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VIDEO: Catholic leaders: climate change on same level as abortion and death penalty

VIDEO: Catholic leaders: climate change on same level as abortion and death penalty published on 4 Comments on VIDEO: Catholic leaders: climate change on same level as abortion and death penalty

"Opposition to abortion and the death penalty have long been cardinal beliefs for the Roman Catholic church, whose faithful make up about a quarter of all Americans. What if fighting climate change becomes an equally passionate issue in parishes nationwide? The foremost group of Catholic leaders in the U.S. is ramping up a campaign to do just that, urging priests and congregations from San Diego to Atlanta to think about global warming as a sanctity-of-life issue." –Source

First and foremost we know climate change and or global warming is a bold faced lie. Way too many scientists chimed in on paper to expose the Pope on this. Secondly, we know the Roman Catholic church only uses the abortion issue as a way to keep their political foot in the door at every turn. It also allows them to keep a huge voting bloc at the ready knowing their parishioners will vote pro-Catholic because their 501c3 priests ignore 100% of every rule and regulation posted in the fine print of that contract the dying god of this world inspired Lyndon Johnson to write back in 1954. And yes, they could care less about aborting babies as well. Anyone with access to any Roman Catholic hospital knows all too well about that fact. Click here for a growing page on my website exposing the Catholic hospitals that do kill little girls and boys as well as some comments from the present Pope making abortion appear as a lesser sin with the Lord in recent days.

As for the death penalty. Again, just another bruised foot in the door of American politics so that the Vatican can keep a moral appearance well-polished (like the Pharisees did) as well as a certain power behind any man standing in that Oval Office. In fact, their historic past wherein hundreds of millions of Christians were sentenced to death for simply refusing to become Catholics and their present day Islamic henchmen continuing their work of days of old. Climate change is prophesied as the man of sin's main means to bring about the mark of the beast in Rome. In fact, click here for a growing compilation of articles and videos confirming that as a fulfilled prophetic fact.

As soon as enough nations bow in worship to the Pope and his long prophesied November 04, 2016 COP21 Paris agenda confirmed, he will soon drop the other shoe and use the calamities on earth as a way to enforce his Sunday laws. But I will end this here as I hope to share a tad more in next Sabbath's sermon on this regard. The strange weather events all over the planet the last few years reveals the calamities the Pope will soon use are escalating to a fever pitch as expected. And so.. we must warn the people. The mark will be enforced soon.

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Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion

Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion published on 4 Comments on Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion

"In a new interview, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions. Clinton made the comment at a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother’s faith in God. She said she was upset when teachers in a Sunday School class talked about the wrongness of abortion." –Source

So, what's not being said here? First and foremost, a six year old little girl cannot leave any church no matter how many times this lie is repeated. For one thing, they are way too young to actually be a member; they are too young to know about being a member, and no one becomes a member of a church by just being born. Yes, I know most Catholics believe they are members by birth for some odd reason; but that's simply not true even in the Roman Catholic church. Still, Chelsea Clinton could not be a member of the Baptist church either because you must first declare Christ Lord and be baptized in the Baptist church to be considered for membership, and so the exact opposite would have to be proclaimed to leave it. So, the basic reality here is she is lying. As one can see, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree in the Clinton household.

Secondly, Chelsea Clinton was no doubt absent from most church services as she grew up because her parents, the two most evil people alive in American politics today, would not frequent such places on a regular basis. Now yes, I am fully aware that Bill Clinton claimed in his early years to be pro-life because to gain the office of Governor in Arkansas at the time he ran, the demographics showed pro-life voters outnumbered pro-abortion voters and so he obviously ran as pro-life. But later, when he ran for the office of the president; the demographics showed the majority of voters in the nation were pro-abortion and so he not only ran a pro-abortion campaign; once in office he made it legal for partial birth abortion to be performed wherein the doctors get a chance to see the baby's beautiful well-formed bodies exit the womb before they jammed a blade into their skull to decapitate the child internally before being fully born.

Another sad fruit of being raised in a Clinton household is the fact that Chelsea is openly declaring war in the church. She literally says here she left the church because it wouldn't let her kill her baby is she ever chose to have a baby. In other words, she just declared the Christian theology regarding murder as being the problem here. The church is now evil in her eyes and the right to commit murder is good. But then that was prophesied as one of the final fruits for our day. In fact, it's not just prophesied, it is declared as a warning. It says in Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" If you read on in that passage you know it will not end well for those with such evil traits.

As one can see here, Chelsea Clinton like her mother is not a very honest person. Common sense dictates that even if her parents did go to church, at the age of six she would have no say so in what church she would attend. After all, she was six years old. But the fruits of the Clinton family have now been widely displayed before all the world the last few decades and so we know that both of her parents are very evil people and not too long ago Hillary even declared on camera that Christians had to deny Jesus as Lord if America was ever to repair itself. In short.. all I see with Chelsea Clinton's comments is a young women that is starting her political career on a pro-abortion platform which was obviously influenced by both Bill and Hillary Clinton. And like her parents, lying will be the norm and it will play a key factor in her success. But only if the Lord tarries much longer in His return. MARANATHA!

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