America: Bought and sold to highest bidder!

"The arrest of the head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC bank may shed new light on suspicions the Clinton Foundation has been involved in illegal offshore money-laundering operations on a massive scale. …Transactions linked to the Clinton Global Initiative have occurred in countries such as Panama, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, British Anguilla, the Bahamas, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Guernsey, Jersey, Malta, Luxembourg, Monaco, Gibraltar, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Belgium, Italy, Canada, China, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Samoa and Vanuatu, as well as various “undisclosed” and “undetermined” locations. “The cache of 11.5 million records shows how a global industry of law firms and big banks sells financial secrecy to politicians, fraudsters and drug traffickers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars,” the ICIJ writes about the Panama Papers." –Source

I am sick of it! If you look at that list of where the money is coming from for the Clinton campaign alone perhaps some that accused me of being a nutcase years ago regarding how Satan uses the love of money to get things done in American politics may now see the light as those with eyes that see have realized for decades now. The most evil people in the world today are able to get American politicians to do whatever they want done because America is no longer a nation of voters who can change the political landscape wherein the political purchasing of the elite would be in jeopardy. To these billionaires in and outside the United States; America is nothing more than a money making corporation that can and has been sold out to the highest bidder countless times over the years.

This is why back in the stone age when I was a teenager at the ripe old age of 18 I never bothered to register for the vote. Partly because I knew both sides of the isle was filled with liars that could not be trusted to do as they promise. I saw it first hand in the schools I attended wherein the history books were fictional works designed to paint whatever picture Uncle Sam was looking at at the time. The fact the love of money was already being used even back then to get some crazy laws passed in my city, State and country made me leery of helping either side of the political aisle continue on with their idiocy by using me or my vote to get it done. And yes, it's both sides doing the insanity now. I'm not going to bother to highlight the last few decades filled with corruption because the last few months will suffice as the culmination of it all. Look at Clinton for a prime example with all her criminal acts or Trump with his numerous scandals. It amazes me how people can watch these two and their on screen antics and still declare them worthy of being the President of the United States of America! 

So.. that being said, nothing is going to change if Hillary or Trump get elected. In fact, as we saw with each President the last few decades and very graphically with Obama, it always gets much worse. Sure, the economy bounces up and down so as to make it appear something's getting done because you guessed it; just as a politician knows where to slurp up every million they can get their hands on; the powers that be know allowing the common man a few years of economic boon or loss can also keep the illusion well fueled that we actually have a say in any of this. And so even here among the homes of the majority, wherein the dollars are counted in smaller face values, Satan can have his way with the common man. Well.. most of them anyway.

Everything from abortion to homosexual marriage was easily passed into law over the last few decades by people elected into office most voters never thought would do such things. And all of it happened that way simply because some immoral billionaire or up and coming millionaire found a way to make money on passing certain laws and so money changed hands under the tables of Congress and the lives of the common man (and yes, that means all the ones that voted) changed for the worse.

So again.. why vote? Why buy into the craze? Has ANYTHING changed the last 50 – 60 years due to a vote for the "lesser of two evils?" Nope, nary a thing because to vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil! With each vote comes a euphoric high when all the votes are counted and a crashing feeling of voters remorse when the gavel drops or pen passes a Bill into law. And so, just as we saw over the last few decades, we shall see all the way up until that Eastern Sky rips wide open. Soon everything from Sharia law to legalized killing of Sabbath keeping Christians will be written into the law of the land because there will always be someone somewhere that has a hell inspired lust for the money to be made on such things and so even if you vote republican or democratic it won't change a thing because Christian prophecy WILL be fulfilled.

