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Worry of copycats in states with assisted-suicide laws

"Physicians, researchers and ethicists are grappling with the copycat effect of suicide and rising U.S. suicide rates as jurisdictions enact laws to allow the terminally ill to take their own lives with the help of a doctor. Dr. William Toffler, national director of Physicians for Compassionate Care, says suicides do not occur in a vacuum but among others who might be moved to imitate the act, a phenomenon called the “Werther effect.” An increase in suicides should be expected where assisted suicide is legal because society is sending the unmistakable message that killing oneself is a proper response to life’s challenges, he says. “Essentially the message is, ‘I’ll avoid these problems by killing myself,’” says Dr. Toffler, a practicing physician for more than 35 years in Oregon, which became the first state to implement an assisted suicide law in 1997." –Source

Amazing how they talk about this as if it's all just an unfortunate phenomenon wherein if one person does it another will follow. How many of us recall our mothers saying, "If Johnny jumped in the lake, would you jump too?" That's right, most people today will say, huh? Mom never said that! But in my generation it was the favored comeback of moms all over America when you got caught doing something wrong with your friends. I know, this was a regular occurrence in my home seeing how we were the largest family in the State, if not the nation. (I am one of 11 children)

Today, most young adults and even some just under my age group never heard mom say that, and that's a sad state of affairs as far as I can see because it shows a societal shift in the way we in America think. We no longer stand as individuals with morals intact. Instead we as a nation have succumbed to the herd mentality and that is exactly what our political leaders, under the long prophesied Roman influence were going for. Yes, even here you cannot effectively hope to enforce the mark of the beast in Rome unless the people are prepared to stand in line to receive it simply because it appears to be the thing to do.

It used to be in my teen years that suicide was romanticized so as to garner its constant new crop of victims. The numbers were somewhat small and so the enemy of souls had to kick it up a notch. Satan knew we didn't have the AMA killing the babies on a daily basis as we do today and we certainly didn't have doctors suggesting suicide when the disease you had was tagged incurable. So he did all he can to make the one killing themselves believe that once they're dead and laying before all at the wake, those with suicidal tendencies can look around to see all their ex-lovers weeping for their dead friend in the casket. Satan makes them believe they will weep days on end when in fact they will be totally forgotten within a day or so. Living for the moment back then was just as powerful as it is today.

One can see how the AMA is working hand in hand with Satan on this one. Take the so called incurable disease fiasco. They know natural methods prove they have been lying all along. In fact, natural methods worked just fine for 6000 years. That's why they go after such true healers tooth and nail in the courts today. Most disease is 100% curable, but the term "cured" in the AMA means "customer for life." And if they cannot come up with a drug cocktail, clinical treatment or surgery that they can allow you to live WITH the disease so as to make gobs of money for them, they will deem you dead where you stand and shout NEXT!

So.. just as I saw in the 1970's where many teens were tempted to commit suicide after attending a friend's funeral wherein people wept for a few minutes, we now see the mindset shifting to where if you can't get a certain problem fixed, a lustful lover back, or a massive bank loan approved, many today will choose suicide because the AMA has greased so many palms in DC with the money they make off their victims to assure suicide is not only legalized, it is sanctioned a profitable entity and thereby a moral and acceptable choice for those with just about any molehill Satan can bolster into a mountain  worth killing one's self for. In so doing and because we all know about governmental bureaucracy, many and especially the poor among us, will choose the low cost of a bullet over the long drawn out expensive process of legalized lethal injection. After all, even the dying god of this world knows how quickly a mind can change when the Lord enlightens that soul seeking to end it all. That being said.. do you know someone on the edge? If so.. why not reach out to them right now?

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VIDEO: First child dies by euthanasia in Belgium

"A terminally ill minor has become the first child to be euthanized in Belgium since age restrictions were lifted in the country two years ago, according to several sources. A Belgian lawmaker told CNN affiliate VTM that the physician-assisted suicide happened within the past week. The child, who was suffering from an incurable disease, had asked for euthanasia, Sen. Jean-Jacques De Gucht told VTM. The identity of the child and age are unknown." –Source

The article either got it wrong, or purposely twisted the facts to make it seem ok to kill the child since they claim the baby asked to be killed. #1, the child's age is actually known. The little girl was ten months old. And #2, the author of the article, or the editor of the author's article lied when they said the child asked to be murdered. A ten month old baby cannot ask or even understand such a thing let alone speak full sentences. This is nothing more than a gilding of the lily so as to make killing a little girl seem moral, legal and necessary. And just as the word "abortion" makes child murder seem less shocking for some, the word "euthanasia" has been doing the same thing for decades upon the minds of those without morals. And now, seeing how the blood thirsty doctors who kill people are hungry for more blood, they have now made it legal to kill little children as well.

