‘Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade

"In the face of growing pressure on Planned Parenthood after revelations that it was selling human body parts, the Satanic Temple has launched a pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider. The Satanic Temple, an organization that combats Christian influence in American society, has staged a series of counter-protests at pro-life rallies and filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri on behalf of one of its members who had to wait 72 hours to get an abortion due to Missouri state law." –Source

 Remember the video I did back in August of last year titled "SHOCKING admission of former Satanist about ABORTION!" As I stated in the comments of that video back then, this former Satanist uncovered something most people were totally unaware of. He stated in the article I posted in the video that “In Satanism, killing something or the death of something is the most effective way of getting your spell accomplished. As far as trying to get satan’s approval, to give you something that you want; killing something is the best way to go. Killing something is the ultimate offering to satan, and if you can kill an unborn, that is his ultimate goal.”

So it's going to be par for the course that abortion clinics stay open. And you know how I know that? I'm working on a video right now that shows a doctor who is obviously a satanist. Plus, anyone that's seen the aerial photos of Washington DC can tell you that it is painfully obvious Satanists were involved in setting up that city in a major way! (See the pics here)

When you want power but at the same time refuse to walk with God as the founders of this nation did; (well.. some of them did) you need to get that power from a supernatural source. Christians know God will care for us in mighty ways and if we happen to be leaders ordained by Him in our calling, He will do what needs done through us and we will prosper. But when those men decide they like sin more than obedience, then they need to go to Satan to be able to keep their power. That is why abortion as well as all the wars started by this nation (under Rome) were so prevalent. Abortion was there at the start, but mostly behind closed doors. Once legalized it was a free for all and Satan was happy as a lark. So, when the right started to put pressure on the abortion clinics who, thanks to demonic influence weren't satisfied with just torturing and killing the babies, they had to sell their warm body parts to the highest bidder to make the money the Christians were causing them to lose. Then the videos came out exposing them and now the cats out of the bag. So naturally, the Satanic Temple is going to chime in on this one for two reasons. #1, they need to keep the ritualistic killings flourishing as a river so as to maintain power, and #2, being the last days when Satanism is now a recognized religion, they need the "so called" positive PR from pro-abortion advocates to be able to fill their churches as well as their political pockets.

Too many evil people are now controlling the government as well as the hospitals and churches of this nation. In any event, insanity like this has literally become the norm now. In fact, most couch potatoes (Christian or not) prefer to ignore it all so as to not upset their lukewarm complacency. This is why many don't want to hear of things like this because some of them know it confirms Jesus is to return VERY soon. Admitting that prophetic fact means they would have to get off the couch and on their knees as well as turn of their TV's and open their Bibles. Most today simply don't want to do that. So be it.. it's not like they weren't warned. Still.. please keep planting those seeds of truth. You never know what kind of soil it's landing in.

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Teen girl reports dressing room peeper at Target

"A 16-year-old girl said she was peeped on with a cellphone camera while in a dressing room at the Bismarck Target on Tuesday evening. The girl told a manager that a man placed a phone under her dressing room door with the camera face up, Bismarck Police said. When she walked out, the man entered a different dressing room. Dorothee Wacheux, a manager at Target, declined to comment on the case, but said such incidents are rare at the store. Police describe the suspect as a white male, age 30 to 50, 5 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 3 inches tall, with short brown hair, a muscular build and glasses. Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the area." –Source

And now here's the thing. Even if she was able to yell out that a man took her picture, the pedophile peepers have many political protectors just as the Rome Catholic priest does that joins the church to be able to molest little boys. Kind of makes it obvious as to who is behind all this doesn't it? Yes, we all know that Rome's homosexual agenda is the reason we see such things like this. I go into detail about that in my February of 2004 Truth Provided Newsletter. But the obvious reason as to why Obama and his homosexual friends in Congress keep pushing this is because of how Rome has been able to make it work.

What I mean is…

Rome has been molesting, torturing and even killing children for eons. And 100% of the time it's for their own perverted pleasure. This has been confirmed so many times over the centuries that it amazes me how blind the people are on all this to this day. Still.. it has become plain to me that because Rome has been able to do this to children and only a very small percentile of their priests ever see a jail cell, confirms the pedophile powers that be in America have finally realized they also have the chance to have their cake and eat it too.

Thanks to the transgender idiocy and the bathrooms, what Rome has been able to do with altar boys and "sleep overs" in the rectories all along, millions of pedophiles can do the same thing and Obama is trying to make it 100% legal for them to do just that! If he isn't stopped, and it doesn't appear he will be anytime soon, grown men with a lust for children will be legally able to walk into any woman's dressing area, locker room or bathroom! And the second the innocent victim cries out, the powers that be will accuse them of being intolerant!

By the way, did you see the story about an eight year old little girl being choked unconscious right next to her mother in the woman's bathroom of a restaurant in Chicago last month? Check out this video News report on it. What they're not saying in the video is how the gender neutral bathrooms that Obama, America's "first homosexual president" is pushing. As we know, Obama is not stupid. Everyone knows that he knows a gender neutral bathroom wherein a man claiming to "be a woman" can walk into any woman's restroom freely to rape, kidnap or kill women less powerful than he is will happen more frequently now. Opening the doors like this will cause much more crime in America than anyone can imagine.

Still.. what's amazing to me is how this News story isn't being presented in the way it should be. It happened a month ago and next to no one is talking about it and I am sure the "creepy peeper" story that I posted to the blog today will also find the back burner quickly with the idea that it's all political posturing and so it's no big deal. Their excuse will be that guys have been peeping on women for centuries. Yes, that's true. But, never were they given legal ability to fine tune their demonic craft.

As per the video of the 8 year old girl; I don't know if Jason's Deli has transgender restrooms or not. If they do, the reporter and News channel has failed the public miserably in not mentioning that. But if they don't have a transgender restroom, it is still a powerful tool against Obama's crazed position. This story can be the unequivocal poster child that could promote a common sense reality check that can be used to show how dangerous it can be to allow full grown men into women's restrooms. Will they do it? One can only hope. But knowing how ABC and all the other mainstream outlets are liberal propaganda machines hell-bent on bowing to special interest groups, I doubt they will run with this in the way it should be run.

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