Pope declares Mother Teresa a Saint

"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Mother Teresa of Calcutta, known as the "saint of the gutters" during her life, was declared a saint of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Francis on Sunday, fast-tracked to canonization just 19 years after her death. Tens of thousands of pilgrims packed St. Peter's Square at the Vatican for a service to honor the tiny nun, who worked among the world's neediest in the slums of the Indian city now called Kolkata and become one of the most recognizable faces of the 20th century." –Source

There's only one reason, well actually 100,000,000 reasons why the Pope declared Mother Teresa a saint. Her ministry brings in at least $100 million dollars a year into the Vatican coffers and so they must declare her a saint to keep the money flowing. But, there is a more sinister reason he is doing this. Mother Teresa was not a Christian. She even wanted to quit and leave the order because she said, and I quote, "Where is my faith? Even deep down… there is nothing but emptiness and darkness… If there be God, please forgive me." She also said, “What do I labor for? If there be no God, there can be no soul. If there be no soul then, Jesus, You also are not true.” (-Source of these quotes and MUCH more)

But according to the Pope who just the other day declared global warming a sin and homosexuality is not, she is now a saint just like John Paul II who literally sold the gas to Hitler that killed the Jews. But like Mother Teresa, John Paul II is more valuable dead than alive. Don't believe me? Read his Dios Domini wherein he stated "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy." As soon as the Vatican needs to push the prophesied Sunday Laws forward, one can expect the current Pope of the day will declare his Dios Domini a "message from Heaven" wherein all must keep Sunday holy and then all will have to make the final decision between God's Law or man's law.

So yes, it's a no-brainer as to why they needed to make John Paul II a saint. But most are unaware of why Mother Teresa is so important to the Pope wherein he needs to rush her to Rome's woefully unbiblical form of sainthood. On my site I have a page I posted many years ago all about Mother Teresa that if you're interested you will see why Rome needs to keep her in the limelight. The reality that talk about her canonization started directly after certain articles were published exposing Teresa's evil ways confirmed the influx of bucks were slowing down after the people discovered the truth about her and where the money wasn't going. So to keep the truth hidden regarding what her money is really used for, the Vatican began to immediately advertise her as a saint so as to spin the articles off kilter while at the same time increase the donations and bring back those that stopped donating.

If you get time to read that info I posted you will be shocked when you read that page! In fact, many nuns were shocked to discover what Mother Teresa was truly all about and they too spoke out. Not only was she one mean and angry woman, the pic I posted for this particular article shows she also had no problem bowing in worship to false gods like Buddha. But then, Rome is no stranger to bowing before statues of false gods. Check out my May 2000 Truth Provided Newsletter wherein John Paul II not only bows before Buddha like she did, he even praises Buddha so as to keep the ecumenical fires of hell burning. Worse yet, he actually kisses the Koran on camera in an act of worship!

That all being said.. as so many Catholics themselves have protested the Vatican's choice to canonize who they believe to be very evil people over the years; it has become obvious that Rome prefers to canonize those that financially help the Vatican as well as foster political ties to nations that are not only non-Christian, they are graphically antiChristian. Especially if the "saint" displayed VERY unChristian fruits towards his fellow man. The sainthood of Rome has absolutely nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with Antichrist!

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Obama handing off WWW to Globalists – SDA church missed this too?!

"China, Russia already announcing 'necessary' steps they want to take. …Pointing to the U.N.’s Geneva Declaration of Principles which clearly lays out the U.N.’s designs on taking over the Internet, Bergman argues that the giveaway could, “spell the end of the current era of free speech on the Internet, as well as free enterprise.” Authoritarian governments around the world bolster Bergman’s case. China issued a statement saying, “It is necessary to ensure that United Nations plays a facilitating role in setting up international public policies pertaining to the Internet.” The Russians weighed in, arguing that, “We consider it necessary to consecutively increase the role of governments in the Internet governance, with strengthening the activity of the International Telecommunications Union [the UNs telecommunications arm] in this field… in the development of ethical aspects of Internet use." –Source

