Should Uncle Sam Mandate Church Attendance?

"A recent study has found that women who attended a religious service more than once per week had with a 33% lower risk of death compared with women who had never attended religious services. That's huge.  According to Obamacare logic, we should seriously consider mandating that every American attend church every week. …But if forcing people to have coverage to save lives makes sense, then why not force them to go to church? Think about it: Obamacare forces every American to have health insurance and then tries to soften the blow of that mandate by heavily subsidizing coverage for those with the lowest incomes. In 2016, CBO estimates the federal government will spend $5,000 in subsidies for each uninsured person who gains coverage. Even if we believed the best-possible-case figures from the Massachusetts health reform–i.e., that expanded coverage reduced mortality risk by 30%– mandatory church attendance still would produce slightly greater mortality gains without requiring any taxpayer subsidies . In short, we could have all of the purported health benefits of Obamacare without incurring any of its costs!" –Source

Yes, the man writing the article is being quite sarcastic as well as having a little fun with the strange logic that runs through the political mind, but he does have a point here that most (himself included) my miss. First off it's clear, the numbers don't lie. So if they were to mandate church attendance as he jokingly suggests; and seeing how money rules the government AND the churches, it is a plausible outcome no matter how ridiculous it may seem to some. Still, even if he doesn't realize it, it will happen. But not so much in the way he assumes.

Truth be known, it's not like the idea of a mandatory church service was never considered before. In fact, in the infancy of this nation we saw that it was in fact mandatory in the early colonies and anyone failing to attend would be punished. First offense would be the loss of allowance for that one week. Seeing how they relied heavily on that allowance to survive, that wasn't an easy thing to do without. The second offense would be the loss of allowance as well as a rather violent public whipping. The third offense was death. And no, I am not just whistling Dixie here. Well, at least not for another 251 years. Check out this excerpt from a colonial document back then.

  • "Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath (Sunday), and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death!" (-Laws, and Orders, Divine, Politique, & Martial For the Colony in Virginia: established by Sir Gates, Knight, Lieutenant – General, the 24th of May, 1610)

They did this back then thanks to Roman influence still festering upon their version of Christianity, and students of prophecy know all too well that they will reenact this law soon as we see Roman influence on ALL religions today including politicians. In fact, Trump has placed more Roman Catholics on his cabinet than any other president in recent memory. Don't quote me on that as the jury is still out. But he is piling them on in heaps as we speak.

So.. such an idea, as sarcastic and spiritually idiotic as it may seem at first glance, one can see is never without the proverbial possibility that someone in power may see it as a viable option that would generate even more cash into his already silk lined pockets. The fact the early settlers of this American nation saw fit to do so back then suggests they will do so in the very near future as well. After all, prophecy does declare religious laws are headed our way and the ultimate religious law is in fact Sunday laws. The fact this author moves the numbers to prove the government as well as tax payers can save a ton of money by mandating church attendance using the statistics that suggest church attendees live longer (be they fudged or not) can be repeated often as a viable talking point in the coming days when more dialog on Sunday laws scatter forth. And once again I must say to all those scoffers reading this post that can't help but to chuckle as you prepare to ship me a tinfoil bonnet, laugh it up all you like. It's not like this would be the first time that which students of prophecy have shared that brought peals of laughter. But I am positive this will be the last.

And just so you know, as something like this has to be said. No, I don't see this going down word for word or even stat by stat as per the article's author quips. But I can see how the hundreds of corrupt politicians presently chomping at the bit for a way to build yet another cash cow that can replace Obama's extremely unaffordable care act that's dying as we speak. In fact, were you aware that only four of 24 Obamacare co-ops remain open? It's the worst money sucking failure to date for this nation. And so, as crazed as the thought of a mandated church service appears for some; just as we saw in 1610, it's not impossible. I mean seriously, we all just saw how insane it was to even try pushing through Congress this mess called Obamacare did we not? What would stop them from continuing the insanity by doing as the article suggests, be it sarcastic or not?

Bottom line is this. Truth is, for most with Bible in hand and faith in heart, we know Sunday Laws are prophesied. That means IT WILL HAPPEN.

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Pedophile dies after cathedral concert attack

"A convicted pedophile has died after being badly beaten during a concert he was performing in a cathedral near Buenos Aires, attacked by parents from a preschool where he had allegedly molested children, a priest said. Marcelo Fabian Pecollo, a music teacher and trumpeter with the Moron city orchestra, was sentenced in 2010 to 30 years in prison for molesting five preschool children. He was freed in 2014 after a sentence reduction." –Source

First and foremost, killing the man in a mob scene is most assuredly not the Christian way to handle this at all But since this is the Roman Catholic Cathedral de Moron wherein being under Vatican rule everything from abortion, Satanism and burning your neighbors homes down for refusing to partake in drunken festivals is deemed acceptable; one can expect the norm to be a violent outcome towards anyone that has "wronged" them.

For those of us that have been called everything from bigots to Catholic bashers for sharing the Gospel and Present Truth message, we know extreme anger and violence is often used as an evangelistic tool in the Roman Catholic church. I know, I was Catholic 29 years and share my "faith" in the same manner more than once. What amazes me is how more priests haven't seen this kind of violent end at the hands of their parishioners. But then, when you are taught to worship the priests as "gods on earth," the normal response for any Roman Catholic to a priest being tagged a child molester is going to be anger and disgust. But not against the priest. It will be against those exposing the priest. At least that's what I and a few million other people saw the last few centuries. No, I was never molested by a priest. But I did know of some who were raped by priests when I was growing up. What shocked me is how when these poor abused little boys told their parents, instead of believing their own children, they chose instead to lash out at their own children for accusing the priests of such horrific acts against them.

