VIDEO: Revealed: the new face of anti-terror policing in London

"These are the new heavily armed police officers who will keep London's streets safe from terror attacks. The heavily armed officers are part of a new wave of 600 highly trained marksmen deployed onto the streets of the capital today. Clad in grey Kevlar body armour and carrying a cache of weapons including sniper rifles, automatic assault rifles, handguns, submachine guns and tasers, the armed response teams will also be trained to operate on water, and to abseil down onto buildings. They will also carry state-of-the art support gear including battering rams and heavy cutting equipment."  –Source

Notice how the police have their faces are covered? Why is that? It's because they know the police will eventually become more like the anonymous Nazis who under Vatican orders were hell-bent on killing anyone that speaks against the Vatican (Socialist) government that Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler was asked to run. But today, most Westernized people won't allow a Police State in their country and so they must slowly be introduced and or indoctrinated towards it. The fact so many clamored after admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders in America proves this is soon to come in the USA. But how can the powers that be move the nation towards Socialism when the people are a bit slow in accepting it? The same way they always do. False flag attacks.

Do you recall in America how the United States government wanted to remove the freedom to travel inside our own nation via the airports by tightening security so as to know who is sitting in every seat and where they are headed 24/7/365? Of course the American people refused to go along with it all and protested to the point those in power knew they needed to change their way of thinking and they had to do so quickly since the Bush family, who helped Rome fund Hitler were coming to power again. And no.. I am not saying the political leaders were going to change their thought process. No it was the people themselves that would have to be forced into believing the lie that they are in constant danger, and so a few hijacks, a bomb on an airliner and then two planes were 'designed' to slam into the Twin Towers and the American people quickly begged for a tightening of security at all airports! It's just that easy!

All the political leaders know what Rome's plans are since they and their special interest groups all had their mandatory meetings with the Pope en masse and individually. Those that refuse are at war as we speak. Those leaders that are just as fearful as the ancestors of every Roman Catholic today know the plan is to make a global Nazi police force. Or fourth Reich as I declared it back in February of 2008. When that day finally comes, all the police will be wearing bullet proof armor head to toe, they will be covered in all sorts of weapons large and small as well as tracking devices, they will have heads up displays in their goggles so as to use facial recognition software on every person standing in front of them so as to avoid the issues with those refusing to "show their papers;" and this resurrected Nazi police force will have their faces covered so as to keep their identity hidden because the crimes they commit daily will make them easy targets for the random vigilante in their hometowns that will crop up everywhere. And so this is why even those now, when the police are acting as if they are here to protect us cover their faces. They are indoctrinating the people into accepting the covered faces now while it is still someone sane out there.

Still.. did you notice? None of this would be possible without the numerous false flag attacks all over the world. Whenever a nation is ready to "suit up" their police force to look like Vatican Nazis a few false flag attacks are performed wherein some cases real innocent citizens are slaughtered so as to cultivate the fear they need in the people that makes it "appear" they need a Nazi police force to protect them. In short.. Rome cannot enforce the mark until all the lies are embraced and this includes the lie of fear because they know all too well how fear can easily move the masses into doing anything their government demands so as to make things 'appear' peaceful. And as the Lord prophesied through His prophet in Daniel 8:25, "through his (The Pope's) policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand."

Keep in mind brothers and sisters; and I am only talking to those of you that finally put down the lies to walk in the truth, Jesus said in Matthew 24:24, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." In other words, when Beelzebub himself stands as the expected Anti-Christ on earth to proclaim yet another lie to stop all the calamities by enforcing Sunday Laws, or the so called "saviors" in government positions who make things appear peaceful for us as long as we do as they demand, the Lord Himself says the elect CANNOT be deceived. The sheeple will stand in line and walk right off the cliff of common sense from now until doomsday yes, and there's really nothing we can do to stop them. Still.. we need to keep preaching and we need to keep sharing our faith with them because once in a while a little one will snap out of it and be one with us in Christ. It is for those precious lost sheep that we must continue. MARANATHA!

