Rejected by U.K., Europeans to seek ’empire’?

"WASHINGTON – Now that the European Union will be losing the United Kingdom as a result of the Brexit vote, concerns are growing that the E.U. is seeking to expand intercontinentally with the aim of establishing an “empire.” A week after the British vote on June 23, E.U. Vice President Federica Mogherini released a document outlining the union’s plan for expansion, “A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy,” raising some eyebrows in foreign policy circles. Not only does the document suggest the possible formation of an E.U. army, it explores expanding the multi-state entity into Asia and Africa. It even envisions a global government. “We will invest in regional orders, and in cooperation among and within regions,” Mogherini wrote in the foreword. “And we will promote reformed global governance, one that can meet the challenges of this 21st century." –Source

What are those regions? Have you seen my "Ten Toes of Daniel" videos? If not, please do so as soon as possible. And what are their in depth plans? Have you ever read my "New World Order" page or watched Pastor Craig's video on "The New World Order"? Perhaps now's the time if you haven't as of yet. The man of sin in Rome was prophesied to use craftiness when manipulating the masses towards his way of governing. Daniel 8:25 says, "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand."

The craftiness of the Pope and his prelates is what moved the UK to drop out of the EU in the first place. In so doing the talk of a New World Order or 'global government' as prophecy calls it, will be better realized and easily ratified. Expanding their Roman tentacles into other nations so as to have the monetary and political base needed to go global is a no-brainer. And when this happens, and it will; the UK will have no choice but to be one with the NWO Empire after it sees how financially stable it can be for them. And no, I am not suggesting it will actually be stable for the people any more than the quantitive easing in the United States Banks actually makes our economy truly stable. But, those in positions of power will be unable to ignore the temptation to sign on once they see how big their piece of the pie will be once this all goes down. It will be very stable for them and crippling to the common man. And as I've said many times before, that is the golden carrot the Pope under Satanic inspiration has always worked well with. The fact Obama is kicking it up a notch behind the scenes with the TPP suggests the fix is in. At least in that scenario alone.

As I said the other day, the Brexit thing is never going to stop the prophecy of Revelation 17:12 from being fulfilled that says "the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." And as I've been saying for decades, it will have to be set up as a Socialist form of Government as the Vatican has been demanding for quite some time now. Seriously, Cardinal Ratzinger who later became Pope Benedict XVI said when commenting on Liberation theology that "The 'absolute good' (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including–if necessary–violence, homicide, mendacity." Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~ US News & World Report, Dec 2, 1985 (click here for photocopy of quote)

These men are ruthless and will kill anyone that stands in their way. But I say, why bother? The prophecy WILL be fulfilled! We couldn't stand in their way if we wanted to. Still.. some will try and they will be killed, but that's their own fault. Had they studied prophecy they would know this was going to happen and they couldn't stop it. In fact, this EU Empire under the Socialist format is the only way they will be able to get away with passing certain laws that allow for the violent means of forcing people into compliance via the buy and sell enforcement of the mark and then the actual death penalty for those that comes next for those that refuse. This is why Ratzinger said what he said. But, at present the people suffering in the EU conglomeration would never go along with such things. But their leaders will. And since the people won't go along, the leaders must then become Dictators wherein it doesn't matter what the people want.

And  yes, it will go global no matter how many people will assume otherwise. Just as many people doubted the SDA church keeping Sunday holy would ever happen, or that the Jews would never agree to keep Sunday holy was a pipe dream, the United States of America will also be part of this Vatican's NWO. In fact, if it wasn't for our past few presidents pushing the NWO, we would never be where we are today. Still, when it comes it's going to have to come with bloodshed because many Americans are upset and they are already primed, ready and armed to the teeth for the next civil war. No matter how many lies are piped into the mainSCREAM media, the truth is known by many Americans that refuse to follow the herd. And they don't like what's happening one bit. But I repeat.. why bother? It's going to happen no matter how much you don't like it. We are in the last days and unless someone has a working time machine that will allow us to go back a few centuries, not much can be done to escape any of this.

