Salon: GOP Must Dump Jesus or Risk Irrelevance in ‘Post-Christian America’

"Salon Magazine has accused the Republican Party of being out of touch with “post-Christian America,” warning the GOP that if it doesn’t renege on its alliance with Christianity, it will soon become irrelevant. Ted Cruz’s failure to get the GOP nomination, Matthew Sheffield proclaims in Salon, “is a perfect window into trends that will set the pace of American politics for decades to come: Americans are moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican." –Source

So, according to Salon Magazine, the United States is no longer a Christian nation simply because Ted Cruz, a man claiming to be a born again Christian, (like GW Bush who pulled off the false flag attack on 911) wasn't able to gain the Republican nomination to run for President? Seriously? Is that all it takes to confirm "God is dead" in America?

What Salon and just about every 'Christian' in America keeps forgetting is that anyone can claim to be a Christian when in actuality they are anything but. The doctrinal stand of Cruz's religion confirms hands down that they do not believe in the Bible's description of true Christianity. Truth is, as prophesied, most people in this nation have no idea what real Christianity is. But even there it doesn't mean God is dead. After all, He's the one that said in Luke 18:8, "..Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

The fact most think God is dead confirms He is very much alive. What I mean by that is, He said 2000 years ago that the majority would lose their faith in Him right before He returns. Since most relish the lie over the truth today, as far as the writers at Salon magazine are concerned; God is dead. But then we all know how short lived a lie can be when in the created Universe we have a God wherein His truth is eternal. The truth always, 100% of the time wins out no matter how much the lie is repeated. And when that Eastern sky splits, the hardened scoffer himself will admit that to his own heart deep within as he (or she) breathes his last.

One can see this to be a global movement of Rome now hands down. How so? Just the other day I posted  an article that said the jihadists have won in France because Christianity is dead when in fact the opposite was true there as well. It's amazing to see how every time the Lord starts to move His people towards a resurgence of faith due to their crying out in true repentance, the dying god of this world moves his minions in Rome to declare God is dead. Satan will lie every time his lips move and so when the truth is a threat the lie becomes the message. And since most follow Satan, his message spreads fast. And no, I am not suggesting a coast to coast revival wherein all churches repent. No, my Bible says those churches will empty as per Revelation 18:1-5 command. Nice thing is, prophecy also predicts our message will go global and bring many souls out of the fallen churches and into the arms of Christ. And right after the plagues begin, the number of overcomers left standing will be 144,000 in number. But that's all that's needed when it comes to how our God will be glorified before billions. Yes, billions will be against those of us in that number that day, but like their spiritual forefather Goliath saw, they too will be destroyed by our God. For it is also written in Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." The Gideon band won't even have to lift a hand other than to raise it in prayer and praise onto the every living God who has come to take us home. And as we stand there "it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation." Isaiah 25:9.

Truth is, the GOP has already dumped Jesus long ago. Just as we saw the many evils in the democratic party with every election they won over the years, we have seen the exact same evils in the republican party throughout the decades. The only reason Salon wants Jesus dumped now is because they cringe at every mention of His name. Like any other Atheistic heart on earth, they will do all they can to garner as many souls into their misery hoping that if they get enough people to agree with them that God is dead, they will somehow vindicate their stance and remove their guilt and finally find peace. Not happening! No Jesus means peace. You need to know Jesus to know peace.

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Human-rights activist: Facebook enforcing Islamic ‘blasphemy laws

"Facebook occasionally has enforced Islam’s anti-blasphemy and apostasy laws in America by banning statements criticizing the religion on which terrorists base their violence, charges an Egypt-born, human-rights activist and critic of Islam. …Such criticism is banned under Shariah, the Islamic religious law. But not only is Shariah not the law in the U.S., America has its First Amendment free-speech protection. …Islam is the only religion on earth who kills people who leave it. …It seems that Facebook is allowing such tyranny, Islamic tyranny, to be practice on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook is standing against my right to criticize a religion … and a culture that is defending jihad, a culture that allows the killing of minorities in the Middle East." –Source

If you go to my Dangers of Facebook page on my site you will see well over 300 videos and articles not only showing Facebook to be Government owned and operated, you will find it to be antichristian and proVatican, or shall I say pro-Islam as well. You will find they censor all sorts of Christian ministries, but they repeatedly uplift Rome and any other religion they deem to be a "religion of peace" as long as it is not Christian. Yes, we all know Islam is based on a culture of celebrating death and to be alive and well is something they find miserable and only in death can they be happy. This is why it is a religion wherein you will find many standing in line to become suicide bombers as well as shooters in nightclubs and other areas of society they know after killing their victims they too must die.

