poGm VIDEO: US Schools say NO to Jesus and YES to Allah!

As most of you know I did a post about all this on my poGm blog last week. (on Friday) But this needs to get out there so I made a short video as well so more people find out what's happening in their local school system. Just as the children were indoctrinated 20+ years ago to vote yes on all the decadence we see now in America on a daily basis, they are now being indoctrinated to vote yes on Sharia law so as to legalize the killing of the Christians when the mark is enforced. – Please spread the word.. Government schools are not a safe place for our children! (Click here to see the video on YouTube or click here to see it on John1429.org)

By the way, as is apparent in this video, Sharia law is about to be a part of American law just as students of prophecy predicted years ago. I did a video back in 2014 in fact about how "Sharia is coming to America" to alert the people about what's already rolling downhill. As we see by the use of age old tactics of brainwashing children into a mindset that agrees with all that is evil in the world, strangely enough, the schools are still bulging at the seams with new students each year. And this is besides the fact that homeschooling children not only prevents the child from becoming Atheist, homosexual or even downright hateful against Christians, homeschooling also blows the doors off of Government schooling methods. The statistics are shocking in fact! Check out this video wherein 6 homeschooled children from the same family all stepped into college by the ripe old age of 12! 

On my homeschool spurs page I list quite a bit of info exposing how dangerous the schools are. But I also post many good links above the list that parents can use to make the proper decision for their children. And don't think for a minute that this isn't happening in your local schools. If the school your child attends is funded by the United States Government then your child is in mortal danger physically as well as spiritually. I cannot express that reality any plainer than that!

Society has been purposely manipulated so as to force parents to live above their God given means. This keeping up with the Jones' mentality has forced many households into crippling debt. In so doing, both parents have to work! That means the children suffer in a big way. With both parents forced out of the home the parents must then place their children in the care of people that do not love them as they do. These people more often than not don't even believe as the parents do. Worse yet, the teachers in the schools are purposely pushing all sorts of evils to into the minds of our children.

So.. what can the parents do?

One of the parents. Be it mom or dad needs to quit their job immediately. They then need to budget their income so as to live within the means God gave them. They need to stop buying things they don't really need so as to be able to live on one income and then the parent at home needs to start teaching the children lessons their children will need to be productive in life. A few hours a day with your children not only cement the relationship between the parent and the child much stronger, the child has a one on one personal teacher who won't get annoyed when one of the students’ needs a little more information and help to learn better. This rarely happens in the schools. Yes, there are some very good teachers in the schools. But, their hands are tied in many ways. They are either swamped with far too many students per classroom, they are forced by law NOT to allow certain moral lessons from being taught.

If you need information on how to homeschool and the benefits of it, check out some of the links on the top of my homeschool spurs page. And yes, I am fully aware that in some cases one of the parents cannot quit their job right away. For those, we will join you in prayer that the Lord helps you pay off whatever debt it is that demands a second income so that you can eventually quit, or that you find a homeschooling group near your home wherein you can safely enroll your child in so as to keep them from the dangerous and deadly atmosphere of the American Public School system.

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Anti-free-speech law means jail, fines – even for websites

"Pro-life activists are finding common cause with media organizations and even some pro-“choice” supporters in an effort to stop California legislation they say would not only wound the cause for life but strike lethal blows to the First Amendment to the Constitution. At issue is AB 1671 authored by State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles. The bill, already approved by the appropriations committee, would ban secretly recording conversations with health-care providers and releasing them via media or social media in any way. Violators, and anyone who assists them, could face substantial financial penalties and jail time." –Source

This is what happens when those committing the most heinous crimes known to man have the power to manipulate the due process of law so as to continue committing the crimes while at the same time passing laws wherein anyone exposing their crimes will then become the criminals. You know you're truly in the last days when you see people like this who not only kill innocent children by ripping their bodies apart in the same way the Vatican would draw and quarter her victims and worse yet these people then sell the body parts of these precious little boys and girls so they can make a few dollars.

Do you recall back in December of 2000 when the Vatican declared worldwide that anyone speaking about the scientifically confirmed fact that the AIDS crisis was in fact found to have originated inside Vatican walls would then be considered terrorists worthy of being jailed? I have that article posted in my July 2001 Truth Provided Newsletter along with many more wherein the Vatican uses scare tactics to try and quench opposition. Truth is, they did it again in May of 2007 when an Italian Comedian was tagged a "terrorist" for criticizing the Pope. See my May 2007 Newsletter for that article. Or what about when the Vatican burned all the Bibles and then translated them into a dead language (Latin) so as to prevent anyone from discovering what the Bible said about their past, present and future plans? They even went so far as to declare the Bible forbidden for the common man. Notice the quote below that of recent years the Vatican has been trying to cover up.

  • "The decree set forth in the year 1229 A.D. by the Council of Valencia… places the Bible on The Index of Forbidden Books. The doctrine withholds "it is forbidden for laymen (common man) to read the Old and New Testaments. – We forbid them most severely to have the above books in the popular vernacular." "The lords of the districts shall carefully seek out the heretics in dwellings, hovels, and forests, and even their underground retreats shall be entirely wiped out." Council Tolosanum, Pope Gregory IX, Anno. Chr. 1229

So, why bring up all this? How does any of this have to do with the Vatican and the abortion clinics in the United States? Besides the fact that the Vatican has been making all sorts of money killing babies in their abortion clinics for many years, we see Roman Catholic politicians stepping up to help the killings continue unencumbered. Not only has Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez been given the 2015 Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles Champion of Choice Award, he is also a Roman Catholic in good standing with the Pope in Rome who has been given the task to lobby for a way to remove free speech from all those exposing the sins they commit on a daily basis.

That being said, all the bricks of deception that are needed to build the strong Vatican foundation wherein they will build their agenda high is in fact being laid as we speak. The emulation and culmination of the Jesuit oath that is graphically being played out by Planned Parenthood in a stealthy manner, which is right now being lobbied to legalize the hiding of their ghoulish actions of selling warm body parts of precious little boys and girls they kill every hour of the day for profit is a fitting testimony to how bloodthirsty this hellish church really is! To think, one of the many stones in their foundation against free speech is going to be placed by passing a law written by a devote Roman Catholic which protects those that kill these innocent children is downright demonic in every sense of the word! And the hypocrites in Rome are pleased as punch with their well-placed devotee in California politics who will do all he can to keep the satanic blood sacrifice of human lives flying under the radar of the common man. And yes, this is a satanic blood sacrifice. I have a video I made some months ago wherein I share the testimony of an exSatanist who admits that abortion clinics are one of the best ways to offer human sacrifices to Satan without ending up in jail for murder.

One last thing.. if you're Roman Catholic and do not believe your church would do such a thing. After checking out the above links wherein I have many articles and videos to back all this up. Click here for a video I did back in March of 2014 where I share testimony from one of your own Vatican prelates who caught some fellow Vatican priests holding a Satanic mass inside Vatican walls.

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poGm VIDEO: Ancient Vatican Pedophile Games

This is a video of the Pope demanding the authorities in government and the church step up to protect the children from rapists and other strange people. But I have to ask, why do all the popes in the last 4 generations always say the same thing and yet the molestation of the children by Roman Catholic priests still gets worse? It's because the Roman Catholic church is not a Christian church and they will do as their dying god demands of them. This has been going on for literally centuries and everyone keeps looking the other way?!

(click here for video on YouTube or click here for video on John1429.org)

As for who will shut the Vatican down soon as I suggest in the video as the only way to fix things? See 1John 5:7 and Revelation 18:9,10,21.