Supremes face bombshell: Law censoring Christian counselors

 "The U.S. Supreme Court has been handed a bombshell: An appeal of a lower-court ruling that banned Christian counselors from talking with teens about the biblical standard for sexuality. …The law originated with homosexual interests who want the state to require licensed counselors to promote homosexuality but be banned from explaining its negative consequences. It began in the state’s schools, where a previous law allowed promotion of homosexuality but forbade educators from explaining the problems. “If the Supreme Court grants our petition for certiorari, this will be the most important freedom of religion case for this year and will impact the rights of counseling ministries across the country, potentially for generations to come,” said Brad Dacus, president of PJI. He said since the passing of SB 1172, which bars licensed counselors from assisting youth who want to change or reduce same-sex attractions, PJI has worked to defend counseling that takes place within church walls. The law also prohibits counseling that would steer youth away from gender confusion." –Source

Surprised? You shouldn't be. This was all planned by those in power decades ago. And if you're a student of prophecy, you know it was predicted eons ago in your very own Bibles. The American people have been played like a fiddle and no one seems notice and most wouldn't even care if you showed them. Everything from prayers being outlawed in schools by Roman Catholic president John F. Kennedy to all that Obama did the last eight years against Christians in the USA will now become a grab bag of political toys the Vatican controlled politicians can pull from to act as if they are undoing the damage of the wicked ones before them by creating all sorts of new supposedly pro-Christian laws which are nothing more than pavement for the man of sin to tread towards normalizing the amalgamation of Church & State just as their favored "saint" and ex-Nazi war crime criminal John Paul II commanded when he was alive. That way after a few years or maybe even months of one religious bill, newly enforced law or mere talking points in the well-oil media, the American people will be so used to the new religiosity of American politics so that when Sunday Laws are suggested to slow or even stop the now growing calamities, most in America won't care in the slightest bit about such laws, even if they are religious. Especially after a few years of economic plenty thanks to the manufactured boon in the stock market has made their bottom line that much larger. And to think.. not only does Bible prophecy warn about all this, so did recent historical events and statements make it easy to see as the end result of complacency in the Christian churches.

  • In the fourth and fifth centuries, Sunday shows and Sunday theaters, it was complained, hindered the "devotion of the faithful," because many of the members attended them in preference to the church services. The church, therefore, demanded that the state interfere, and promote Sunday observance by law. "In this way, " Says Neander "the church received help from the state for the furtherance of her ends." This union of church and state served to establish the Papacy in power. A similar course pursued now will produce the same results. -AUGUSTUS NEANDER, General History of the Christian Religion and the Church, Torey translation (3rd American ed.), vol. 2, pp. 300,301
  • "Consequently, John Paul was criticized by liberal and moderate politicians and newspapers for transgressing the boundary between church and state." TIME June 1, 1981 article "Not Yet Hale, but Hearty" By George Russell
  • In sermons based on the Ten Commandments, John Paul denounced excessive materialism, divorce, contraception and the separation of church and state, TIME June 17, 1991 "The Gift Of Life" p. 47 Sermons from A Native Son
  • Recent statements by the Polish Episcopate have fueled apprehension. In late April the bishops urged that the new constitution exclude any provision for the separation of church and state. Instead, they suggested, "exceptional emphasis should be laid on the need for cooperation between the state and the Catholic Church." TIME May 20, 1991 "Five Who Could Be Vice President" Pg 40 "Power to The Pulpit"

As students of prophecy have seen our entire lives; the American sheeple are as easy to corral as any herd when it comes to using fear or cheer on the masses. In America all our leaders need to do is slow the market, shut down a few manufacturing plants and raise a few prices in the grocery stores to get the people fearful so as to get them to vote in one direction. To further play them to assure their next agenda's success they then bolster the market, lower the prices back down and open a few plants to get them cheerful enough to vote in another direction.

And have you noticed? Most in America do not vote in a Christian manner at all. It's all about the flesh and whatever is in the pockets that moves the vote. The last election proved that hands down. Yes, many will claim they did vote as Christ would have them vote; but that's only because they were corralled long ago into the global herd that thinks the Vatican's version of Jesus Christ is in fact the same one of the Bible; when in fact as prophesied, they are following "another Jesus" straight into the pits of Hell. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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Tom DeLay calls for ‘revolution for the Constitution’

"What I want to see from the Trump administration is a focus on God and the Constitution,” DeLay told WND. “It’s pretty simple. The implementation is very difficult, but what I want to see is a bold understanding that faith is the core of this country and the Constitution is the core of our government.” The former majority leader calls for a revolution that will transform the very core of America in his brand new book “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!” He assures Americans he does not want a violent revolution but a spiritual one, similar to the First Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s." –Source

What DeLay wants really doesn't matter. Civil war is coming to the USA no matter what. And it will be violent. So as I've said many times before, it is a good time to get out of the cities. Still, his other points will come to fruition as he hopes. His "Revival, Revolution and Rebirth" will happen but only as the Vatican's version of Christianity seasons it. No getting around that as prophecy will be fulfilled. For Trump or any politician in the Pope's hip pocket to do anything other than a Roman Catholic version of Christianity would be political if not physical suicide. (need I mention JFK?) What we will soon see is as I stated before; the left will adopt a politically seasoned religious tone so as to promote "another Jesus" to all the people. Thing is, nearly no one in America will have a problem with it because every single Protestant faith in the USA is already in bed with Rome and this includes the Seventh Day Adventist church in a huge pile of well documented statements.