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Sneak peek at meetings pushing massive refugee scam

"You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to be aware that immigrants are inundating our country. The Obama administration is welcoming them as though they’re the solution to all the problems we’re facing. The United Nations is in charge of parceling out these people and tells the U.S. how many, and who, we will get. The State Department takes it from there, deciding who goes where. …Many are religious refugees, persecuted in their homelands because of their beliefs. We take them all, but there is a clear preference on the part of the Obama administration for Muslims. Despite the fact that Christian refugees are the targets of Muslim violence, most of the refugees are Muslim. …These “nonprofit” groups don’t do this gratis, so when a presentation was made at St. Monica Church that there would be a meeting to introduce parishioners to the possibility of the parish sponsoring one or more refugee families, I decided to attend. I wasn’t interested in supporting the program but wanted to see the size of the turnout and hear the sales pitch. We were told the program is run by Catholic Charities of the East Bay, and Stephen P. Mullin is the parish outreach manager. He said all of the parishes in the diocese of Oakland, California – in fact, all Catholic churches – are encouraged to participate." –Source

Now do you see why I created those pages on my website years ago? One titled "The Pope and Islam," another titled "The Pope wrote the Koran" and another two called "Islamic Antichrist" and "The King of the North"? The reason for the last two pages is an open rebuke on those that help Rome in their attempt at trying to make Islam appear to be the long prophesied holder of the title "Antichrist" when every historic fact and every prophecy that has been linked to those historic facts, and not to mention what every single denominational leader has declared in writing, the Popes of Rome have been and always will be the home of the Antichrist. But why are they so adamant about getting Islam into every nation on earth including the USA? Since some may be new to this website I will repeat the prophetic facts for you.

As history has proven, Hitler was used by the Vatican to do similar acts so as to allow the Vatican to assure certain global laws were enacted not too long after by the newly formed United Nations that would benefit them and them alone. As we look at what Islam has done recently, and what Rome has done in the past, and how Rome has been making friends with Muslim nations the world over, do we see a pattern emerging? (Also notice how the Pagan Rome "salute" is used by the Vatican and it's cohorts to this day)

As we look at many of the laws that have been passed around the world that help the Vatican gain power, while at the same time guarantee Muslim powerful political benefits as well as billions in military armory thanks to Obama's friendship, is there any wonder as to why the man of sin in Rome would choose to have a Muslim stand as president in the USA? They did this very same thing with Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler, did they not? Still, since we now know the Vatican invented the religion of Islam, it stands to reason they also invented the Koran. The fact the Koran contradicts itself repeatedly and they had to create a doctrine that states newer verses are now to be taught to supersede older verses proves it was a work in progress by man. The true God never has to change His Word when society changes due to Satanic influence because His truth is eternal. Lies continually have to be updated and re-written to keep the deceived in check. This can also be seen in Roman Catholic doctrine wherein it changes over and over again with each new pope. So the Koran is going to be no different. And by the way, where you aware of the following historic fact?

When speaking of the throne of Peter or the throne the Pope sits on, it says "when the French soldiers under General Bonaparte took possession of Rome, they found on the back of it, in Arabic, this well-known sentence from the Koran, "There is no God but Allah, and Mahomet is His Prophet" -The Two Babylons, you will find the following on Page 213 in Chapter 6, Religious Orders, Section L.

Rome has invented Islam for the very same reason they invented Hitler's 3rd Reich. In fact, I believe this is why Yemen’s al-Qaeda is calling for jihad against Jews and Christians as we speak. The killing is about to get much worse than just 165,000 Christians a year. And how are they dying? I won't post the pics or videos, but most know the Muslims love to kill Christian by beheading them, burning them and torturing them just as the Popes did during the Inquisitions. And we all know what it says in Revelation 20:4 about those that refuse the mark of the Roman beast will be killed by beheading and some of us are very aware of the tens of thousands of guillotines in America right now.

