VIDEO: Muslims go to Catholic Mass across France to show solidarity

"In a gesture of solidarity following the gruesome killing of a French priest, Muslims on Sunday attended Catholic Mass in churches and cathedrals across France and beyond. Reporters on the scene said that between 100 and 200 Muslims gathered at the towering Gothic cathedral in Rouen, only a few miles from Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where the 85-year-old Rev. Jacques Hamel was killed by two teenage attackers on Tuesday. "We're very touched," Archbishop Dominique Lebrun told broadcaster BFMTV. "It's an important gesture of fraternity . They've told us, and I think they're sincere, that it's not Islam which killed Jacques Hamel." –Source

But it was Islam that killed that priest! But as we know, Satan uses lies and fear to his advantage very easily today in the age of lying. His main hub of organization is in fact the Roman Catholic Vat of sin. This we have no doubt on because of the historic facts that match perfectly with Christian prophecy. We also know they need to make the quickly growing (and well placed) Muslim community look less dangerous and bloodthirsty while at the same time continue on with killings all over the globe to do so.


You shouldn't be. What I mean by what I just said about using death to make them look better is in fact true. But in this case it's "targeted" deaths. Or actual sacrifices "for the cause." That priest died at the hands of Muslims who were indoctrinated by the Vatican inspired Koran who actually think the Catholic church is a Christian church simply because the bloodiest man on earth says it is. (That being the Pope of course) And so, as we see in any crazed agenda, you will have the passive element within its midst so as to offset the truth and cultivate confusion. The word "Babylon" is defined in prophecy as "to mix" truth with error. And as the prophet Daniel warned long ago, the Popes of Rome will be quite crafty in that respect. Hence those that were fearful that Catholics (who are not defined as Christians in Scripture) would actually attack their Muslim neighbors in the area because of that their obedient, or as the media calls them "extremist" Muslim cohorts did to the priest. And so to make them look better, which is a win win for Rome, the Vatican targets the priest as one who will die, as per the oath he took to become a priest, so as to have his death cultivate a mindset in the passive Muslims in the area to flock into the churches acting as if they want to be one with the Catholics. And all they needed was a little bit of fear to get this to work.

As I already stated, the prophet Daniel was clearly told to declare in his writings that the Popes of Rome would use craft to assure their agenda is met. (See Daniel 8:25) And this has to be one of the more crafty means as of lately. In short.. they need to make the Muslims appear worthy of embrace and so they get some obedient Muslims to kill the priest so the passive Muslims who have yet decided to obey their Koran to the letter clamor to the church to prevent their own deaths from angry Catholics. Fear works well when you have no faith in Christ be the person a lukewarm Christian or a card carrying Muslim because it is written in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

That passage declares if you have fear, it is not from the Lord Jesus Christ. And since it's not from the Lord, we then know it is from His enemy. The Muslims may think Christians fear them; but their own videos confirm Christians are not afraid to die for their faith because Jesus Himself said in Matthew 10:28 that we should not "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Christians know this life is only a test. If killed we know we will get up again.

That all being said. Ever notice this? Muslims obviously use fear tactics to try and get people to join their number. Many scoff when I say we have proof the Vatican wrote the Koran. But besides all the obvious similarities between the Muslim and Catholic religions I have listed here that confirms they came from the same author and it was not the Lord thy God; check out the following videos wherein Catholics use fear tactics to force people to either join or stay in their churches.

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Another ‘insane’ response to ‘Allahu Akbar’ terror attack

"The latest attack came in Strasbourg, France, where an Orthodox Jewish rabbi was attacked in broad daylight Friday and left hospitalized by a knife-wielding Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar!” The incident was immediately scrubbed by French police as “not terrorism related” in what has become a pattern across Europe, Canada and the United States. Instead of calling it terrorism, the authorities initially refer to the assailant as mentally ill or “suffering from psychiatric issues,” as the Daily Mirror reported on the latest incident, which took place just outside the rabbi’s home about 500 yards from the main synagogue in the city’s Jewish quarter."-Source

There are two reasons this is happening all over the world. One of the reasons has to do with the fear of the ones reporting it and the other reason has to do with those forcing the ones reporting it to hide the truth. The fear aspect of the one reporting it is the end result of a few years of lies spewed into the main stream media as if they were the truth. In short, no one's buying the lies anymore because everyone knows how evil and bloodthirsty the Islamic faith truly is. Even the Muslims themselves (that convert) realize it when they see that if the "moderate" Koran reader starts to get serious he begins to see that digging deeply into the Koran so as to follow its teachings only makes you more hateful, angry and bloodthirsty. But when you do the same with the Christian Bible you become more loving, peaceful and compassionate towards your fellowman. The reports that claim it's not terrorism are easily exposed by just about everyone alive now and so they keep spewing the same lie to try and cover their tracks. They have to wonder if the common man storm the TV stations in huge crowds demanding they recant?, and so out of fear they try to quench the truth.

