Canada’s Supreme Court rules some bestiality legal

"While bestiality is a criminal offence in Canada, the top court ruled the legal definition is much more limited than how it has been interpreted for decades. It all goes back to the 1800s Church of England trying to ban any sex acts that were seen as unnatural. …Over the years the Criminal Code of Canada changed but the definition of bestiality was never explicitly expanded. The court found in a 7-1 ruling Thursday that there needs to be penetration involved for an act with an animal to be a criminal offence." –Source

I can't believe we have to speak on such vulgar and disgusting things so as to expose the times we live in. But I said the same thing when the homosexual lifestyle started to be normalized in the media directly after the Roman Catholic church was caught molesting thousands of little boys some years ago in America. Still, there is a silver lining in all this.

What's that? – Prophetic truth is being confirmed on a global basis!

Many years ago, students of prophecy exposed the Vatican as a homosexual owned and operated pedophile ring that also delved in adult homosexuality as a favored pastime in all the Roman brothels that catered to the homosexual priests. Worse yet, some of the brothels are owned and operated by the Vatican! Yes, many laughed at us and declared us insane, Biblically inept and nothing more than a cult filled with false prophets who could not understand end time prophecy. Then the News of the Vatican priests dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else broke, and the scoffers seemed to be in hiding. Not long after that the child molestation scandal broke in the United States and again; all those scoffers couldn't seem to find their once very active tongues.

Next, we with the truth as it is revealed from our Lord publicly declared the Vatican would have to push to normalize homosexuality so as to lower their lawsuit payouts while at the same time build a foundation to allow for the normalization of child molestation. Suddenly the scoffers with egg on their shirts seemed to have found their wagging tongues and new life sprung forth in their deceptive message to where they laughed and laughed all the way up to June 26, 2015 when homosexuality was forever normalized by law when same sex marriage was legalized in the land of the second beast of Revelation. That would be America for those in need of Bible study. Again, the laughing not only stopped.. the scoffers scurried into hiding so as to escape the light of truth shining upon them.

Next, we declared that the pedophilia agenda would need a public relations boost by normalizing other decadent lifestyles so as to make child molestation appear less and less morbid and taboo so as to uplift the prelates in Rome who are in fact the largest known organized group of pedophiles on the planet, second only to Hollywood and Washington DC. We here in this church alone have been preaching for years that polygamy would have to become less taboo in the eyes of the people so as to normalize pedophilia. Of course, the laughing started up again, but then almost immediately we saw Hollywood sitcoms (like Sister's wives and others) that promoted 'normal' polygamy hitting prime time TV. As expected.. the scoffers jumped their sinking ship of deception hoping to find a dark place to hide until the next time they hear something funny and muster up the courage to laugh out loud.

Next, and at the same time we spoke on Polygamy and how it needed normalization, we exposed the truth about bestiality and how it would be next and again, the exposed scoffers came out of hiding again hoping they finally found a way to redeem themselves with more laughter; but now we see them running off the hide again thanks to this article I just posted and more like it in coming days.

Will they ever learn that Christian prophecy or even simple Holy Spirit inspired discernment is not something to laugh about? If God said it will happen, how can anyone be stupid enough to think it won't? Especially when we have literally 6000 years of 100% accurate prophetic fulfillment and better yet, we all live in the last days wherein prophecy is being fulfilled almost daily all around us. I guess the old saying is true. There are none so blind as those that refuse to see. So be it.. what's coming next is not only impossible to miss, even the scoffer himself won't be able to find a safe place to hide on that great and dreadful day. And oh what a day that will be! MARANATHA!

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Hate-speech attack plan draws serious fire

"Religious and secular activists both are taking aim at a new plan by the European Union to require tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter to attack “hate” speech online. And for the same reason: The vague definitions could give people with nefarious agendas the power to censor speech. WND recently reported the agreement tech giants Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others reached with the European Union to crack down on what some regard as “hate speech.” The Associated Press reported the newly approved “code of conduct” will have the tech companies “quickly” remove “illegal hate speech directed against anyone over issues of race, color, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

This is actually why I created my video portal website at Yes, I understand it's a bit archaic in design and I am looking for a way to streamline it so as to make searching the videos easier. (ideas?) But it has to be done because soon I will be removed from YouTube for preaching present truth. As many of you already know, they have been censoring my emails for years and have deleted three of them outright so far. No, I do not preach hate, but as we know the truth as we know it now called hate speech. (See the following Newsletters… TPNL 03-02-00 "Is Preaching Gospel now Hate Crime?" TPNL 09-30-03 "Bible = HATE CRIME in Canada!" )

As I've stated for many years, the truth we preach as the remnant people of God cannot be refuted in any way shape or form. Those that hate truth know this and so they do all they can to shut us up. True Christians don't bow to secular infiltration or even doctrines of demons in their statement of faith like all the fallen churches of the world have. If the world wants to keep Sunday holy, claim Christmas or Easter is Christian, homosexual marriage is ok or even declare Allah is God, we can't stop them. But we can tell the truth to those that want to know the truth about such things. That is called religious freedom as well as freedom of speech. But as prophesied, both will soon be gone and so we must prepare to spread the message offline.

And for those wondering.. yes we do have "some" time left to prepare. Not a  lot, but some. What I mean is, before they take our right to preach the present truth online away 'legally', they have to make it difficult for us to share the truth so as to convince those with the power it's doable. This is why many of my videos are being censored and some deleted by YouTube. I don't much worry about Facebook because I don't think it's wise to use Government servers wherein the main objective is to snort as much private information from its users so as to have a better way to arrest and even trump up charges on innocent people for both profit and control. In short, I don't use Facebook, I expose it.