In any event, do you see what I see between the blurred lines of reality here? It is prophesied the people of the world (nonbelievers that is) will be moved by the powers that be to surround and kill the people of God in the coming days because we refuse to bow to the Pope's Sunday Laws; of which they claim to be the Vatican's global mandate that they have found to be the fix for all the disasters. And so in order to get the people into a state of mind wherein killing someone, be they guilty or not in a mob scene, must be cultivated slowly but surely. This is why I did the video back in June of 2001 titled "By Beholding, most Become Killers." Thanks to the Inquisitions and the violent ways Catholic priests have treated their own flock, their neighbors and even forced their loyal parishioners to abuse their own bodies in Pagan rituals, we know the enemy of souls already has the Catholic church pretty much under control when it comes to committing violent acts in the name of God. But the so called Protestants need to join the crowd if Armageddon is ever to have a fighting chance. (no pun intended) And so everything from violent Hollywood movies, video games and sporting events just to name a few have conditioned them to follow the Pope's lead on this.

What we see happening in the Catholic church is par for the course for the end time agenda of Satan. The fact the priest in that Cathedral claimed the pedophile was only an "alleged" molester, even though everyone there knew he was already convicted and served 4 years of a 30 year sentence, shows they will defend anyone that embraces their same desires of the flesh. And that is why I believe the pedophile was allowed back in the church to play his trumpet before the people in that concert. Rome's always done that in fact. The thousands of lawsuits around the world show how once a priest gets caught molesting a little boy, they move him to the next church so as to protect him as well as the Vatican's largest organized group of child molesters known to man. Still, as morbid as that may seem, I doubt anyone in that mob picked up on the fact that the priest used the word "alleged" at all. All they cared about that day was killing the man that molested their precious children. I only hope that man truly repented of his crimes against those children before his church members took his life.

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Nativity Scene Could Offend Muslims, Priest Says

"A priest in Italy has caused uproar after announcing there would be no Christmas nativity scene at the local cemetery this year because it could offend Muslims and atheists. Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there. …The local chief of the conservative Lega Nord, Pietro Burgazzi, also said: “I hope the decision not to put up a crib was not ideological, but hearing the criticisms it seems that it was." –Source

It amazes me to no end how quick Roman Catholic priests are to bow down to Satan in refusing to share Jesus with anyone outside the Catholic church. Now, before you email me with eyebrows still firmly raised in surprise, no I am not declaring the Roman Catholic church is a Christian church. I have overwhelming evidence on more than 12,000 pages (if printed) of this website that it is by no means a Christian church. (Sorry Mr & Mrs Catholic, there's just no easy way to say that) And no I am not saying Christmas is a Christian holy-day either. As many already know, I have a ton of evidence that Christmas is 100% Pagan. Just looking at the picture on the left with the Pagan stained glass window in the so called stable shows it promotes Paganism. I mean seriously, when was the last time anyone saw a window, let alone a stained glass window in a stable? It was placed there for a reason. (See more about Paganism in the church of Rome here) 

The Catholic people aren't completely at fault here. They just trusted their priests not even considering they may be lying to them. They have been taught since 538AD that their church is a Christian church and so they believe it simply because the priests say it is. And the norm in the seminaries is that the new priests are all brainwashed into thinking Roman Catholicism is in fact Christianity. So many of these priests are just as in the dark on this as are the people they preach to. But if they open the Bibles their church leaders declare in writing to hate, they would see what billions of other people see. Even the Atheist knows Catholicism is evil and this is why they gave up on God. At least that's what I have heard from some of them over the years. Still, the people need to open their Bibles if they are ever to understand any of this. The Catholics are taught to worship the priest over the Creator of that priest, and so as promised from the Lord Himself, a strong delusion has become their faith. But the main reason I am posting this article is why this priest did this in the first place.

If you visit my "Pope and Islam" page you will see that the Vatican has been extra vocal lately about puffing up the Muslims who are actually killing on average one Christian every 2.5 minutes. They did this with Hitler and so this is the norm for them to do with Islam as well. In fact, Islam has declared openly their loyalty to the Pope and his hatred of Christians. (See one of my videos that YouTube blocked in middle eastern nations that touched on this. You may also want to see this video for WHY YouTube blocked the videos)

For this priest and many like him in the Vatican churches to claim the Nativity scene may "offend Muslims and Atheists" is the weakest lie to date. What they're going for here is a complete removal of Jesus Christ in all aspects of society. The fact the people have let them do this for well over a millennium confirms their end game agenda is known. And yes, they have allowed them to remove Jesus.

But how you ask? One word… CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is NOT about Jesus at all, and I can prove it. In fact I do so in detail here. If you visit that detailed compilation of historic and biblical facts you will find that Christmas is about the worship of the Sun, moon and stars. And so now that the majority have accepted Christmas as a so called Christian holy-day we can see Rome's plan worked. They literally have spiritual control over the masses as we speak. But no one knows about it because most don't read Bibles. Since the people let them remove Jesus from their Pagan doctrines long ago, removing their fake version of Jesus will be just as easy. Simple reason being is, there is no power in their version of Jesus because it's NOT HIM.

Don't believe me? If Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy was still alive I would have you ask him why he outlawed all prayers to Jesus Christ in all American schools back on June 27, 1962. He as well as his Vatican prelates knew that if you get Jesus out of the schools, those children will become adults with a Vatican inspired faith, and with that weakened they will be able to get Jesus out of society as well. Look around.. it's been 54 years since they removed Jesus from the schools. Society look any better since they did that? Now do you see why they don't want Muslims being reminded that Jesus exists? If it worked on actual Christians in America so as to have more control over them via the Vatican controlled churches, it will work even better to prevent Muslims from seeking Jesus as Lord in the first place.

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