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poGm Video: Trump and the Prophesied 501c3

You have got to see this video clip of Donald Trump and what he says regarding the power of the Christians in the United States when it comes to political abilities. The image was already created by the disobedient pastors and now they will soon come together as one regardless of denomination to do as prophecy said they would do all along. (Click here to watch on YouTube or click here to watch on John1429.org)


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Kaine’s Roman Church Proved Trump’s Point on Religious Freedom

"During his acceptance speech on Thursday night, Donald Trump’s only mention of religious liberty was to condemn the portion of the tax code that prevents churches from advocating for political candidates. Except the way he put it was a bit different: An amendment, pushed by Lyndon Johnson many years ago, threatens religious institutions with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views. …Of all the churches to make the case for the stupidity of this draconian restriction, who would have expected the first one after Trump’s speech to be Tim Kaine’s Roman Catholic Church in Virginia! That’s exactly what happened, inadvertently. Journalist Betsy Klein covers the 2016 race for CNN. She co-wrote a story about Kaine’s visit to St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond. She noted that the church tweeted out its congratulations at 9:40 PM on July 22, writing, “Congratulations to our member Tim Kaine on the Vice President selection. We are all very proud!!!" –Source

First and foremost, I don't believe for a second that the Roman Catholic church in Virginia is "stupid" when it comes to the 501c3 tax code and how they can get in trouble for speaking politically from their pulpit. In fact, the Roman church not only knows all about it and snubs it every chance they get, the annual "red mass" wherein they hold a special gathering for judges, law school professors and government officials every year wherein the officiating priests pushes Vatican dogma as a foundation for all present and future political plans.

The church of Rome has been infamous for ignoring American law, and especially the United States Constitution wherein separation of church & state is declared absolute. But as we saw by Pope John Paul II's actions wherein he committed crimes against the church and state in America as well as the many quotes of the Vatican wherein they not only declare themselves to be above every church denomination, they also claim to be above the Bible and above any government constitution for that matter. This is why so many constitutions have changed the last 2 decades around the world so as to make way for Rome's final agenda when the ten toes get together. And it will happen because Christian prophecy is absolute.

As I stated in the video I made titled "Trump and the Prophesied 501c3;" the plans to remove the 501c3 as Trump claimed is a political pipe dream, and especially so now that we see Kaine's Catholic church doing exactly as Trump declares all churches will be allowed to do in his administration. But as we have seen so often before, it's usually the Roman Catholic churches that get away with doing such crimes the other churches get punished for. Kaine's church made political statements and even made their political views known to all in attendance and nary a wrist was slapped. Nor do I expect any slapping in the coming days.

Some may now claim Trump was waxing prophetic after seeing how Kaine's church did as he claimed he will make possible for all churches to do after he gains office; but the fact they can do it now without a problem means Trump was only making the claim like any other politician seeking to cultivate votes. The 501c3 will remain intact because as Rome already knew from day one in their state and church conglomeration, using the power of the state along with the power of the church can make for an easy way to control all the people in and outside the church and THAT is what the beast in Rome is prophesied to attempt in the coming days. But they need the help of the Protestant churches to be globally successful and thanks to the Vatican II's ecumenical charge becoming the foundation of every denomination out there including the ninth hour church, this prophecy wherein the pastors will have the ability to lobby law can be seen as easily being fulfilled very soon. Maranatha!

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VIDEO: Court Forcing 501c3 Pastor to Pay Nearly a Half-Million Dollars Over Free Speech Settlement -repost

"All he did was circulate recall petitions, the bishop says. Two federal courts and the state attorney general have sided with him. But the former mayor and a local judge appear out for blood to the tune of $475,000 straight from the pocket of Bishop Tom Brown. "This is the most unjust action that has ever taken place against any church in the United States of America," Brown says. He leads Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas." –Source

What this pastor and all the unknowing people that may eventually send him the $475,000 he needs is, it's all HIS FAULT! This is not a free speech situation at all and so I see no reason to post it as such. If this pastor, like all the other pastors that signed unto the 501c3 trap that was prophesied thousands of years ago would have read the contract they were signing, he would know it's written right into it that once he signed that contract he can no longer speak politically from his pulpit. And so now he's in hot water after getting caught telling his people in the church to recall the Mayor. And he deserves to be in trouble because he reneged on the contract. But for some odd reason he is saying this is all an unjust action of the city and State? How's that possible when he agreed to stop preaching on politics?

It's the prophesied preachers of filthy lucre like this pastor all over this country that have caused Christianity to fall to such decadent levels. These preachers of ear tickling sermons designed to sell a product that fills their pockets with untold riches. And according to T.D. Jakes, "Jesus is the product" they are selling. I have no doubt that this 'Bishop' never even bothered to read the 501c3 contract before signing because if he did, he might not have done so. But it appears he only read the area wherein it stated he could get land, homes, cars and many other items tax free and like all the other pastors, that's all he cared about.

There are two main reasons Lyndon Johnson set up the 501c3 back in 1954 that later became law in 2007 after 90% of the pastors signed onto it during its 53 year berthing process. #1, it prevents the pastors from speaking about political corruption from their pulpits so as to have a sway over the election process. And the truth is, Johnson and his dying god Satan knew full well that political corruption was going to be off the charts in a few decades and such corruption would compel many pastors to speak out and so, they dangled the golden carrot promising riches and these pastors swallowed it whole.

#2, In its design it can be used to prevent political commentary on the pulpit which can be very beneficial to the Vatican's long prophesied agenda. Gagging the preachers on one end wherein they cannot speak out on political corruption is a positive thing for Rome yes. But to prevent them from speaking spiritually is twofold 'blessing' for the man of sin. What I mean is, if ever the preachers wake up to see the Pope is evil, some will be moved to speak out on his doctrinal insanity, and when they do the government can swoop down claiming a breach of contract. Yes, the preachers can say it's not political because it's a spiritual matter regarding doctrine, but the much stronger arm of the law will declare with the power of the pen that yes that may be true but the Pope is also the head of State in Vatican city and therefore a political entity and so protected under the 501c3 contract. And yes, some may try to legally argue that assumption away in a courtroom, but as the preachers in Canada recently discovered, stepping into a legal back and forth with lawyers who have unlimited time and resources will cripple your ministry physically and financially. So even if the argument can be seen as valid and winnable, most if not all would never bother as it would take far too much time and finances to fight it.

Now do you see why I refuse to get the 501c3? Besides the fact getting one forces you to join your church or ministry with the State thereby creating an image to the Church and State structure of the beast in Rome, it also makes it difficult to preach about Antichrist because most of your money and time will be spent defending such speech in courtrooms.

In any event, as I said at the start, this pastor is not being very honest when he claims this is a free speech matter. #1, he signed a contract with his very own hand that if he read it or not, it literally gags him from political posturing and so it's not a free speech matter at all. He agreed to the gagging for money offered at the start. And #2, even if he didn't read the contract because of all the dollars signs circling his mind like little birdies in a cartoon victim's head that just received a blow to the head, one can rest assured that contract was openly shared and read aloud in that courtroom and that is why he lost his case. He signed the contract! No getting around that! That being the basic reality here means, for him to claim it to be a free speech matter is a bold faced lie. But then.. these are the last days and he is one with many other wolves that clamored after the prize and so they will do what they can to defend their actions. What I pray happens next is that the people in the pews finally discover just how untrustworthy their 501c3 government approved agents of the State claiming to be pastors really are.

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