The other reason I see we have some time left is that tech and Internet giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have to be convinced it is somehow proper to censor their customers en masse and since they already started, I see this as an absolute necessity if they want to be allowed to stay in business. Plus, it will eventually take an act of Congress seeing how they are so deeply rooted into society now. The fact ICANN is going global in its infrastructure shows the Vatican's NWO is ruling to some extent already. One can only imagine who the proposed "stakeholders" will be for ICANN or if they will ever be announced. But I have no doubt the Vatican will be one of them even if they do so behind closed doors. They simply MUST try to stop the prophesied loud cry. And no, I don't think they need the US Congress to agree with Rome on this at all. They already have been for years. But Congress will have to be used to officially pass the laws needed to be able to move censorship legally into the private sector. Forcing the CEO's already in bed with Rome was merely step one, since we, the consumer that keeps them in business have been the long sought after prize all along.

The truth we preach is very frightening to Satan and his pawns. So they will do all they can to stop it. He has been trying to do this for eons. We see this type of attack on the truth from Genesis to Revelation. And as we saw it played out 2000 years ago and recorded for our benefit in Acts chapter five, wherein the Pharisees tried to stop the Apostles from preaching truth in their day, we will definitely see it in our day. And as Peter said so eloquently back then, we echo today. "we ought to obey God rather than men." -Acts 5:29.

Just as prophecy predicted they will try and stop the truth, but praise the Lord prophecy also predicted they will fail. So.. with that in mind.. PREACH ON brothers and sisters! We are approaching the home stretch as we speak! Maranatha!

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VIDEO: Tiny Christian church in holy war with Islam

"The church is so small it doesn’t even have a website. It’s main method of communicating with the outside world is its outdoor marquee sitting out front of its building along a highway that few travel. Harrington posted messages last month on the board that read: “Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad not greater than Jesus.” The other side of the marque stated “Only the Bible is God’s Word. Koran is just another book.” In a matter of days word spread to Muslim groups and their left-leaning supporters well beyond Hood River. About a dozen protesters descended on the small church with signs saying “take down this sign.” This church is so small it often can’t muster more than a dozen members for a Sunday service." –Source

Amazing how a small town preacher with a handful of church goers can see the truth in this, but the main stream millionaires dressed up as wolves in sheep's clothing can't seem to realize Allah is not God and Jesus is much more powerful than a pedophile; but then this is the norm in these last days wherein if you have enough political pundits willing to spread the lie for Rome who not only has to make pedophilia the norm, they also seek to make it appear as a wise choice for those looking on who can be indoctrinated to think since learned and powerful men are pedophiles it must mean it's the right thing to do. Don't believe people can't be indoctrinated into thinking child rape is the norm? Perhaps you would have laughed 40 years ago as well if told abortion and homosexual marriage would be legalized in the future?

One can also see how fearful the Muslims are when it comes to the unvarnished or watered down truth of our God. Satan hates our God and anyone that shares his biblical truth, and it appears it doesn't even matter that a Sunday keeping small town pastor is doing it. The fact someone may see it and be converted to the truth is far too frightening for Satan or his pawns to allow without at least trying to stop it. Even if they fail in getting that sign removed, the way they attacked the pastor in the media and local area will make the wishy washy pastors think twice before making any mention of same in sermons, tracts, videos or readerboards.

The article goes on to say:

"There may be, on a good day, 30 cars go by and see our sign,” said Pastor Harrington. “My intent was anybody who agrees with that come on in, and anyone who disagrees with it, come in and we’ll talk about it.” But that wasn’t the case. This simple expression of religious conviction was too “controversial” for some to tolerate. One man, Eric Cohn, was riding his bike by the church one day and said he “could not believe” what he was seeing. He stopped and told the pastor he wept because he was so offended by the message on the reader-board."

This so called "weeping man" even went so far as to write letters to the point the Mayor got involved and stated on camera "I think it norms up this kind of behavior like ‘oh, it’s okay to be a bigot now." Sound familiar? It should. I've heard the exact same hateful slurs towards me and my message when I shared tracts, videos or sermons exposing the Catholic and Seventh Day Adventists churches over the years. When the people from those churches cannot refute the plain and simple truths found in the Bible, the one sharing them is then the problem. The deceived souls never think to look to themselves to see if the truth proclaimed speaks of their need for repentance or even look in the Bible itself to see if it's true or not. Like the deceived Jews of long ago, if their religious leaders say it they believe it hook line and sinker.

In today's world, and it was prophesied to be this way. (See Isaiah 4:1; 2Timothy 4:3; 2Peter 3:3) Most in the churches are only what I like to call Pastor echoes. Since the Catholic church has been pushing Allah as a god for many years and the SDA church has been declaring the same on camera for them recently, most will indeed be offended as did the "weeping man" and the mayor in this story were. So be it.. had Noah decided not to build the ark after all the complaints rolled in, or if any of the patriarchs and prophets of old clammed up when the heat was on, or what if the apostles decided to stop preaching as the Pharisees demanded in Acts 5? If they shrunk back as the hirelings and scoffers do on a regular basis, Christianity would not be here today.

Pray for this pastor. Perhaps persecution like this will get him to dig into his bible to further defend his message and also pray that while there he may just discover that Sunday is not the Sabbath, his denomination's doctrine of once saved always saved is a lie, and Christmas is in fact a very demonic holiday just to name a few.

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