Bottom line is; just as Rome was able to build Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler's 3rd Reich into a blood curdling empire; as I said back in February of 2008 in my Truth Provided Newsletter; the Vatican's fourth Reich will come to fruition. Not because students of prophecy proclaim it, and not even because Ratzinger lusts after it. It's going to happen because IT WAS PROPHESIED!

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Revenue Canada forbids Unitarians from working for justice

"One of Canada's most venerable religious charities has been told by the Canada Revenue Agency that it can no longer work for justice in the world. Agency officials conducting a political activities audit on the Canadian Unitarian Council said the broad statement in the council's bylaws is too vague. "Vague purposes are ambiguous and can be interpreted in many different ways," the agency said in a compliance letter, which includes other demands more than a year after the audit was launched. …Many charities targeted by CRA's political activity audit program, begun in 2012 under the Stephen Harper government, had expected relief from the Liberals, who campaigned on a promise to set charities "free from political harassment." …"I do wish that the government would stop these audits, like, right now," said Ng. "It has cost me many, many, many hours of work. … It has also cost us a lot of money that we haven't budgeted for." …Of 38 completed audits so far, only one found no problems. Six charities have been given notice the agency intends to revoke their charitable status…" –Source

Just so you know, the charitable foundation or "Canadian Unitarian Council" is set up by the government in Canada in similar fashion to the United States 501c3 contract wherein all the disobedient pastors of the nation signed unto since 1954 which then became law in 2007 under the second Bush administration. (See the prophetic implications to their signing here)  In Canada, and no doubt under DC inspiration and coercion, the CUC was formed in 1961.That's just 7 years after Lyndon Johnson set it up in 1954 in the United States.

Without going too much into the way this all works; in America, once under the 501c3 contract any political talk on the pulpit is illegal once the contract is signed, sealed and delivered. Doing so would be considered a breach of contract. In Canada however, they are allowed to spend upwards of 10% of their raised revenue for political purposes. That I have a tendency to believe, was purposely placed into the contract to allow for the present plethora of audits to commence. Without it, they had no way of regulating them or at the very least having a valid reason to audit them so as to make sure they were staying within the boundaries of the contract. As the woman stated in the article, these audits make it very difficult for them to do their job wherein many hours and large amounts of cash have to be dedicated to the audits to prevent the government from haphazardly shutting them down. But again, and I do sound like a broken record on this, why didn't these people read their Bibles before signing on? Or at the very least read the contract's fine print?

Do you recall what happened to Lot when he decided to split from Abraham due to conflicts between the workers? Lot looked at the affluent plains of Sodom and Gomorrah and made the choice to go there without a second thought. Delusions of grandeur no doubt influenced his decision. Like the preachers in the USA, as well as in Canada and all the other nations with these Vatican inspired gags upon them, he didn't pray first. Had he prayed he would have known the Lord would not want him to go to those cites at all. And had the pastors today prayed or at the very least opened a Bible more often than looking for power phrases for their sermons, they too would not be forced to do as the government demands each time they write a sermon.

In these massively corrupt times one can see why they are pressuring the preachers to stop speaking about political corruption from their pulpits. It's a no-brainer that even a one week old babe in Christ can deduce. The corruption is that wide spread now that we can all see the need to expose it, or at the very least avoid it. But prophecy must be fulfilled and because the pastors are all into the money first and the flock second, the golden carrot offered to them by their respective governments was far too tempting to pass up. Especially since they already stopped preaching prophecy due to blatant disobedience crippling their wisdom to even understand prophecy. With these lukewarm and well indoctrinated minds, Satan knew when the contracts started to flow from church to church and the signatures started to appear on each one, the enemy of souls was no doubt smiling from horn to horn.

Now do you see why reading the Bible and studying prophecy is so very important? The only thing the obedient Christian can do now is to leave the fallen churches. Yes, the pastors should step down as well, but that's not likely to occur. Don't believe me? Ask your pastor today about the 501c3 contract and watch him (or her) lie through his teeth to keep your tithe in his basket each week. May God have mercy on his soul.