What this insanity also does is make it impossible for Jesus to be glorified in how He heals people miraculously. As is the norm today, most go to doctors in seeking a healing FIRST before even contemplating the promises of Christ Jesus in the Word regarding such things. Still, there are many that have seen His hand move and so yes, that happens on a regular basis. But when that latter rain falls more abundantly even more poor souls unable to get proper care due to Socialistic medicine (like Obamacare) will cry out to the Lord Jesus for help because even though Rome and her cohorts claim there are many gods out there from Allah to Shiva. Basic reality is, NONE of them heal or change hearts like Jesus Christ does. And so, Satan is shuffling off as many deceived souls into the pits of hell by getting them to trust their doctors' diagnosis when they say they are incurable so as to prevent losing them as trophies. But not for much longer… MARANATHA!

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Sick? ‘You’re seen as better off dead’

"A new documentary sheds light on the horrors families in Belgium are enduring after 15 years of legalized euthanasia, and those behind the film say it is meant as a warning to other nations not to follow this path and explain how euthanasia is not the ultimate act of autonomy as its proponents claim. …People are just giving up on life,” he told WND and Radio America. “Because euthanasia is an option, they are just saying, ‘I have cancer. I have early-stage Alzheimer’s or early-stage dementia.’ They ask for euthanasia and they qualify. …If you have any sort of sickness or disease that is considered somewhat serious, even if it’s in its earliest stages, you’re seen as better off dead,” Schadenberg said. “The cultural shift as occurred." –Source

This was bound to happen after a century or two of quacks being uplifted as doctors are real doctors became the quacks. What I mean is, natural medicine which is by far the best medicine on the planet and was used for 6000 years, is the only medicine that has case history after case history of people being healed of everything from AIDS to Cancer. But because the massively corrupt AMA has been able to get the recognition of the corrupted U.S. government which then made them filthy rich to where they can use their insane amounts of money to keep the politicians well paid, the people that contract curable diseases today are actually deciding on suicide because the liars in whitecoats CONvinced them they were dying when in fact they were not.

No, I am not a doctor and I cannot declare the proper healing methods via the natural realm, but there are thousands of real doctors who can. For example, have you ever heard of a doctor named Hoxsey? Read this article on him wherein the US Government helped the growing AMA at the time attack this man in numerous courtrooms over and over again claiming he was a quack that was giving people the AMA declared incurable false hope of being cured. Yet Hoxsey won lawsuit after lawsuit in each courtroom proving he was actually curing the people the AMA deemed dying and he did so using what God gave us to heal ourselves with!

They sued this man so many times (and lost of course) that the last time they went to sue him he just decided to close up shop and move his practice to Mexico so as to escape the constant barrage of AMA and US Government harassment. They literally did all they could to shut this man down in the USA because he was proving daily that the AMA was lying about all sorts of incurable diseases! And he was curing the people PERMANENTLY at a fraction of the cost! That was the main reason the AMA wanted him out of here. He not only proved their prices were a scam, the fact they never cured anyone showed they only wanted to cultivate customers. In other words.. the AMA knows if they cure you, they will lose a customer. That's why I said what I did a few decades ago that when someone asked me to donate to cancer research that I believed it was a scam. I told everyone within earshot that the they weren't using the funds to find a cure for cancer. They were using the money the find a way to slow the cancer so as to let you live as a customer WITH cancer in the same way they did with Insulin. That way, their pills will keep you paying just like the diabetes patient has to that buy insulin every month even though natural methods that the AMA calls quackery have been proven to heal diabetes within 4 days!

Also see this video about the truth behind the AMA's so called oath they take to this day. Most AMA doctors are actually breaking their own oath and many of them break the law in how they "treat" their patients. If you're sick and you watch this video you will definitely get upset! Especially when he shows you how they recently changed the Hippocratic Oath of the modern day American Doctors. You are now a CUSTOMER to them, nothing more, nothing less!

Again.. I am not a doctor. (-required government approved disclaimer spewage-) And no, not all doctors in the AMA are corrupt. Take the advances in surgical procedures that literally help people! Or even transplantation methods for that matter. Some of the doctors are gifted! But when it comes to internal drug administration and the multi-trillian dollar profits to be made, it's obvious how the American people have become the guinea pigs. And yes, this was all prophesied! See my "Big Pharma and Rome" page when you get time.


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