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Trump, Clinton and ‘the lesser of 2 evils’ foolishness

"That’s the weighty moral principle currently persuading many Americans they cannot in good conscience vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and must therefore support a third-party spoiler candidate with no chance of winning, or write in the name of someone they really like (Mitt Romney says he might write in his wife), or else refrain from voting for president altogether. …Every time you swallow a medication that causes harmful side effects, you are embracing the lesser of two evils to prevent a greater one. If you attend Harvard or Yale, you choose to endure a nonstop gauntlet of far-left indoctrination, stifling political correctness and insane sexual anarchy, all to obtain an Ivy League education. If you’re a severe diabetic and your doctor says your foot has to be amputated to give you a better chance at survival, you choose the lesser of two evils. It’s tough, but you do it. The examples are endless and everywhere." –Source

Yes, "they" as in "excuses" to vote for evil are literally everywhere now. But that doesn't mean the Christians need to help immoral people gain office. Whether the Christian votes or not no longer matters as the evil candidate will win no matter what now. Therefore, the only reason the author of the article claims standing on moral ground is an act of "foolishness" is because he wants his party to win and claiming to be a Christian means he is appealing to the Christians to vote for Trump. But this same type of mindset moved Christians to vote for Bush who then orchestrated the deaths of thousands of Americans on 911 and even more later during his trumped up war on nonexistent WMD's. (pun intended)

And what of this basic reality? If this article's author convinces enough Christians to vote for Trump, what if Trump is the one Rome uses to make sure religious laws are passed so as to have a rock solid foundation to enforce the mark? After all, didn't Trump just say on camera that "our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you've never seen before!" Does that mean he WILL demand Christian laws be written, sanctioned and enforced? Sure sounds like it to me.

Now yes, some may see that as a good thing. After all, this is a supposed Christian nation; is it not? But not only is Trump a man that embraces Vatican dogma via his own church teachings which agree more with Rome than they disagree and every single member of Congress is in bed with Rome either by denomination or political affiliation or both. Therefore, the so called religious liberty laws that will soon be enforced will most assuredly have nothing to do with true Christian values as they will only uplift all that Rome claims as Christianity. That being the case, it's going to be far worse for real Christians in America when such laws are passed and it doesn't matter if Trump or Hillary stand in DC as they are both guided by Rome.

That all being said, for the author of this article to claim the concept of the 'lesser of two evils' is foolishness. I echo two statements from the written Word of God. Paul said in Acts 24:14, "But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets:" And Peter said in Acts 5:29, "We ought to obey God rather than men."

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VIDEO: First child dies by euthanasia in Belgium

"A terminally ill minor has become the first child to be euthanized in Belgium since age restrictions were lifted in the country two years ago, according to several sources. A Belgian lawmaker told CNN affiliate VTM that the physician-assisted suicide happened within the past week. The child, who was suffering from an incurable disease, had asked for euthanasia, Sen. Jean-Jacques De Gucht told VTM. The identity of the child and age are unknown." –Source

The article either got it wrong, or purposely twisted the facts to make it seem ok to kill the child since they claim the baby asked to be killed. #1, the child's age is actually known. The little girl was ten months old. And #2, the author of the article, or the editor of the author's article lied when they said the child asked to be murdered. A ten month old baby cannot ask or even understand such a thing let alone speak full sentences. This is nothing more than a gilding of the lily so as to make killing a little girl seem moral, legal and necessary. And just as the word "abortion" makes child murder seem less shocking for some, the word "euthanasia" has been doing the same thing for decades upon the minds of those without morals. And now, seeing how the blood thirsty doctors who kill people are hungry for more blood, they have now made it legal to kill little children as well.

What this insanity also does is make it impossible for Jesus to be glorified in how He heals people miraculously. As is the norm today, most go to doctors in seeking a healing FIRST before even contemplating the promises of Christ Jesus in the Word regarding such things. Still, there are many that have seen His hand move and so yes, that happens on a regular basis. But when that latter rain falls more abundantly even more poor souls unable to get proper care due to Socialistic medicine (like Obamacare) will cry out to the Lord Jesus for help because even though Rome and her cohorts claim there are many gods out there from Allah to Shiva. Basic reality is, NONE of them heal or change hearts like Jesus Christ does. And so, Satan is shuffling off as many deceived souls into the pits of hell by getting them to trust their doctors' diagnosis when they say they are incurable so as to prevent losing them as trophies. But not for much longer… MARANATHA!

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