You know what amazes me about all this? The Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) claims to be one that understands and preaches prophecy, and that includes modern day prophetic events. Yet, they missed this among other important fulfillments? Truth is, a few other denominations make the same claim. But with the SDA church, there's at least an historic validity to the claim that they were blessed with the prophetic understanding. In her infancy the SDA church was as prophecy predicted for the 9th hour church. But as also predicted, that would make her an obvious and open threat to the Roman Catholic church that houses the main headquarters for Satan on earth and so as expected, the SDA church was infiltrated and did indeed become one with Rome and is now considered a sister to fallen Babylon. (See more pics, videos, studies, SDA quotes and modern day articles confirming this as prophesied fact here)

That all being said, how is it the SDA people cannot see the writing on their own church walls? What I mean is, sure their preachers may understand the old standards in the prophetic Word because the original SDA leaders were indeed blessed. One of them was an overwhelmingly confirmed prophet of God. (See growing evidence here) But knowing the old standards and preaching them (over and over and over again) does not make them bearers of the prophetic fruit. In fact, anyone can read the original writings of the SDA founders and early leaders and use them in sermons to come off as prophets or at the very least as one who understands prophecy. But the Bible is clear on how to understand modern day prophetic fulfillment. Memorizing or echoing the old standards is not how it's done. (Click here for the BIBLICAL KEY on how to understand modern day prophecy)

What am I getting at?

As prophesied, the SDA church has fallen into the arms of Rome and no longer capable of preaching the prophetic Word let alone the Gospel message. Reason being is, both messages from on High can only go forth in true and utter Christian obedience and their bold and blatant disobedience to the Lord has them standing in the exact same position as that false prophet Hananiah in Jeremiah's day who prophesied smooth things unto the people so as to prevent the truth being proclaimed by Jeremiah from being embraced.

The fact the SDA leaders were unable to see the long prophesied dangers regarding joining their church with the State under the 501c3 contract confirms that hands down and so, even though obedient students of prophecy have been declaring for years that this would happen as well as the fact that Rome will remove free speech and eventually cause all truth born websites to be removed for "ethical" reasons as Russia echoed as well as regulated under "international policies" as China demands. First and foremost, how can anyone believe a Communist nation would know anything about proper public policy or even ethical matters? Still, the leaders in the SDA church missed yet another prophetic fact that Satan hopes to use to cripple the work of the loud cry regarding present truth. And this is just two of many areas of great importance that has been completely missed by the leaders and preachers in the SDA church for literally many decades now.

Yes, they write books and post videos all over the world preaching prophecy. But again; anyone can memorize the already fulfilled facts so as to present it to the flock hungry for truth. And don't get me wrong, those facts need to be repeated because not everyone has heard them. But have you noticed? Some of the SDA preachers have begun to preach what students of prophecy preach about current fulfillments as well now. BUT, only a few months and sometimes years after the obedient students have already declared it as is the case with Rome's war on free speech agenda and decades later as it is regarding the image of the beast. It's as if they hear what's being preached by the obedient ones first; but without the faith they become too fearful to go ahead with echoing what we preach UNTIL they have concrete evidence what we preach is in fact correct.

So.. will the lukewarm SDA church allow Satan to prevent the loud cry?

Not a chance! Prophecy declares the loud cry will be LOUD and so it will be! They can lock down the Internet, they can even make it illegal to preach it on the streets. But my Bible says that every ear that needs to hear it will hear it, and every obedient and hungry soul sitting in the apostate churches will stand up and walk out just as Revelation 18:1-5 declares because unlike the false prophets of Hananiah's ilk who have no clue as to what will happen tomorrow, when the God of creation prophesies IT COMES TO PASS!

The Lord declared it to Ezekiel long ago and His obedient bride will now repeat it. "Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations," – Ezekiel 16:2.

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Petition urges Pope Francis to withdraw ‘nightmare’ Vatican sex-ed program

"The petition states: We, the undersigned, are scandalized and disheartened by the Pontifical Council for the Family’s new project known as The Meeting Point: Project for Affective and Sexual Formation. This project has many dangerous flaws. For example:

  • It fails to state in clear language that parents are the primary educators of their children.
  • It never mentions Christ’s teaching on marriage.
  • It never names or denounces sexual behaviors such as fornication, masturbation, and homosexual activity.
  • It fails to provide any instruction on the Commandments, sin, and the sacraments.
  • It uses pictures of life-size naked sculptures to point out the physical differences (including genitals) between a man and a woman in a mixed classroom setting.
  • It shows suggestive and provocative images.
  • It recommends sexually explicit movies as catalysts to discussion.

