors To Treat Trans Patients As Their Pretend Sex

Do your research before picking your doctor! How bad has it gotten?

DHS whistleblower: Terrorism is not the enemy (Sharia Law is!)

"What we need to understand to see this more clearly is that there is an overarching strategy,” Haney told Daniel Horowitz this week on the podcast “The Conservative Conscience.” “I call it the gravitational force of the global Islamic movement, and that is the implementation of Sharia law. That’s the actual goal. “Everything that we see happen around us everywhere, all 28,000 jihad attacks since 9/11, they’re all tactical events for one strategic goal, which is implementation of Shariah law, and as long as we fight tactics we will never win, because tactics change constantly. Yes, the tactics of ISIS are horrible and gruesome, Haney acknowledged, but it is crucial for U.S. policymakers to realize ISIS is working towards a worldwide caliphate ruled by Shariah law. They share that goal with every other Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, even those that employ less brutal tactics. …“They don’t realize that all these groups are overlapping and that they work together, and they have much more in common – Hezbollah has much more in common with Hamas than not – and they have the same strategic goal, implementation of Shariah, …try telling people that not only do you have the government ignoring Islamic terror, and creating this CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) agenda, focused on ‘right-wing extremism’ instead of where the problem is, but you have Muslim Brotherhood figures at the highest levels of our Homeland Security and counter-terrorism apparatus inspiring, drafting, influencing these policies at its highest level.” –Source

This is exactly what I've been saying for years! I even made by last count four videos on this subject. Yet scoffers love to come out of the woodwork with all sorts of insults and strange twisted Scripture so as to hide the fact that the Vatican has been behind this all along. In fact I have a page online dedicated to exposing Rome's involvement titled "The Pope and Islam." I have another page with rock hard evidence and an actual eye witness testimony on camera no less confirming the Vatican wrote the Koran. You can see that page and video by clicking here.

Why do they need Sharia Law in America?

  • Revelation 20:4, "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

The mark is soon to be enforced. As we know, the Vatican Jesuits study prophecy, but not to be able to see what they're doing wrong so as to get back on the path to Christ. No, they study the prophecies so as to try and figure out ways to hide their true agenda. They know they will behead Christians during the enforcement of the mark, but they must keep the Vatican's moral appearance well-polished. Yes, I know that sounds oxymoronic. But these are the last days wherein the majority of the people are very evil and so they don't see the evils that the obedient remnant of the Lord can see. In fact, as prophesied in Isaiah 5:20, they are to look upon the evil as good and the good as if it was evil.

Since most are evil, Rome will naturally appear pretty moral to the general misinformed public. And sadly, that's the overwhelming majority. Hence the term "remnant" being used in prophecy to describe the few that are not blinded by Babylon or her sisters. Still.. they must behead those Christians because prophecy must be fulfilled. Not that they want to make God look good by doing as prophecy predicts; no, they do it out of sheer bloodthirsty hatred for Christians no matter how much they are prophesied to do so. And since the Muslims have been easily conned into thinking Allah is a god and Mohammed is his prophet or the Koran is a holy book, Rome has a very loyal army of Muslims who are literally chomping at the bit just waiting for the chance to 'legally' kill Christians. And so, Sharia Law must become part of the American court system! After all .. who else do you know of on planet earth that is already beheading Christians who have openly saluted and declared their loyalty to Rome? That's right! Islam!

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