Teen girl reports dressing room peeper at Target

"A 16-year-old girl said she was peeped on with a cellphone camera while in a dressing room at the Bismarck Target on Tuesday evening. The girl told a manager that a man placed a phone under her dressing room door with the camera face up, Bismarck Police said. When she walked out, the man entered a different dressing room. Dorothee Wacheux, a manager at Target, declined to comment on the case, but said such incidents are rare at the store. Police describe the suspect as a white male, age 30 to 50, 5 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 3 inches tall, with short brown hair, a muscular build and glasses. Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the area." –Source

And now here's the thing. Even if she was able to yell out that a man took her picture, the pedophile peepers have many political protectors just as the Rome Catholic priest does that joins the church to be able to molest little boys. Kind of makes it obvious as to who is behind all this doesn't it? Yes, we all know that Rome's homosexual agenda is the reason we see such things like this. I go into detail about that in my February of 2004 Truth Provided Newsletter. But the obvious reason as to why Obama and his homosexual friends in Congress keep pushing this is because of how Rome has been able to make it work.

What I mean is…

Rome has been molesting, torturing and even killing children for eons. And 100% of the time it's for their own perverted pleasure. This has been confirmed so many times over the centuries that it amazes me how blind the people are on all this to this day. Still.. it has become plain to me that because Rome has been able to do this to children and only a very small percentile of their priests ever see a jail cell, confirms the pedophile powers that be in America have finally realized they also have the chance to have their cake and eat it too.

Thanks to the transgender idiocy and the bathrooms, what Rome has been able to do with altar boys and "sleep overs" in the rectories all along, millions of pedophiles can do the same thing and Obama is trying to make it 100% legal for them to do just that! If he isn't stopped, and it doesn't appear he will be anytime soon, grown men with a lust for children will be legally able to walk into any woman's dressing area, locker room or bathroom! And the second the innocent victim cries out, the powers that be will accuse them of being intolerant!

By the way, did you see the story about an eight year old little girl being choked unconscious right next to her mother in the woman's bathroom of a restaurant in Chicago last month? Check out this video News report on it. What they're not saying in the video is how the gender neutral bathrooms that Obama, America's "first homosexual president" is pushing. As we know, Obama is not stupid. Everyone knows that he knows a gender neutral bathroom wherein a man claiming to "be a woman" can walk into any woman's restroom freely to rape, kidnap or kill women less powerful than he is will happen more frequently now. Opening the doors like this will cause much more crime in America than anyone can imagine.

Still.. what's amazing to me is how this News story isn't being presented in the way it should be. It happened a month ago and next to no one is talking about it and I am sure the "creepy peeper" story that I posted to the blog today will also find the back burner quickly with the idea that it's all political posturing and so it's no big deal. Their excuse will be that guys have been peeping on women for centuries. Yes, that's true. But, never were they given legal ability to fine tune their demonic craft.

As per the video of the 8 year old girl; I don't know if Jason's Deli has transgender restrooms or not. If they do, the reporter and News channel has failed the public miserably in not mentioning that. But if they don't have a transgender restroom, it is still a powerful tool against Obama's crazed position. This story can be the unequivocal poster child that could promote a common sense reality check that can be used to show how dangerous it can be to allow full grown men into women's restrooms. Will they do it? One can only hope. But knowing how ABC and all the other mainstream outlets are liberal propaganda machines hell-bent on bowing to special interest groups, I doubt they will run with this in the way it should be run.

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poGm Video: Catholic Sainthood Proven FALSE

Have you ever heard a Roman Catholic priest define how someone becomes a saint? If you need proof he lied to you, then check out this video! I not only share the Biblical facts, I share what the Vatican says IN WRITING on how they define a saint! (See video on Youtube here or on John1429.org here)

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Homeland Security Report Calls for Rejecting Terms ‘Jihad,’ ’Sharia’

"A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth. The Homeland Security Advisory Council report recommends that the department focus on American milliennials by allocating up to $100 million in new funding. It also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland related to the threat of violent extremism. The funds would be used for hiring experts and new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups." –Source

And Americans are supposed to believe that tripe? Sad thing is, the last few decades confirm, the majority will believe it. But for those that have eyes that see, it's far from the truth. As we know by watching how the well-controlled media keeps pushing the terrorist theme across all networks and those of us that know of people in all nations of the world thanks to the Internet, we know it's nowhere near as bad as they report. But, they report it day after day after day. And now we're supposed to believe they want to spend money on reaching out to the young people to see if they can help them avoid joining terrorist groups? Really? None of us would have any inkling about the so called terror if it wasn't part of the government's propaganda.