And just so you know, DeLay's desire for "Revival, Revolution and Rebirth" is a loaded statement. As we already see them peppering the once antiChristian media with new found "faith" wherein loads of pro-Christian talking points are flooding in, the so called revival and rebirth is a done deal as far as they're concerned. All they need to do is make a few well-placed statements on the air and most of the sheeple will buy it hook, line and sinker. It's the "revolution" that DeLay and his cohorts really want. Sure, they would love to do so without firing a shot. But watching how the left still display abject hatred for Christians, a Constitutional rewrite is soon to be advertised so as to please both sides. Will it be before or after the coming civil war? Or will it be the reason for the war? Only time will tell.

What Satan has planned and prophecy has confirmed is a worldly version of Christianity across the board. And thanks to the 501c3, of which every church has already bowed to in a cash slurping obedient frenzy since 1954, the prophesied Church & State image of the beast in Rome will become so visible that even those SDA's currently laughing at the true remnant of her seed for exposing their prophesied snafu, will eventually let out an ecumenical gasp and realize they messed up big time. Religious laws will be lobbied from all the government approved pastors – aka "wolves"; and an atmosphere of hell spawn "Revival, Revolution and Rebirth" will come forth as DeLay hopes and every lukewarm Christian the world over will embrace it as if it is send from God Himself. And when that day comes, the true remnant of God will be the only ones that have a problem with it and THAT is the main crux of the matter and goal to their agenda.

What do I mean by that?

When all the so called religious laws come to fruition which are nothing more than Vatican dogma legalized; the remnant people will not embrace it. But everyone else in all the apostate churches will and we will be hated, ridiculed, declared fanatics and even cults for refusing to join their group hug. This is all besides the fact every one of our doctrines are backed up by actual Scripture and their doctrines can only be backed by doctrines of demons and traditions of men. Still, as prophesied we will be in their sights and as soon as everyone in America is happy and joyful in their Vatican contrived "Revival, Revolution and Rebirth", the other Papal shoe will drop with a resounding blood stained thud and Sunday laws will be enforced. Are you ready for all that? ARE YOU SURE?

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Pro-abort ‘Population Bomb’ author to speak at Vatican

"The Vatican has invited the undisputed father of the modern, pro-abortion population control movement to present a paper at an upcoming Vatican-run conference. Dr. Paul Ehrlich, author of the 1968 bestseller The Population Bomb is scheduled to speak in Vatican City during the February 27-March 1 conference that will discuss “how to save the natural world.” The Stanford biologist champions sex-selective abortion as well as mass forced sterilization as legitimate methods to curb population growth. In his 1968 book, Ehrlich went so far as to defend forced abortion, writing: “Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”..Organizers of the Vatican-run conference predict that if effective steps are not taken to reverse so-called man-made “global climate change,” then up to 40 percent of “all biodiversity on Earth” will be destroyed “by the end of this century,” including a “majority” of species of plants. …With the invitation of Ehrlich to address the conference, how the Pontifical Academies understand “social justice” takes on a sinister aspect." –Source

Sinister indeed! But then this is the Roman Catholic church that killed hundreds of millions during their first global reign between the years 538AD to 1798AD just as prophecy predicted. The fact the Vatican has been killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians annually via their henchmen most know as Islam and the fact the Vatican has quite a few hospitals killing babies every day shows us the prophecy regarding this "sinister" beast in Rome has never changed and never will change. The only difference will be in how society accepts her bloodthirsty acts. And they will in fact allow for them across the board.

Don't believe me?

Have you heard any main stream preachers demand the Vatican stop helping Islam invade every country on earth? Have you heard any preachers demand they stop killing Christians under the guise of Islam? Or have you even heard any preachers ask the Vatican to close their abortion clinics all over the world? Nope, nary a one. But, I just posted an article the other day wherein quite a few so called religious leaders have not only declared Planned Parenthood a good organization worth promoting, they literally said Planned Parenthood was doing a "sacred work." And every single Roman Catholic that steps into the abortion clinics to prevent stretch marks or even the loss of a lover agree it's a "sacred work" because after killing their innocent screaming babies, their lovers stay with them and their stretch marks never appear. So, getting those very same women and their lovers to go along with forced abortion is not going to be an issue at all since legalized murder is no big deal in their eyes, and so the man of sin in Rome has decided to invite the very man who wrote the book on how to do just that into the Vatican to speak! And still some so called religious leaders like SDA Ben Carson call him a holy man?! Not to mention of course the infamous SDA Conference Pastor BT Rice calling the Pope "your holiness" during a blasphemous Catholic Mass on camera years ago.


It's as I've been saying for the entire 30+ years since leaving the Roman Catholic church. They don't give a hoot about abortion clinics at all. The fact they operate them confirms that hands down. But the main reason they play both sides of the fence on this one is so they can have their hot button foot in the door at every hall of Congress. Any foot is better than no foot at all as it allows them to play the politicians as puppets. They know all about how using abortion can cripple or advance any political agenda they want as long as they control the very Senators they need to on that one issue who they command to vote yay or nay on any other political issue. It doesn't even have to be about abortion. All they need is a pro-life senator in their hip pocket who has agreed to worship the Pope and so any Bill brought to Congress can be manipulated via that very same puppet Senator.

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