The Pope now pushes Climate Justice

"On the surface, this seems like such a simple request…it’s not! After digging and finding the TRUE agenda on the climate change scam, it’s very clear that this entire thing is an effort to redistribute wealth around the world. Don’t believe us? Just check out the comments from the people attending the Paris Climate Summit:" –Source

When speaking of the man of sin in Rome, the prophet Daniel said long ago the following truths. "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." -Daniel 8:25

There are only three ways to understand what the Popes in Rome are up to. #1, you must be a prelate in Rome privy to their wicked agenda when it comes to global rule. #2, you must be one familiar with political science and in a position of power wherein you are used by the Pope to further that same agenda. Or #3, you are a student of prophecy who understands the prophetic Word of God.

Being a student, I can see why the Pope in Rome is pushing global warming as a way to get all political leaders in the same camp. On the surface, as the author of this article intimates, it allows for a redistribution of wealth which is also something students of prophecy knew about long ago. That appeals on two political plains. #1, the died in the wool Socialist that seeks to gain the upper hand over those he rules, and #2, the uneducated masses who are dirt poor and actually believe a redistribution of wealth will mean they somehow benefit by the political promises by getting more rice in their bellies. Yes, as they have done so often before, a few token families will be paraded before the cameras to make it appear they are helping the needy when the other shoe drops; but as Poland saw when Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler finally gained power over their people, his campaign promises were all a farce so as to bring about a Socialist rule wherein the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Still.. what most miss, and this includes the elite who are chomping at the bit trying to get at that golden carrot Rome is dangling; the Socialist format is the only way Rome can enforce her mark globally. And it must be a globalist version of socialism to boot. The elite only see the golden carrot that will fill their silk lined pockets, the poor see a smaller version of the same carrot that looks to fill their aching bellies, and the rest see a way to bring peace on earth when all national borders are removed. But none of them seem to realize they too will be forced to receive the mark! And to assure the select few that may actually jump off their couches to revolt, they have them hornswoggeled as well by using men like Jesuit coadjutors Alex Jones who cons them into thinking someone is in their corner fighting for them so they can continue to sit back watching TV.

As Daniel prophesied, the craftiness of the Popes in Rome is of demonic inspiration. No man or group of men can come up with a way to cover all bases without the enemy of their own souls CONvincing them it's all for the better. Even the Pope himself will end up burning in hellfire as well for it is plainly stated in Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." 

Satan uses that written truth to his advantage on many souls all over this world. From the drunkard in the gutter to the elite drunk with power. He uses the prelates of Rome as his favored tool to get his hellish agenda met. And next to no one seems to realize that the promises of riches and world-wide peace is nothing more than a smoke screen that will eventually get them all standing in line willing, ready and able to receive the mark of the Roman Catholic beast. What's worse? 100% of every soul on earth that stand sin that line will have been warned by the Lord that made them in ways they cannot doubt or refute. But all of them will receive the mark anyway for a multitude of reasons. It was prophesied, it will happen and it will happen soon. Maranatha!

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Muslim teenagers walk free after gang-rape conviction in Germany

"In the wake of the news that a group of teenagers were unlikely to see any real punishment for gang-raping a 14-year-old girl and leaving her for dead, citizens of the German city of Hamburg called for new rules regarding violent crime committed by minors. On Monday, an online petition calling for the teens to see jail time had garnered some 21,000 signatures. "The sexual self-determination and integrity of a woman must have more weight than any concern for the perpetrators," [of sexual crimes,] says the petition. …However, the authorities have made it clear that they came to this decision on their own, and were not swayed by such petitions, Spiegel Online reported. …The judge admitted that "the penalties may seem mild to the public," but that the teens had all made confessions, appeared repentant and been judged to no longer present a danger to society. …Laws prosecuting perpetrators for sexual crimes in Germany have also come under fire after the string of assaults committed in the city of Cologne on New Year's Eve. Although some revisions to the law have been pushed through, it remains difficult to prosecute sexual offenses." –Source

Why is that? It's because the teens were Muslim immigrants. But then you would never know that by reading this article wherein the word Muslim is nowhere to be found. And it isn't until the last 30 seconds of the seven minute audio that was posted with the article that was describing all this as "unusual" by some obviously PC psychologist. She even claimed this gang rape as a "single incident" and not the "beginning of a series" of such crimes. But when the interviewer comments on the other attacks and especially mentions the Cologne New Year's Eve attack by Muslims, without actually saying the word "Muslim," the psychologist then back pedals a bit by saying "it is something they will see more of." So which is it? An isolated incident as this government approved psychologist claims, or a repetitive issue as everyone else on the planet has seen? You see, this is what happens when lies are exposed. They fall to the ground and ignored as if they were never uttered.

