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"A federal judge for the Eastern District of Virginia has ruled that the user of any computer that connects to the Internet should not have an expectation of privacy because computer security is ineffectual at stopping hackers. The June 23 ruling came in one of the many cases resulting from the FBI's infiltration of PlayPen, a hidden service on the Tor network that acted as a hub for child exploitation, and the subsequent prosecution of hundreds of individuals. To identify suspects, the FBI took control of PlayPen for two weeks and used, what it calls, a "network investigative technique," or NIT—a program that runs on a visitor's computer and identifies their Internet address." –Source

Now I am all for tracking down and eliminating criminals, especially those that go after little children. But you do realize where this will lead don't you? Yes, those pedophiles were worthy of hacking, tracking and arresting; but for the judge to make a ruling on the FBI's obvious and blatant criminal activity is going to make it that much easier for the government to hack into anyone's home computer's without so much as a slap on the wrist.

For the judge to legalize an illegal act like Government hacking is appalling. But this is par for the course in an end time society. There is so much evil out there that those ordained by God to protect and serve (See Romans 13:1-7) find themselves at the losing end to do their job effectively, and so Satan boils the evil over the brim even more so as to force the powers that be to break their own laws to 'protect and serve' and once done he can somehow get a judge to legalize the very act so as to have it on the books making it an arguable defense the next time the FBI hacks into someone's computer. Don't think they can argue up a court decision into something it was never meant to allow? Do a little research on Roe -V- Wade.

Amazing isn't it? The judge somehow ponders the thought that since all computer owners should not expect to be 100% private on the Internet since criminals can and do often hack into private systems that the defendants, as disgusting and worthy of jail as they are, cannot claim the FBI committed a criminal act when they invaded their privacy, as putrid, perverted and satanic as it was. Even though the judge admitted that criminals are the ones that hack people, and therefore declaring the admitted criminal act of the FBI should now to be seen as legal, and so the ruling stands? Wow!

In short; as we all know Christians are rapidly becoming a major target in America as well as many other nations around the world. As we also know, the media has already peppered the airwaves with comments like "Christian extremist" as well as "Christian terrorist" over the years and so soon you will find Christians and even churches themselves being "legally" hacked into so as to better build the foundation that leads to what they hope to be an effective Armageddon. So be it.. it's going to happen just as prophesied and just as David saw Goliath collapse at his feet, God's people will also see the many collapse at our feet. MARANATHA!

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Government claims power to control content of sermons -repost

 "The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is being sued for claiming it has the right to control the content of church services that are “open to the public.” …At issue in the Iowa case are state mandates that protect “transgender rights.” Among them are allowing men to enter women’s shower rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms if they say they are women, and banning statements in meetings “open to the public” that “might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity” …The church’s minister desires to preach sermons addressing God’s design for human sexuality and the church’s beliefs about ‘gender identity,’ but reasonably fears that if it were to do so it would violate the act’s and the city code’s speech ban,” the complaint explains." Source

And that is the main reason Lyndon Johnson was inspired by Satan via the Vatican that was already in the White House to pen the 501c3 contract nearly every church denomination in America (expect those that actually study prophecy) signed unto it because as also prophesied, those standing at the desk are nothing more than preachers of filthy lucre. (money)

The 501c3 gags the preacher from speaking on any political topic. Now yes, some will assume that homosexuality is not a political topic. But as the prophet Daniel predicted, (Daniel 8:25) craftiness is the main tool in the Vatican's war chest. Homosexuality is a biblically condemned lifestyle. (See Genesis 19:1-11, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1Kings 14:24; 15:12, 2Kings 23:7, Romans 1:18-32, 1Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-10 and Jude 7) So much so it's called an abomination, and it's the sole reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Not to mention the final straw that brought on the flood in Noah's day. (See Luke 17:27 or click here for a video on this) But the Vatican is 98% homosexual and so they must push for homosexuality to be normalized as I suggested in my February of 2004 Truth provided Newsletter and in a few videos I made. And the quickest way to that end is to have numerous politicians speaking and supporting it in the mainSCREAM media. This is why Obama pushed it so hard in his second term. And now that they claim it is normalized, even though the majority of the people say otherwise. This allows them to declare any dissension against it can be seen as a political instead of spiritual reason for commenting on it on any 501c3 pulpit. And so they do.

The Vatican (first beast) will use the American government (second beast) to do what they themselves cannot do. Rome officially has no real power over any other sovereign State and so they must infiltrate deep within to gain that control by deception. This they have done for eons and most that study such things know that when Reagan faced the Mall instead of the flag when inaugurated into his second term, all disconnected (scattered infiltrates) knew Rome took the White House completely, and so their instructions to go forward once they saw a US President do that was their obvious next move. They claim it was 'the weather' that forced him to take the oath where he did, but the truth is, it took days to set it up proving it was a pre-planned move and many presidents before him took the oath in far worse weather. 

And by the way, even though Rome is the one that invented the "New World Order" and even had Hitler coining the phrase for them, the USA has been the one pushing the TPP and other New World Order political mandates because Rome cannot do it themselves. They have to do so using their friends in the American Congress or their own well placed political infiltrates. But once the other shoe drops, as I intimate is soon to come in a video I did titled "Global Government Plans FAST TRACKED – EU EMPIRE COMING," that day is racing towards us now on greased rails. The only way Rome can perfect the takeover is to do so nation by nation first with its leaders, and that is all but done. But they must also do so on an individual basis. And the only way to do that is by going church to church.

Now do you see why the mega-church phenomenon started via Bill Clinton's pal Bill Hybels with the Willowcreek mega-church movement? Rome knew they would never be able to get many people into their churches by their mind numbingly boring method of preaching. And they knew by the weak attendance in all the other churches that their infiltration worked and most were embracing a sinful stance and so the majority of the people already gave up on real Christianity. So as prophesied, 'another Jesus' had to be preached that would fill the pews. That's why the churches now teach Allah is God, homosexual marriage is ok, Rock music works well with hymns, and preachertainers are fun to listen to. So the churches with 100 to 200 in capacity that used to have trouble filling their pews are now building 5000, and 20,000 seat auditoriums to entertain the masses in sold out events.


If the preacher on the pulpit is an upstart that won't tow the line when it comes to any sinful normalization ordained by Rome, the Vatican controlled government swoops in waving the 501c3 contract to demand they do as they agreed to when they signed on. This is why those in the true and obedient church never signed it. As students of prophecy we know all about forming the image of the beast by joining with the State in business as well as how dangerous it can be to allow the government any say whatsoever in what the Lord Jesus Himself declares we speak at the desk He placed before us. Prophecy will be fulfilled! And in this case IT HAS been fulfilled!

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poGm VIDEO: Global Government Plans FAST TRACKED – EU EMPIRE COMING -repost

 As you all know that hit the Prophecy in the News blog daily, I reported on this yesterday. (Tuesday July 05, 2016) But I needed to make a video to get it out there even more. This is a prophetic milestone and it needs to be shared far and wide. (so please share!) Talk of a global EMPIRE or 'fourth Reich' as the Lord revealed years ago, will soon come into fruition. The Brexit was nothing more than a catalyst to that end. We are getting closer to our Lord's return by the minute. But then the final prophecies are to occur in rapid succession so, with that said I hope and pray you're getting your house ready! (Click here to watch on YouTube or click here to watch on John1429.org)

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