Prophecy says the Vatican is home to Antichrist. That being the case, Rome must be able to attack Christians all over the world and force men of all religions to bow Satan and receive the mark of the beast. But the Vatican needs to play the moral card so as to act as if they are Christians to keep the masses from storming the Vatican. This is why they used Hitler in his day to kill millions of Jews as well as Christians. This is why they have altered all the history books they could reach to hide what they did during the Inquisitions to 500,000,000 Christians. And this is why (as prophesied) the Popes apologized for all the killings because the birth of the Internet made it impossible for them to burn or even alter all the historic books now showing up online. And this is why they needed to create a religion (Islam) that everyone on earth accepts as being evil and out of control. Rome can use the Muslims to do their bidding as they did with Hitler while at the same time act as if they are appalled by their acts. This is the perfect scenario for them to get their agenda met. They can stand before the people as moral men of the cloth while killing them and their children all along doing so wearing the mask of an Islamic terrorist.

 The stage is set, the players are on their mark, and the Christians are in the targets. That being said, are you ready? ARE YOU SURE!?

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New wrinkle in case of man in Planet Fitness women’s showers

"A judge who dismissed a complaint filed by woman against a Planet Fitness health club in Michigan after she found a man in the women’s locker room made a serious mistake, according to an appeal of the case filed with the Michigan Court of Appeals. The judge said the woman could not complain because she had been told of the company’s “judgment-free zone,” but the appeal points out that she was not told that meant men would be allowed in the ladies’ facilities." –Source

I was wondering when the powers that be in America were going to get around to using the aged old "you're judging me" tactic of the sinners reveling in decadence. Since it's worked so well on the streets with lukewarm Christians, it was bound to come up sooner or later. Planet fitness is just one more multimillion dollar business obeying the Vatican controlled United States government is actually declaring they now have a "judgment free zone." So.. let me ask the CEO of Planet Fitness as well as those he worships in Rome, what happens when a registered sex offender walks into Planet Fitness into the "Judgment Free Zone"? Do we ignore him so as to remain politically correct? Or do we wait until we hear the properly numbered chromosome carrying woman scream out in terror before stopping the man claiming to be a woman?

Same ole same ole…

What amazes me is how so many Christians today have decided to cave in whenever someone yells "you're judging me!" That being said, is it really a judgment call when a man walks up saying he's a woman? No, it's not. We all have eyeballs right? What I mean is, let's toss the coin off kilter a bit and look at this from another point of view. If a man walks up to me drunk, do I judge him drunk? No, not at all because I have eyeballs and other sensory organs that come into play on this one. No judgment is needed at all because my eyeballs confirmed he has a wobbly drunken walk. But it doesn't end there. My ears confirmed he was drunk by his slurred speech. As he gets closer, my eyeballs once again confirm he has bloodshot eyes. And so I don't totally come off as one "judging" him, my nose grants me a nasal appraisal of his foul odor of alcohol fumigating my airspace. With all those wonderful tools working in unison I can clearly see that he is in fact drunk.

For those unable to peer into dictionaries, a judgment call is only necessary when all the facts are not present. Like a sitting judge in a bench trial who listens to the facts laid out by the prosecuting and defending attorneys. Since the judge was not present at the time the crime was committed, he needs to listen to both sides carefully so as to make a judgment on the facts presented by both sides. But when a man walks up drunk, no judgment is needed. He told me he was drunk all on his own. He can claim "you're judging me" all he likes. But is wobble, odors, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes broadcast truth even though he seeks to deny it.

So.. no matter how perverted society gets and no matter how many immoral acts are normalized as to be expected in this sin sick end time society; we need to stand firm in the truth as it is clearly presented. As for Planet Fitness and their Vatican inspired idiocy, let them have their day. After all, this may be the only "heaven" they get. When that Eastern sky rips open and the Righteous Judge comes forth, it won't matter a lick how many laws have been passed by perverted lawmakers demanding we normalize everything from homosexuality to pedophilia. The truth that is eternal and can never fail as it is written in Scripture will be all that's needed to see sin as it truly is. Sin! So again.. keep preaching, keep praing for them and keep sharing your faith. If they roll their eyes, walk away in a huff or even spew vile hatred from their mouths, let them that refuse the truth you share have their day wherein they can revel in sin for a while. We the obedient remnant will take eternity wherein none of this is "the norm."

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