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VIDEO: Court Forcing 501c3 Pastor to Pay Nearly a Half-Million Dollars Over Free Speech Settlement -repost

"All he did was circulate recall petitions, the bishop says. Two federal courts and the state attorney general have sided with him. But the former mayor and a local judge appear out for blood to the tune of $475,000 straight from the pocket of Bishop Tom Brown. "This is the most unjust action that has ever taken place against any church in the United States of America," Brown says. He leads Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas." –Source

What this pastor and all the unknowing people that may eventually send him the $475,000 he needs is, it's all HIS FAULT! This is not a free speech situation at all and so I see no reason to post it as such. If this pastor, like all the other pastors that signed unto the 501c3 trap that was prophesied thousands of years ago would have read the contract they were signing, he would know it's written right into it that once he signed that contract he can no longer speak politically from his pulpit. And so now he's in hot water after getting caught telling his people in the church to recall the Mayor. And he deserves to be in trouble because he reneged on the contract. But for some odd reason he is saying this is all an unjust action of the city and State? How's that possible when he agreed to stop preaching on politics?

It's the prophesied preachers of filthy lucre like this pastor all over this country that have caused Christianity to fall to such decadent levels. These preachers of ear tickling sermons designed to sell a product that fills their pockets with untold riches. And according to T.D. Jakes, "Jesus is the product" they are selling. I have no doubt that this 'Bishop' never even bothered to read the 501c3 contract before signing because if he did, he might not have done so. But it appears he only read the area wherein it stated he could get land, homes, cars and many other items tax free and like all the other pastors, that's all he cared about.

There are two main reasons Lyndon Johnson set up the 501c3 back in 1954 that later became law in 2007 after 90% of the pastors signed onto it during its 53 year berthing process. #1, it prevents the pastors from speaking about political corruption from their pulpits so as to have a sway over the election process. And the truth is, Johnson and his dying god Satan knew full well that political corruption was going to be off the charts in a few decades and such corruption would compel many pastors to speak out and so, they dangled the golden carrot promising riches and these pastors swallowed it whole.

#2, In its design it can be used to prevent political commentary on the pulpit which can be very beneficial to the Vatican's long prophesied agenda. Gagging the preachers on one end wherein they cannot speak out on political corruption is a positive thing for Rome yes. But to prevent them from speaking spiritually is twofold 'blessing' for the man of sin. What I mean is, if ever the preachers wake up to see the Pope is evil, some will be moved to speak out on his doctrinal insanity, and when they do the government can swoop down claiming a breach of contract. Yes, the preachers can say it's not political because it's a spiritual matter regarding doctrine, but the much stronger arm of the law will declare with the power of the pen that yes that may be true but the Pope is also the head of State in Vatican city and therefore a political entity and so protected under the 501c3 contract. And yes, some may try to legally argue that assumption away in a courtroom, but as the preachers in Canada recently discovered, stepping into a legal back and forth with lawyers who have unlimited time and resources will cripple your ministry physically and financially. So even if the argument can be seen as valid and winnable, most if not all would never bother as it would take far too much time and finances to fight it.

Now do you see why I refuse to get the 501c3? Besides the fact getting one forces you to join your church or ministry with the State thereby creating an image to the Church and State structure of the beast in Rome, it also makes it difficult to preach about Antichrist because most of your money and time will be spent defending such speech in courtrooms.

In any event, as I said at the start, this pastor is not being very honest when he claims this is a free speech matter. #1, he signed a contract with his very own hand that if he read it or not, it literally gags him from political posturing and so it's not a free speech matter at all. He agreed to the gagging for money offered at the start. And #2, even if he didn't read the contract because of all the dollars signs circling his mind like little birdies in a cartoon victim's head that just received a blow to the head, one can rest assured that contract was openly shared and read aloud in that courtroom and that is why he lost his case. He signed the contract! No getting around that! That being the basic reality here means, for him to claim it to be a free speech matter is a bold faced lie. But then.. these are the last days and he is one with many other wolves that clamored after the prize and so they will do what they can to defend their actions. What I pray happens next is that the people in the pews finally discover just how untrustworthy their 501c3 government approved agents of the State claiming to be pastors really are.

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