 …we humbly beg you to protect and guide your flock by retracting this project and restating the Church’s perennial teachings on both the primacy of parents as the educators of their children and the proper approach of extreme caution to this task as explained in Familiaris Consortio." –Source

This is so very disgusting! They actually push porn on the children in multiple fashions and then ask them to watch porn at home so as to discuss it in school the next day? And yes, "sexually explicit movies" are in fact porn be they PG to XXX. Some may disagree, but I am not one to agree with Hollywood and their rating system when after just a few short decades have normalized all sorts of disgusting garbage as perfectly acceptable for Christians and nonChristians alike. Truth is, one can find sexually explicit images in G-rated Disney movies. Call me a prude or old fashioned. I don't care. Basic reality is, a few short decades ago, what they show in a PG rated movie today was considered way too explicit. Today, all you need to watch such things is to have a parent nearby or an ID card showing you're 17 years old! That wasn't normal 50 years ago and it is NOT normal today. Well.. at least not for people with Christian morals.

Yes, as the article confirms, some Roman Catholics cannot believe how evil their Pope is or the teachings of the church itself. But then this is what preachers and every day run of the mill Christians have been trying to tell the Catholic people for eons. Problem is, the lusts of the flesh and the desire to be saved IN THEIR SINS as the Popes offer rather than FROM THEIR SINS as the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible offers is just too enticing to pass up for most and so the church grew exponentially. This is also why over 1 billion people that claim to be Roman Catholic have no clue there is rock hard evidence their church is based on the sexual desires of the Pagans of old and I'm not just whistling Dixie here either. We have actual quotes from the Vatican prelates admitting their adopted all the Pagan rituals into the church in writing! This is why the ancient sexual games of Pagans of old in their annual Easter week decadence is still embraced to this day thanks to Roman Catholics. But the fact over 1 billion people stay in a church that has been exposed by hundreds of thousands of victims that have been molested by their own priests proves the lusts of the flesh are way too strong for some to give up. So strong in fact they will allow their very own children to be molested and even look the other way when their children alert them of their local priest raping them.

I am not going to get into a long drawn out list of how Paganism and Catholicism are one in the same. Reason being is, if you click here you will see I already did that research many years ago and listing all that in the blog will no doubt cause some to stop reading as it would be one looooooooooooooooooooong entry! For some that information is far too vulgar and far too boring in fact as it literally goes on and on as to how evil Roman Catholicism is and the scary thing is, all of it is historically documented and then confirmed as part of Roman Catholicism by the church's very own Vatican prelates in writing. So the truth here is, unless you have a dog in this fight, massive compilations of facts like this can be mind numbingly boring and overwhelming for some people. But I know some that cherish that info because it helps them to alert those they love about this church. And so I had to do the research and had to lay out the facts because the truth must be made known. Bible prophecy says the Roman Catholic church is the whore of Babylonian Paganism and so I had to post the facts for those that question the Bible so as to hopefully remove all doubt. And yes, for those Catholics reading this, that is why your priest hates the Biblical doctrine of Sola Scriptura. They know how that Bible exposes them in graphic detail and so they teach their flock the Bible is a "dead and speechless book" so they won't open it up. Click here for the source of that quote and many more that confirms the Vatican prelates hate the Bible.

Still.. will this petition force Jesuit Pope Francis to change his nightmarish sex-ed program in the Roman Catholic church? Not a chance! But, being the political icon for the church of Rome as he is, I have no doubt he will eventually make some flowery speech so as to gild the lily on this one in the hopes of making it all appear to be taken care of. Don't believe me? Do a tad bit of research and look back on how many hundreds of times the Vatican made speeches addressing the child molestation situation in the church the last few centuries alone. Did those speeches change anything? Not one but! Why? In fact, the speeches made by the last four Popes on this topic never slowed the molestations that are still all over the News to this day. But the basic reality as to why this petition won't matter is that Christian prophecy can and never will uphold a lie. The Vatican was prophesied to be this way and it will remain as such until the smoke of her burning rises up. MARANATHA!

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