When you get to that last 30 seconds in the audio where the interviewer specifically mentions the Muslims, without saying the word "Muslim" again, however he does go so far as to call them young Arabs. That's when the psychologist tells him to "be very careful" when speaking on this because, as she claims, "there are very few studies" on this and so we have to take a step back before promoting rash judgments. But why does that matter when we have actual accounts of them raping women and boys in every nation they migrate to? Why do they always claim we must have "studies" before acting when their own failed policies are exposed? It's because in Shariah Law this is 100% acceptable and condoned and they don't want to ruffle the feathers of the assigned henchmen of Rome any more than certain reporters refused to mention Hitler's activities in WWII. Thanks to recent meetings with the Pope and all political leaders in his New World Order, this kind of activity is to be handled softly and even censored in most News reports. This is also why we see schools teaching young people to worship the Muslim god in most nations on earth including the USA. (See more on this here) In fact, they are going full tilt on this agenda in Germany! Check out this article reporting on the "Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer."

What's truly upsetting in all this is how the rapists and their families acted in the courtroom when the rapists were set free. This is the norm now-a-days. When children are raised in households wherein God is not honored, and I mean the real God, they have no remorse for sin and this includes everything from rape to murder. When there is no Higher Authority in the house, or the so called god of the family is nothing more than an idol from hell, criminal acts like these will flourish and THAT is why Satan used Rome to write the Koran so as to have a mass of people the world over ready, willing and able to attack their follow man and eventually every Christian they can find. But not to worry dear ones. Satan tried this very same puffed up image of power when he flaunted Goliath before the people. If you have faith, and trust the Lord you love, Satan is as frightened of you as he is Christ Jesus the Lord. Because "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." -1 John 4:4.

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Judges strike free speech for bakery owners

"Judge Declan Morgan and two other justices on the Court of Appeal in Belfast, Ireland, have struck down free speech for bakery owners there, ruling that they must put messages on their cakes even if the words violate their conscience and faith. The stunning ruling came in the long-running case involving Ashers Baker, which was penalized by the local Equality Commission for Northern Ireland after the bakery owners said they could not promote homosexuality on a cake demanded by a customer because it violated their faith. …The deputy director for public affairs at the institute, which fought the battle on behalf of the bakery owners and freedom of speech, said, “Equality laws are there to protect people from discrimination, not to force people to associate themselves with a cause they oppose. But those same laws have become a weapon in the hands of those who want to oppress anyone who dissents from the politically correct norms of the moment. The law needs to change before more damage is done." –Source

But will it change? I doubt that very seriously as we saw the last 6000 years. Whenever someone went against the "norm" the Bible and historic record declared such people to be troublers, false prophets, haters, rebels and dissenters, who as Saul who later became Paul stated were worthy of either death or imprisonment before he came to the Lord. In Paul's day, a worldly inspired religious zeal was the means by which Satan was able to persecute. Today we see many different ways to persecute Christians because in today's world most sins are considered ok. But lately, and as I stated many years ago and quite recently in a Newsletter I penned in February of 2004, we now understand homosexuality is the current means by which Satan will fill his coffer with lost souls. Be it in absolute lust towards that end. to wolves on pulpits condoning same. And yes, as I illustrate in that Newsletter, since it is the man of sin in Rome that Satan uses, most nations will push these unjust laws knowing their political 'god' in Rome is behind them and so they have very little push back from the churches who are already in bed with Rome.

Homosexuality is nothing more than a present (and final) agenda of Satan so as to garner as many souls into his trophy case. Christians from ancient times to today have had to deal with such things all along. And so what the world calls the "norm," the true "norm" is how the world will hate us. As the Lord stated through inspiration in Psalms 119:161, "Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word." He also stated with His own lips as He walked among us in John 15:19, "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."

What we see happening in Ireland we will see happen in all nations; and as I stated back in my September of 2003 Newsletter when the use of a Bible became a hate crime, this hate will spread worldwide. In fact, we have already seen this in America with the bakeries as well. What's happening in Ireland is just some Vatican operatives that decided after seeing how well it worked here in the States that they should do it there as well. But only fine tune the approach so as to remove free speech altogether.

What many people fail to realize is; when the New World Order of Rome comes to fruition in reality (since it is already on paper) all member nations, and this means EVERY nation on earth, or as the prophet Daniel called them, "the ten toes;" when that long prophesied event comes to fruition, every law ratified in each member nation will become law across the globe. That means, if free speech is illegal in Ireland, it will automatically be illegal worldwide once all ten toes are in power for that very short period of time. What's worse is, if Shariah Law is legal in a member nation, it will be on the books of all nations once Rome has it's day.

All I see with what's happening in Ireland is a fine tuning of the law they "introduced" here in America. Fine tuning it here will not be as easy to do as one would expect. They can test it here, but they need a less stringent court system to smooth the edges. And the mostly Roman Catholic politicians do not want to risk a revolt in the very nation their paychecks are drawn on, and so Ireland, with a standing majority for Rome seems to be the better option. At least until a better option is needed.

Years ago when my Newsletter on this topic or the radio broadcasts I did seemed a bit far-fetched to some. But only to those that do not study the Word and especially the prophetic utterances therein. That all being said, 2 Corinthians 4:8-11 says "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;  Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;  Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.  For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh."

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