Not only does the censuring of so called Islamic blasphemy on Facebook while at the same time removing all positive aspects of Christianity, like my video about the mark of the beast a friend of the ministry posted on Facebook that was BANNED back on February 23, 2011; one can see that every corrupted, vulgar and downright demonic movement inside American politics is being uplifted, promoted and protected on Facebook. How on earth can Facebook be privately owned when they hold the exact same political ideals of the United States Government across the board? And this includes tracking methods built into the site as well as facial recognition technology.

Is it any wonder they supposedly "invented" the technology after so many sheeple jumped unto the site posting all their pictures along with the pictures of their very own children? How blind can one be? Well.. when Monday Night football come son; when the favored Hollywood movies begin, or a brand new music video comes out or some new juicy gossip hits the media and yes, even when those brand new videos games and a massive list of other immoral distractions distract the people from the real issues at hand, one can expect the majority will do anything their 'friends' are doing just so they don't come off as fanatics, weirdos, and Jesus freaks. But the days are coming when they will wish they had listened to their fanatical parents, siblings, spouses and friends. But by then, according to my Bible, it will be too late. So, as Jesus said long ago in John 9:4, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." In short.. it's time people. The darkness is creeping up from under every slimy rock imaginable now.

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VIDEO: Muslims go to Catholic Mass across France to show solidarity

"In a gesture of solidarity following the gruesome killing of a French priest, Muslims on Sunday attended Catholic Mass in churches and cathedrals across France and beyond. Reporters on the scene said that between 100 and 200 Muslims gathered at the towering Gothic cathedral in Rouen, only a few miles from Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where the 85-year-old Rev. Jacques Hamel was killed by two teenage attackers on Tuesday. "We're very touched," Archbishop Dominique Lebrun told broadcaster BFMTV. "It's an important gesture of fraternity . They've told us, and I think they're sincere, that it's not Islam which killed Jacques Hamel." –Source

But it was Islam that killed that priest! But as we know, Satan uses lies and fear to his advantage very easily today in the age of lying. His main hub of organization is in fact the Roman Catholic Vat of sin. This we have no doubt on because of the historic facts that match perfectly with Christian prophecy. We also know they need to make the quickly growing (and well placed) Muslim community look less dangerous and bloodthirsty while at the same time continue on with killings all over the globe to do so.


You shouldn't be. What I mean by what I just said about using death to make them look better is in fact true. But in this case it's "targeted" deaths. Or actual sacrifices "for the cause." That priest died at the hands of Muslims who were indoctrinated by the Vatican inspired Koran who actually think the Catholic church is a Christian church simply because the bloodiest man on earth says it is. (That being the Pope of course) And so, as we see in any crazed agenda, you will have the passive element within its midst so as to offset the truth and cultivate confusion. The word "Babylon" is defined in prophecy as "to mix" truth with error. And as the prophet Daniel warned long ago, the Popes of Rome will be quite crafty in that respect. Hence those that were fearful that Catholics (who are not defined as Christians in Scripture) would actually attack their Muslim neighbors in the area because of that their obedient, or as the media calls them "extremist" Muslim cohorts did to the priest. And so to make them look better, which is a win win for Rome, the Vatican targets the priest as one who will die, as per the oath he took to become a priest, so as to have his death cultivate a mindset in the passive Muslims in the area to flock into the churches acting as if they want to be one with the Catholics. And all they needed was a little bit of fear to get this to work.

As I already stated, the prophet Daniel was clearly told to declare in his writings that the Popes of Rome would use craft to assure their agenda is met. (See Daniel 8:25) And this has to be one of the more crafty means as of lately. In short.. they need to make the Muslims appear worthy of embrace and so they get some obedient Muslims to kill the priest so the passive Muslims who have yet decided to obey their Koran to the letter clamor to the church to prevent their own deaths from angry Catholics. Fear works well when you have no faith in Christ be the person a lukewarm Christian or a card carrying Muslim because it is written in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

That passage declares if you have fear, it is not from the Lord Jesus Christ. And since it's not from the Lord, we then know it is from His enemy. The Muslims may think Christians fear them; but their own videos confirm Christians are not afraid to die for their faith because Jesus Himself said in Matthew 10:28 that we should not "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Christians know this life is only a test. If killed we know we will get up again.

That all being said. Ever notice this? Muslims obviously use fear tactics to try and get people to join their number. Many scoff when I say we have proof the Vatican wrote the Koran. But besides all the obvious similarities between the Muslim and Catholic religions I have listed here that confirms they came from the same author and it was not the Lord thy God; check out the following videos wherein Catholics use fear tactics to force people to either join or stay in their churches.

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