As for the second reason. Rome desperately needs positive public relations in all this and so they demand the reporters spew the lies that open acts of terrorism should now be called something else so as to keep the Vatican's pro-Islam agenda that all the American churches (including the SDA church) have agreed to promote Islam for them in all the churches. If the terrorist acts are allowed to be reported as terrorist acts, the agenda to make Islam appear peaceful will fail and it will be that much harder to move them into strategic positions in government wherein Sharia Law can be enforced so as to have those guillotines pulled out of mothballs that much sooner.

In any event, it is an amazing time to live in. But only if you have eyes to see it all. If you don't read, trust or even study the Word of God all you can see are fearful sights all around you. And that fear will move you to make bad decisions when it comes to your spiritual life and the openly expressed will of God in His Word. After all, prophecy confirms, fear will be the main reason most people will receive the mark of the beast.

Students of prophecy know what we see here. It not only confirms Christian prophecy 100% accurate. It confirms our God is still in control. And knowing that makes our hearts that much more peaceful knowing that whatever His decision is for us, or whatever our lot is that He places before us to stand in, WE WILL STAND because in so doing, He is not only glorified as prophesied He will be by His obedient bride, His return is expedited that much sooner. And with that said I shout boldly; MARANATHA!

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In France, ‘the jihadists have won’

"With Christianity dead in France, there is no national political will to address the increasing attacks by radical Islam, says a professor at the University of Paris, which has brought the country to its knees. …The assassins of Father Jacques Hamel are what is coming,” he says. “One of them, Adel Kermiche, was born in France to immigrant parents from Algeria. His path looks like the path followed by many young French Muslims: school failure, delinquency, shift toward a growing hatred of France and the West, return to Islam, transition to radical Islam. …Seventh-grade students spend the first month of the school year learning what Islamic civilization brought to the world in science, architecture, philosophy and wealth. A few weeks later, they have to memorize texts explaining that the Church committed countless atrocious crimes. Economics textbooks are steeped in Marxism and explain that capitalism exploits human beings and ravages nature. The Holocaust is still in the curriculum, but is taught less and less; teachers who dare to speak of it face aggressive remarks from Muslim" –Source

First and foremost, Christianity is by no means dead in France. It's alive and well and about to explode in power. But not in the way most assume. When they say Christianity in the media they mostly mean Catholicism. The picture posted in this article with its Pagan candles and the article itself confirms that assumption hands down as it is all about that 86 year old roman Catholic priest that was murdered in a nearly empty Catholic church. The article admits the church where that priest was killed during Mass only had 5 people and 3 nuns in attendance. So again, Christianity is not dying out in France. Catholicism is! And that is why the Pope did what he did years ago when he announced his plans to meld Islam and Catholicism together. The Vatican numbers are so low now that they have to fill the pews with Muslims loyal to the Pope and this is why the Pope demanded all Catholic schools teach Islam to the children in 2009. And now the author of this article is shocked that the schools are doing just that?

What's not being said in this obvious propagandized article is that Christianity, and that's "real Christianity" is still a threat to the Vatican. This is why they have joined forces with Islam. This is also why they declare Christianity is dead in the same way Time Magazine asked "Is God Dead," or John Lennon said "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that: I'm right,…" Well, like so many before him, Christianity is still here and he is quite dead. And did you notice, both statements were made in the 1960's when Christianity was actually exhibiting a resurgence all around the world. And it wasn't just the hippy movement either.

The basic reality always seems to be the same in this scenario as well as those of the past. Whenever Christianity starts to grow in number in any given area the dying god of this world starts to stir up his pawns and minions to declare it's dying. All too often everyone seems to forget that Beelzebub, aka Satan, aka doctor feel good, aka dumbest angel to ever live is in fact the father of lies. He cannot speak truth and so lies are his native tongue. Why is it so many fail to consider the source when such demonic statements are made? When Satan's obedient people declare Christianity is dead, one can rest assured that quite the opposite is true. In fact, as we are all about to witness firsthand when that latter rain starts to fall, all the world will know the truth as it is proclaimed in Christ is in fact very much alive. And when that Eastern sky rips wide open, every person alive, obedient or not that sees Him floating above will know, God is most assuredly very much alive! As lies always do, they, like all the lost souls that cherished the lies as truth will drop dead to the ground never to bother those that embrace the truth again. Even so.. come Lord Jesus!

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