Reality dictates the following:

If you, (and by 'you' I mean Obama or any other high ranking official) wants a way to cultivate and indoctrinate young people towards a terrorist mindset, the best way to get it done is to start off in plain sight. You need to make a public announcement on a government funded and controlled media machine that your of so worried about the kids and you've decided you're now going to approach the young people in the cities to help them out of danger. A danger YOU invented. The parents who buy into all this who at the same time fear their children are headed down the wrong path will naturally sign their children up for the program as a last resort towards helping them get straightened out in life. This grants the government a huge crop of young people filing in with eyes wide shut just like Hitler's youth and those children that show signs of being very useful in performing terrorist attacks on US soil in the future, the program directors pull off them to the side in a "special" more stealthy program wherein they can work with the child to better build them up as a weapon they can use whenever needed. To keep the public unaware that the program was nothing more than a cattle call, they pick out a few of the more passive children rounded up, they then build them up in the public eye as if they were rough and tumble outcasts that they (the government directors) were able to help in their new government program. As for the other children that were taken off for "special" grooming, they are sitting on the sidelines waiting for their orders to do whatever their indoctrinator built into their minds. That way, it would be far easier to perform false flag attacks in the homeland when actual people (the brainwashed children) go berserk and true victims actually die in front of real eyewitnesses in the neighborhoods instead of just in front of cameras primed and ready to film their well-rehearsed action scene as we have been seeing and exposing lately.

The other toss on the coin is.

From day one I have been saying the Vatican needs Sharia law on the books in the USA as well as all nations. But in order to do that they have to do so quietly without too much fanfare They can't just go out and demand it without causing an upheaval. It has to be brought into being in a stealthy manner. And so, banning terms like 'Jihad' and 'Sharia' in America is an important step when it comes to a public relations ploy which will obviously make it far more difficult for most looking to figure out what's happening. You know.. like the word "abortion" when it first came about in the USA. When Roe-v-Wade was all the rage, terms like murder, infanticide, butchery and bloodlust was no longer par for the course when speaking about how children die in the clinics. The word "abortion" made it all appear less taboo. Or look at the word "gay" for example. When the homosexuals started to come out of the closets the terms like homosexual, queers, sodomites and a few more hateful slurs were used quite often. But then the homosexual community decided that they were "Good As You" and so they created the acronym "G.A.Y." so as to make them actually appear "good as you" and I. And yes, it was purposely created as a slam on Christians because the Christian Bible says homosexuality is an abomination.  Removing the terms 'Jihad' and 'Sharia' is no different. They plan to go full steam ahead, but they are now going to do so in a more filtered manner. In other words, prophecy WILL be fulfilled!

The article even went so far as to declare that "Under a section on recommended actions on terminology, the report says DHS should “Jihad is the Islamic concept of holy war that is the primary call to arms for Islamic terrorist groups around the world, including the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sharia law is the anti-democratic Islamic supremacist legal code that critics say has prevented U.S. Muslims from assimilating into American society."

Soon some of our very own young people will be turned into deadly weapons with an Islamic mindset wherein their deaths are absolutely certain. But the real sad art is they have no intention of wasting these weapons. When 'ignited' they will kill as many of their own friends, neighbors and even family members along with them as per indoctrinated order. And it's all being painted as a government help program that will help the youth just as Hitler did in his day. In short.. it's as I said for decades. Hitler is dead. But the Vatican that created him is still alive and so this is why Hitler's agenda is still very much alive today. For if it truly was just Hitler's ideals and demon inspired plans, it would have died with him. The fact the United States Government is working hand in hand with Rome as well as promoting Nazi tactics confirms it was not about one man being possessed by Satan. It was about Satan's headquarters on planet earth.

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